1. G

    For Trade Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 10.4 with book Cover

    I have fully boxed and in excellent condition Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 10.4 comes with book covers also. I have had since December but hasnt had loads of use. Looking to trade for a windows tablet like a surface, cash can be added for the right deal.
  2. matej86

    Rega Planar 6 dust cover

    Hi everyone I've recently come into ownership of a Rega Planar 6 and had a query around the dust cover. To get the lid to stay open it has to be lifted straight up to 90 degrees to the table, it won't just float in the air at say a 70 degree angle. Is this how it's actually supposed to be or...
  3. R

    For Sale Samsung Smart cover clear view case (no Pen)

    I have a Smart cover clear view case for the Samsung 21 Ultra for £35 delivered. I'm keeping the pen, so it's just the case being sold on it's own Any questions please ask (No Pen)
  4. D

    Using EAC command line parameters to include the cover art when extracting CD to flac files.

    Hi - I am using EAC 1.6 to extract CDs to flac files. Trying to include the cd cover art in the extracted image by using the EAC command-line parameters: %hascover%--picture="%coverfile%"%hascover%. Does anyone have experience using %hascover%? It works much of the time, but not always. The...
  5. MahaRaja

    iPhone 12 Pro - Putting Screen cover, is it needed?

    Wife has just ordered 12 Pro, she is upgrading from 7 Plus. Is it worth purchasing a separate screen cover? Do owners have scratches to their new screen, or is it not an issue with the new Pro screen, due its new ceramic glass technology which Apple mentions about tough to break but did not...
  6. Glen Hendricks

    Question Game Case Cover

    Hey does any one have the the whole PS3 Conan BLUS 30069 Case Cover the only one I can find is BLES 00076 I want to replace the one that is on my case cover from the generic one from GameStop
  7. R

    Which insurance cover for my Reflex - Nikon D5300?

    Hey guys, I am now a seasoned travel photographer, and I have recently invested in a brand new Nikon Reflex D5300. I am still a student, so I can't afford to replace my equipment in case a misfortune should happen... That's why I'd like to get an insurance plan to cover my Reflex and make sure...
  8. audiolab007

    Not one image wasted; The perfect album cover (as the perfect album was so much fun)

    Here are my suggestions (importantly the music is great too)
  9. Jamesrad

    LG TV Cover

    I have just brought a CX oled. And I was wondering if anyone has taken out a LG TV Cover before and if it's any good ?
  10. JonnyTester

    Question Have you ever replaced the rear cover of a Huawei P20 phone?

    My P20 Pro hit the floor back first and the glas has shattered. I had only taken it out of its case to clean the screen. So I've ordered a (genuine) replacement back cover and a proper hot air gun (no messing about with hairdriers). Taking the cover off looks easy enough, apart from the glue...
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