1. S

    Copying tv & radio shows to pc - Aura/Manhattan

    Hi all, Hopefully I'm in the right forum. I'm in the market for a new freeview prv. I have/had Humax - Fox-T2, Foxsat, FVP-5000T. The Aura may be winning over the Manhattan for me (though willing to be persuaded otherwise) For either the Aura or Manhattan: How easy is it to copy TV shows to a...
  2. ShaunIOW

    Slow network transfer speeds when copying files/folders

    Windows 10 Home version 21H1 (OS build 19043.1165) Asus RT-AX58U router with external USB3.0 H/D connected Buffalo LS520D194 NAS TerraMaster F4-210 4-bay NAS HP Microserver Gen 8 running TruNAS (latest stable version) Vodaphone supplied router used only for the Broadband connected to the Asus...
  3. R

    Snooper SatNav SD card copying.

    Hi, I have a Snooper 6800 SatNav and recently I was forced to spend almost £70 on a replacement SD card for it as somehow - on a mapping upgrade, the original SD card became corrupted. I might add it was a legitimate mapping upgrade download as I am fully subscribed to their aura database. My...
  4. GE90

    Help appreciated - issue copying emails!

    Hi Got myself into a pickle, and would really appreciate some help. Long story short, I worked for a contractor and recently TUPE’d in-house with client. Couldn’t be agreed for our emails to transfer with us, so I dragged and dropped quite a number relating to personal training records...
  5. A


    I have a Harmony One+ remote which was prgrammed using the MyHarmony Desktop (not the old Harmony Remote Software). I've just bought a second One+ off eBay and I want to clone the settings (device and activities) from the first One+ to the second One+. According to Logitech this should be a...
  6. C

    Upgrading to series x and copying games

    I have received my new series x today and in preparation I copied all my games from my xbox one x to an external hdd. I have set it copying back across today and will check when I get back from work but is there a way I can check and ensure I have the best version of the game installed?
  7. S

    Copying DVD to USB stick

    We have a number of DVDs that I would like to transfer to USB stick i.e. box set Are you being served etc. Doing each DVD one by one can be very time consuming. Is there any way around this to be able to do it a lot quicker? Thanks.
  8. J

    Question Problem copying between usb drives via Humax Fox T2 - will NAS be faster

    I am having a big problem copying files from one usb drive to another using the Webif interface on a Humax Fox T2. Both external usb drives are connected to the Humax using a usb hub because there is only one usb socket on the Humax. Copying from one usb drive to the other is causing the Humax...
  9. AVtest

    Over wifi copying or movie viewing speeds on philips tv's

    Hi, TV syncs with wifi router at around 200mbps. I have another pc with movies which syncs wifi 700mbps. Using xplorer app set up access to that shared folder on pc and try to view movie. Every movie 1gb+ flickers like looses frames. So I decided to copy movie to drive on tv over wifi and only...
  10. W

    Which BluRay drive for copying films

    Decided to give this whole copying films to a hard drive so i can stream them a go so looking to purchase a few bits to see how i get on with it. I have a Mac, so looking for an external drive that will read UHD 4k discs to enable me to store them on a suitable storage device, any pointers to...
  11. Bruce Maliphant

    Question Panasonic BWT740 - editing and copying

    I hope thre may be some useful experiences out there ..... We record everything in DR format initially, and most are then watched and deleted. However, my wife records crafting programs and then wants to retain small sections for future reference, either on DVD or PC. The editing on the BWT740...
  12. F

    Sony Handycam CCD-TR55E copying problem - advice please

    I'm trying to help an aunt copy her old video8 films onto DVD. There seems to be a problem from the output AV ports on the camera - you can see films ok thru the viewer. I've tried a number of cables and get the same results on different TVs. It's not the heads as it's the same in camera mode...
  13. I

    Question Issue copying off programmes from Humax Foxsat HDR, due to characters

    Hi there I have a Humax Foxsat HDR which has Raydon's custom firmware. It's served me well the years and is still serving me. The versions I have installed are: - Custom Firmware : v 4.1.2 - Web Interface : v 2.75 Some years ago I installed an add-on that was meant to correct the issue of...
  14. B

    copying iphone 6 mesages to my HP 5640 printer already linked to wifi

    that is it...being an old sod and finding it difificult to work some of these things out can any one give me a procedure to help me copy messages i get on my iphone 6 on to my HP Envy 5640 printer ..the easy way ! Thanks
  15. B

    copying an iphone message to my printer HP 5640

    copying a message from an iphone 6 to my HP Envy 5640 printer is the problem I've got. P'raps it is because I am a geri-ger-iatric...not past it , but some things do seem to be more difificult than others . It just seems to be a longwinded drawn out procedure ..sometimes working and...
  16. N

    Copying Titles Between Panasonic Recorders

    I've just bought a Panasonic DMR-HWT150 to upgrade from DMR-HW120 (which couldn't run iPlayer). I copied all of the existing recordings onto an Ext HDD thinking i could copy them onto the new one but I've hit a problem. The new recorder will not see anything on the Ext Hdd unless it is...
  17. JohnProton

    Samsung S9 sound notification when copying files.

    I bought a brand new Samsung Galaxy S9 about a week ago and now Im copying all my music over. it is the 256GB version and have a 128gb sim as well so Im putting a load of music across but I am getting this weird problem. At first it copies for a while but then after a while it starts getting...
  18. H

    Panasonic BWT735 not copying to HDD USB

    All of a sudden im unable to transfer files from the HDD to the HDD USB it comes up with a copying unsuccessful message. It was fine yesterday, anyone any ideas? When i try to play the titles on USB HDD they do not play. Many thanks
  19. bristol406

    Copying or streaming recorded TV

    The Virgin Media 'TV to go' app allows you to stream live TV but does not allow you to stream shows that you have recorded on your Tivo box. I can't understand why. Surely the digital rights are same whether it's live or recorded. Does anyone know if there is a set top box/recorder that allows...
  20. D

    Copying a few video clips to DVD

    Hi. I have recently had a few 8mm video tapes copied to DVD. What I want to know is, how do i extract a few clips from each DVD then burn to a blank DVD. On the DVDs are clips of a friends children when they were young and he wants me to put them on to a DVD but, I haven't a clue how I go...
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