1. Spiderpig

    My Couch to 5K Journey

    Three years ago, I was couch potato and very overweight. I used to get out of breath and ache walking up a moderate hill, I used to "feel" even going upstairs. My waistline was steadily increasing as was my self-loathing at seeing photos of myself. At the point at which I was buying 40"...
  2. stevedyno

    Question only place my wife will let me have it is behind sofa

    Ive ordered a pb2000 to go with my denon avr 2500h, I have a mordaunt short 5.1 system but have added 2 surround back speakers. My wife will only let me put the new sub behind the sofa in bay window which is boxed off with large sill and front panel which im gonna a cut hole out and grille. I...
  3. Johnmcl7

    Question Best couch co-op games?

    I've got VR diner and Keep Talking and No-one explodes which I think are quite fun for something different, I've seen some recommendations for Acron which looks quite good although I don't know if my family are good enough for that. Any other recommendations?
  4. robkh1984

    Question Couch in the corner and against the back wall: side & rear surrounds

    I searched all around to get ideas for my particular setup, but couldn't find many options where the couch is against the back corner wall and there's a large space where a side wall would normally be in a rectangular room. I can do either a 5.1.4, 7.1.4, or even a 9.1.4 setup with Atmos/Auro 3D...
  5. Countjedi

    Finished couch to 5k whats next....Bikes (peddle)?

    Hello, Hopefully I have your attention... So like the title says finished the couch to 5k and really enjoyed it, bearing in mind I'm near 50 and come in at currently over 17 1/2 stone (down from 19 plus stone) and run about 1.5 miles. My question is whats next? I go running in the morning at...
  6. Karrie

    Question Good 2 player couch co-op games?

    Hi chaps, I've got my cousin coming to stay for a few days and wanted to get a good 2 player co-op game that we can play together. I've already got fifa 17 and I'm sure we'll be giving that a good caning, but what I'm really after is a good co-op action/shooting game so we can play the single...
  7. frankdyring

    New speaker placement

    This is my current setup with both back and side surround: It works fine and the sound is great, but I'm a bit tired of the placement of my sofa (pretty large one) and would like some more space in my living room. My plan is to do this by blinding the opening to the left on the image: My Q...
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