1. Hi from France

    About Chinese vaccines efficacy

    Brazilian scientists as well as news of vaccinated Chinese falling ill are confirmed: the efficiency of the Sinovac is very limited 3% protection, they might as well inject vitamin D :)...
  2. krish

    Using Covid mRNA technology to develop vaccines for HIV and beyond

    With the massive global research efforts into Covid vaccine development, there were always hopefully going to be opportunities to develop other vaccines based on the novel technology platforms that have emerged. We now could be entering a golden age of vaccine development.
  3. mark occy

    Government Traffic Light System To Travel Abroad

    The government has refused to confirm whether foreign holidays will be permitted from 17 May - and where Britons will be able to travel without self-isolating on their return. A traffic light system is going to be introduced to categorise countries based on risk, and Transport Secretary Grant...
  4. Hi from France

    Should the EU send more vaccines to the UK ?

    Considering the UK is out "of the woods" at the moment mainly thanks to vaccines produced in the EU, do you think the EU should accept the private "UK served first" contracts and export vaccines right now? ....or is the EU right to ask for reciprocity and serve first countries that are...
  5. D

    Testing/passports advice

    What advice can you give me i can only take saliva tests and they cost £120 pounds what if my work brings this in? I am on low income it would cost me more a month testing than I actually earn. BBC says “There would also be exemptions for people for whom vaccination is not advised or repeat...
  6. Howardfh

    Plans for "twice weekly self testing" Whoa there - won't that increase the number of cases found, including false positives, and push us back into lockdown again despite the continuing fall of the death and admission...
  7. mark occy

    Covid Passports Be Trialed In UK

    Boris Johnson is poised to announce some Easter Monday good news, with home and away lockdown-easing moves as part of his COVID roadmap to freedom. At home, he is launching nine "vaccine passport" pilots from mid-April, including three football showpieces at Wembley, and four night-time...
  8. I

    Please delete

    Does that make me a selfish person? Thought I would do it just in case they needed vaccine verification for football matches etc plus we all need to get vaccinated sooner or later I just used the system and got myself done sooner :) would encourage others to do the same
  9. Sheffield online

    Tory peer has denied the pandemic exists and blamed Chinese “fake videos” for fears about Covid-19

    Oh dear, Helena Morrissey, a director at the Foreign Office, suggested the crisis has been exaggerated because people are not “dropping dead in the street”. “The data shows we are NOT in a pandemic,” tweeted the peer, who was sent to the House of Lords by Boris Johnson last year. “If people...
  10. Matt_C

    Some good news for vaccinations

    "Data from Israel, where most of the population is already vaccinated, show rapidly dropping deaths and hospitalizations. “Nothing is foolproof,” he says, but people will be much safer mixing with others who are vaccinated than those who are not."
  11. Irritable Owl

    What have you done during these dark times?

    I know some won't have had spare time, but many of us have found ourselves looking for ways to get through this, so what have you done? We found that we weren't able to get out walking as much, so invited nature to us by putting out bird feeders and trying to make the garden better for anything...
  12. DarthFenian

    The covid de-escalation has begun

    The news yesterday that the Nightinggale hospital in Glasgow (Louisa Jordan) is now being closed down is proof that this country is now past the worst of the pandemic. I said it last year that when they start to close those emergency hospitals it's a sure sign that the worst and most dangerous...
  13. A

    Adjusting to normality

    We are probably just a few months away from returning to normality - by which I mean no social distancing, no group limits, and no masks. After a year of keeping your distance and looking horrified any time you see a group of people sitting in the park, I think it's going to take some time to...
  14. Skyfall74

    Reason why Germany have more blood clot cases than UK with AstraZeneca?

    Interesting article here which has a theory as to why Germany are reporting more cases of blot clots than UK with AstraZeneca vaccine. BBC News - AstraZeneca: Is there a blood clot risk? AstraZeneca: Is there a blood clot risk? The author speculates that it could be down to age. In the UK...
  15. T

    Should there be vaccine passports?

    Ed Davey is opposed to Vaccine Passports. I can't make up my mind on it, some things seem logical like holidays abroad and festivals.
  16. camcroft

    You know you want too

  17. D

    Small events after June

    I cancelled a small birthday last June and been looking to rearrange. I tried last summer cases were low and I switched from a pub to a bowling green however live music was banned in Scotland and the guest numbers never increased. This summer 50 guests are allowed so should I look to have it...
  18. D

    Re-evaluating our relationship with COVID

    The time is fast approaching where the UK should get itself into a position whereby we are free of restrictions and thus government should start passing health responsibility back to the citizens rather than imposing laws upon the populace to try and achieve it. However, wherever you look on...
  19. Lee

    Only allowing vaccinated or tested people into your home

    My father in law, who is CEV, has had a letter from the water board saying they need to do some work in his house on the meter and he is to ring and book an appointment. My wife asked me what I thought about telling them that only someone who had been vaccinated or has had a quick test that day...
  20. daveattheone

    Created in a lab or from infected bats?

    Just seen it on BBC News that it's likely coronavirus has come from bats. But have the Chinese eaten bats for years so what is the conclusion it's come from bats? Another theory is that it was made in a lab to cull the Chinese population but it got out of hand. So what do you think? Bats or lab?
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