1. J

    Too soon to lift lockdown?

    Lots of leading scientists, including SAGE scientists who advise the government, saying we are ending the lockdown too soon and predicting it will cost thousands of lives. If you are worried, sign and share this petition. http://chng.it/NGPfKBq6
  2. P

    Flying into uk

    My brother is flying into uk on 5th June and will be self isolating at my address. Am i right in saying I am allowed to pick him up in car at the airport?
  3. S

    Will you get the vaccine if it becomes available?

    As pointed out, the Oxford vaccine (and others?) are hardly getting tested properly in this current climate of falling cases. Testing (deliberate exposure to virus after vaccine infusion) on humans, prisoners or volunteers would have provided crucial evidence. However due to ethics that will...
  4. H


    Yesterday I i got some grocery and had a few carry bags which i kepyt on the floor at the different shops i visited, once at home i kept all the bags in the garden in the sunlight for 1 hour. Latter i got them in and while sorting my stuff i acciedently went to smell a used bag if it was...
  5. G

    Europe approach vs UK approach

    I get the impression Europe may return to normal life more than UK. Some of the stuff I have read in the UK is bonkers “a new normal” here is a good tweet I will share Should we expect any less from a nation who thought up the sugar tax and congestion charges in London.
  6. mtenga

    Your last pre-Lockdown photo

    Seems to be trending on Twitter at the moment following a BBC article. My last photo on my phone was from March 14th and taken on a short road trip to the rainy Highlands. It’s of the Kylesku Bridge in Sutherland, one of my favourites. Post yours if you fancy.
  7. S

    Should key worker pay be frozen?

    A couple of days back the treasury looked at options available to recover national debt caused by Covid19. One of the options was to freeze pay increases of key workers for two years. Will the key workers accept clapping every Thursday night as a substitute for their annual pay increments?
  8. phillyd1981

    Thoughts on sending kids back to school in June.

    If the schools do reopen in june would you be happy sending your children back (if they are in the qualifying year) For me i don't think i will be letting my year one lad back it's to soon in my opinion.
  9. SteveAWOL

    Care home deaths exceed those in hospitals

    https://news.sky.com/story/coronavirus-care-homes-almost-compelled-to-take-people-who-may-have-covid-19-11987327 https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8313245/Three-four-care-homes-say-GPs-wont-visit-residents-coronavirus.html...
  10. dasduffer

    Don't worry folks....Amanda's got this !

    Coronavirus: Amanda Holden releases single to raise funds for NHS charities
  11. barney007

    How is everyone doing? If you need to chat then please do

    Hi All How are you? How is everything? Good or bad please post let's try to get some positivity going and if you in a position help others if they need a little help during these times. I run my own company and I'm been fighting tooth and nail to keep all my staff in work including me and I...
  12. leo79

    Bounce back loan

    Just wondered if any business owners have applied for the bounce back loan? I applied yesterday morning, recieved documents to sign this morning, now just waiting to see what happens next. Are people getting it to use as a cash buffer, invest in new equipment, safety net or just getting it...
  13. Spiderpig

    COVID-19 Tracking Resources

    I couldn't find any threads offering tracking resources apart from the locked thread above, which I couldn't contribute to. So there, the JHU tracker that we all know and is widely quoted as a source of truth (which seems somewhat "work in progress" right now) and is limited in how the results...
  14. RBZ5416

    Testing Not Going to Plan - Anyone Else Tried?

    As I deliver meds to care homes I'm considered an "essential worker". Over the last couple of days I've had a bit of an intermittent cough/sore throat. So in the brave new world of "ramped up capacity", thought I'd apply for a test. Went online (Apply for a coronavirus test) & registered easily...
  15. C

    Samsung TV Upgrade Programme Suspended due to Coronavirus

    Anyone in the 2018 scheme should receive an email soon to tell them of the news. I received communication on Thursday.
  16. D

    When will the clapping stop?

    Ok, so I'm 100 % behind the NHS and all the staff who are on the front line, putting their lives at risk. When I first saw the clapping from the balconies in Italy it bought a tear to my eye. When I stood in our street, surrounded by our neighbours, some of whom we never really see, it bought a...
  17. Coli1109

    Attending Job Interview

    I've been invited to attend a face to face interview this coming Friday at the company premises for a management role. The company is classed as essential and is a food manufacturer. Looking for advice on whether this is allowed in the current situation. Any advice much appreciated! Thanks.
  18. Dancook

    what are the rules for non essential businesses?

    what are the rules for non essential businesses? People are allowed to travel to work if they cannot work from home. what’s the difference between travelling to an office and travelling to an outdoor location? what if I’m a professional landscape photographer?
  19. phil t

    Have things gone too far?

    Submarine Captain under investigation Having spent many weeks at sea, and unable to go home before going back to sea, the Captain decided to hold a bbq for his crew. He is now under investigation as a bbq is "inappropriate" at this time due to covid. Thoughts.
  20. Tempest

    Will you install the NHS COVID-19 track and trace app on your Smartphone?

    Was spoken about more at today's evening briefing, so I'm wondering. Would you be happy to install whatever Official App this ends up being on your smartphone, to enable you to be notified if you had been in close proximity to someone for a while, who has since developed to the virus? Or are you...
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