cooling fan

  1. Silver Arrow

    Looking to change the cooling fan on an Onkyo receiver?

    Hi All I have an Onkyo 3009 receiver, approx 9 years old, have recently had problems with the unit switching off and on again for no apparent reason. Most notably and annoyingly during the England v. Italy game... The Sherlock in me has deduced it to be a cooling issue on the video side as there...
  2. D

    OMIKAI K1 Allwinner H616 Wireless Charging TV Box With an Internal Cooling Fan review.

  3. P

    One hot AV cabinet- cooling fan options?

    Hi all, After a bit of advice, or even just a point in the right direction...... Recently bought a Sony X800M2 and enjoying watching UHD titles, but boy is my cheap/wooden cabinet getting hot (so no issues on drilling holes). Probably something to do with the ton of electronics I put inside...
  4. T

    Question Technics cooling fan

    I need a REM 0040 round cooling fan for my SU-A800 but cant find one anywhere. Can anyone help?
  5. Trollslayer

    Question Where to get cooling fan for 65dx902b?

    One is sticking (lots of dust in the house when i moved in, had to clean the fans a couple of times so need to replace just one. I will try getting some canned air but no guarantees. It's that or common the pulse signal from the adjacent fan to this one.
  6. stevielamb

    Network Cabinets

    Hi all, I'm putting a couple pieces of kit into my loft (a network switch unit and a NAS drive). I'm concerned about how warm it sometimes gets up there so have been looking at solutions for keeping the kit cool. My first thoughts was a small network cabinet with a thermostatically controlled...
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