1. Thug

    Covid jab and Spanish holiday question

    Anyone been to The Canary Islands lately? The Spanish website states that you must have 2 jabs, the last one being longer than 14 days ago but less than 270 days ago. Or you must have had a booster. I have had 2 jabs, but the second was last May (so well over 270 days ago). I have not yet had...
  2. Bingoman

    North Korea confirm it has Covid cases

    North Korea have confirmed it has the Omicron variant of Covid and it's the first time it's been reported in the Country, but they may of had the virus in the Country at the same time as the rest of the world but not confirming? Also according to the reporter on Sky News if no vaccines are...
  3. Manhattan Mike

    China Zero Covid disaster.

    Shanghai looking every bit like something out of a science fiction dystopia as the authorities attempt to push the toothpaste back in the tube of 27 million people. Eerie video...
  4. A

    Free LFTs for over 75s from 1 Apr 22?

    Reading various sources leave me confused as to whether over 75s will still be eligible to get free lateral flow tests from 1 April. Some places say yes, others don't mention the over 75s. Does anyone know for certain, one way or the other? doesn't seem much help on this point from...
  5. zed4

    Employers pressuring staff to come to work with covid

    Hi, Does anyone have any experience with this? My partner has gone into work today and everyone in her small office, except her and one other, has tested positive for covid, and is at work. They're all sick, and testing positive, but the employer has said they need to come into work, as it's no...
  6. woppy101

    immunoserv Study Antibody and T-Cell results comparison Thread

    This is a thread comparing the Antibody and T-Cell response of people within the immunoserv Study. this thread is opened with the moderators blessing, feel free to comment and share results if you want to Here is the link to the immuoserv study...
  7. daveattheone

    Rapid Covid 19 Test Question

    I have just been to a care home to visit a relative and had to do a rapid Covid 19 test before I entered. It was just one swab up each nostril then you give it back to the nurse and you wait outside for around 10-15 mins for the result. I was then given the test back in a silver bag and just 1...
  8. L

    5 million children lost one caregiver It a 80 page report, but Exec Summary is worth a read. 5 million estimated - a sobering fact (I think the number is somewhat of an under count). As the world at large is starting to relax on Covid-19 restrictions...
  9. A

    Blood in sample (LFT)

    In the instructions for the ACON Flowflex kits, it includes the words: "Avoid using samples that contain blood." Does anyone know what is the likely effect if there is a slight hint of blood on the swab resulting from blowing your nose? Nothing False positive False negative Something else
  10. Saldawop

    Flying to US after Covid?

    My daughters were due to fly to New York on Monday. One tested positive yesterday. Holiday postponed. What does she need if she wants to go in a couple of weeks? I have heard mention of certificate of recovery, can only see them being offered for sale? I presume that’s all that is available? If...
  11. Autopilot

    So who has had it twice now?

    Seeing Starmer had Covid-19 again, and thinking it wasn’t that long since the last time, got me wondering if anyone here had Covid-19 more than once yet? How was it the second time around? How long was the gap between infections?
  12. R

    Clarity on testing within 90 days of having Covid

    Hello, apologies if this is clear to many but I've found it difficult to find clarity on NHS/other websites which really surprises me when circa 20% of the population has had Covid and thus must apply to many,........ My whole family of 4 has had Covid within the last 90 days. Should we still...
  13. walters123

    Covid jab help for holiday

    Hi looking for some advice please, we are booked to go to New York 1st week of January but today had a email from virgin stating that all passengers must have 2 covid vaccines for New York😭, we are all double Vaccinated apart from my youngest daughter who is 14 and She had one vaccine seven...
  14. deans6571

    Covid Situation - not sure what to do [Answered🙂]

    So in Family 1, person A has tested positive on a lateral flow test which was done on Sunday (he went to a party on the Thursday before and 7 out of the 15 people who he went with have subsequently all tested positive also). Person A is now awaiting the results of a PCR test.... In Family 2...
  15. Autopilot

    Question about self isolation period and how long people are contagious for

    I would have thought by now this would be common knowledge, but I can’t seem to find definitive answers anywhere. The 10 day isolation period is based on how long people are thought to be contagious for (although there still seems to be some debate regarding if that starts from point of...
  16. piston broke

    Anyone know which booster is being given at Hampshire court hotel Basingstoke?

    As title, and just curious really:-) Couldn't find anything about which booster shot your get at which venue? My GoogleFu is weak:-(
  17. 87gpk

    Mandatory Covid Vaccination

    Hi, apologies if this is being discussed elsewhere, I feel as though the comments I have seen in the mainstream media regarding "the conversation" justifies it being talked about here on its own. I hope it can remain civil and within the rules whatever opinion you hold, what is your opinion on...
  18. A


    Why have they jumped so many letters in the Greek alphabet? There are epsilon, zeta, eta, theta, iota, kappa, lambda, mu, nu and xi between Delta and Omicron. Follow up with anything else on the new variant that you want.
  19. Geoggy

    Ex shielders - do you feel like life has moved on without you?

    Any AVF forum members “ex shielders”?. I’m asthmatic and my meds were listed on the website for those that should shield. I honestly feel like life is worse for me now than pre July when we had masks and check ins at pubs and restaurants. At least then I felt like I could venture...
  20. A

    Question regarding booster/3rd dose eligibility & booking

    Does anyone know whether the ability to book a vaccine appointment on the website means I am going to receive a 3rd dose/booster? Does it only allow you to book if you are eligible for it or can you book it regardless? I am classed as somewhat vulnerable since I got my vaccines earlier than it...
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