1. blaik00z

    Question Portable TVs in 2020 (HELP)

    Hello All, I'm having problems connecting HDMI to some old portable TVs. Obviously, not an easy project to start off with but I've had some success already and need some general knowledge if it is out there. There are 2 portable TV sets, one color and one black and white. I've included images...
  2. alexhaddock

    For Sale Sharc Zone-2 eARC to HDMI converter to connect eARC/ARC Atmos etc to existing HDMI AV System

    Hi all, ordered a Thenaudio SHARC to connect to an older AV system but ended up getting a new eARC system during the order period (d'OH) so its now surplus to needs. Thenaudio - Home Selling for £120 including delivery (UK). Opened but new (Thenaudio only just shipping them from the US). If...
  3. C

    60Hz to 120Hz inline converter?

    Hey guys I have a special project that has a unusual need and I can't seem to find one particular component. Would appreciate some help. I need to convert a 60Hz 1080P HDMI signal into a 120Hz 1080P signal via frame blending, interpolation or other technique - but the tricky part is I need a...
  4. B

    How to just use a Topping D10 as a usb-optical converter and not as a dac?

    Hello, I borrowed a Topping D10 from a friend to see if my Hegel H80's optical input sounds better then the USB input. In multible reviews of the Hegel it is said that the spdif connections sound better so I'm curious to test this. The Topping d10 can, according to the internet, function as...
  5. Skyfall74

    Rf converter

    I don't have a TV with an Rf aerial input but I've got an old player that only has Rf aerial output. Is there a way to connect this to a modern TV?
  6. Cliff

    Question IR 3D glasses converter?

    I have 8 pairs of Panasonic/ Epson 3D Infra red glasses. Can you buy a converter to change the newer Blue tooth signal to IR so I can still use them. Is there such a thing ?
  7. Paulro

    Bluetooth Speaker using USB Converter With Dock

    Hi, Has anyone tried to connect a Switch using the dock to a monitor that doesn't have inbuilt speakers? I've connected my dock to one, but no sound thought the Switch itself whilst docked. It looks like the options are to plug a 3.5mm cable with speaker (or headphones/earbuds) to the...
  8. Carlos1959

    Digital to Analog Audio Converter

    I bought a DAC to connect via optical cable to my LG TV and be able to connect my headphones, but the sound that comes out is very low, even when I turn the headphones volume to the maximum. The DAC supports 192KHZ 24 bit and Audio Amplifier. (send pictures) Does the sound really works like...
  9. 1992

    Digital to digital converter

    Hey everyone. I have a stereo hi-fi setup along with a projector, and I need to delay the digital audio out from my blu-ray player. I have been thinking about getting this: Digital Audio Lip Sync Delay - J.S. Technology Ltd . My blu-ray player is coaxial out though, so I'd also need...
  10. Lachie

    Digital Analogue Converter DAC Recommendations Needed

    Hello, I have a Yamaha RX-A710 receiver and looking to “upgrade” its wireless/Bluetooth capability so that I can stream music from Spotify or Airplay, so looking a Digital Analogue Converter DAC. I see that Yamaha have a product WXAD-10 that rated quite well in 2018 when it was released. Can...
  11. A

    Cables for Digital to Analog Audio Converter

    I have had a DAC connected to my amplifier to run TV sound to external speakers. I haven’t used it for a while and think some cables have disappeared because (please go to this imgur link) all that was connected was the left hand cable in the imgur picture running out of the DAC external...
  12. S

    Is there an HDMI to RG Coaxial converter?

    I am searching for an HDMI to RG Coaxial converter, I thought it would be an easy search. I found an HDMI 4K out signal to three-way splitter for cheap. Now I need the HDMI to Coax converter. I found one on Alibaba but I would need one for each split at $100 each. I could send the 4K signal to...
  13. T

    Question about Yamaha receiver, voltage converter and watts

    Hello everyone! So im a total noob in regards to home theater setups and in audio for the most part. Anyway, I bought a used Yamaha RX-V379 that came with a 110v <-> 220v converter (on the receiver itself it says 120v, but it appears to be working fine) which can sustain 300 watts or so it says...
  14. J

    Cant get Wii HDMI converter to work with new X950G TV

    Purchased 2 different HDMI converters to connect my Wii to my new X950G. One adapter plugs directly into the back of the Wii and is straight HDMI to the TV. The other is a powered converter that takes the component cables from the Wii and outputs to HDMI. I'm having the same issue with both...
  15. D

    MP3 Converter.

    Are there any youtube to MP3 still available to use? . I have found a few but each time I click on the link I get the "page not found" have these been disabled because of the copyright law. Denn
  16. A

    Audio cassette to digital/MP3 converter

    I have some tapes (about 15x) that I need to convert to digital. The tapes are all in excellent condition. I had intended to use a component stereo cassette player and mic it up but I found that it chews tapes. I don't want to spend time or money on trying to fix it or buying a replacement...
  17. J

    Question HDMI to coax cable converter - what might be "best"?

    I will probably need to connect a Network Video Recorder (NVR), for the forthcoming CCTV system, in the attic to the TV in the lounge via sat cable (WF100!) - the cable has been in place but unused for many years (multiple such cables were installed then, so several spares!) , and now I...
  18. D

    Component to HDMI converter, adapter or something else?

    Hello Recently got a LG C9. I have my Original Xbox and Wii connected via component to my Denon AVR-1906, and component from receiver to TV... but of course C9 doesn't have component inputs, so need a solution. Would this adapter suffice... Or would a powered converter like this be the...
  19. djeyewater

    Using VHS to DVD recorder as RGB scart to HDMI converter?

    Does anyone know if the old VHS to DVD recorders you can get (I've been looking at Panasonic models) with RGB Scart in and HDMI out will convert RGB Scart input to HDMI (and do it decently)? All the info I can find about them is just talking about their output of Freeview TV, DVD, and VHS over...
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