1. atomicbrblaster

    HELP with PF50KS + HDMI Converter + Analog Mixer = NO AUDIO

    Hi there guys, Firstly, thanks for you all that give me a little of your time and attention. Secondly, I struggling with a simple (at least I think it would be) AV system. I got a LG PF50KS...An affordable projector that I need to send its audio to a very simple and compact analog mixer that...
  2. WattsX99

    Lightning to HDMI Adaptor

    Are these any good ?. I'm considering getting one but I don't really want to pay £50 quid for the official Apple one. Apparently I can get BT Sport as one of my "Smart Benefits" on my EE contract and they told me that while it (supposedly) can't be installed on to a Smart TV, you can use a...
  3. ml337

    SACD Analogue 5.1 to HDMI converter?

    I have an SACD player which has 5.1 analogue out (but mo HDMI). However my processor doesn't have 5.1 analogue in. Is there any solution to still getting multi-channel from SACDs without buying a newer player with HDMI? I assume the digital connections will not help
  4. T

    vinyl to mp3 converter

    are there any vinyl to mp3 turntables available that you don't need to run it through pc software - as in they convert directly to file on usb stick/SD card
  5. Burakiosaurus

    Scart to HDMI Converter Advice

    Hi All, New LG 55NANO756PR arriving this Friday and I need a Scart to HDMI Converter. This is so my Mum can plug in her current old Technomate Satellite Box, until we upgrade to a newer HDMI supported one in a few months. Seen a few on Amazon, like this one Reason for this one, is so that I...
  6. S

    **Need Help** Cat 5e to HDMI converter/adapter

    Hello, i have a home camera security system with NVR. My installer bailed on me after completing 95% of the job. All cameras are are poe and run Cat 5e to the NVR. My issue is he ran 3 Cat 5e cables from the NVR to two of my TV's and one to a monitor so that i can view them in those rooms...
  7. Raj007

    Best way to convert DV to Computer

    Afternoon all, I recently found my old Samsung DV Camcorder, that I found in my attic. In the box I also found a bunch of tapes too. I already have a firewire cable and port on PC but never used it. My point is how do I convert it with minimal quality loss? Thanks
  8. D

    Why do most digital audio out / toslink ports FAIL to work with a "digital to analog audio converter"?

    My hearing-disabled older client has a set of special earphones that require a 3.5" ("aux") audio out jack. It used to be plugged into her old TV. Her new cheap Samsung TV does NOT have an audio out AUX port for a 3.5" jack. (The new TV is connected to Xfinity box via HDMI cable.) When I saw...
  9. Coco0202

    hdmi splitter 2.0 issue

    Hi all, Without HDMI 2.0 splitter, via CEC the 4k Chromecast is able to turn on and off the tv, and switch inputs, but when I have the splitter in the middle, it does not work at all.
  10. B

    Multi Input Sound Processor / Converter

    Hello All In need of some buying advice regarding some sort of multi input sound processor / converter device for a number of devices. I'm not even sure if there is such a device out there that will suit my needs, but I'll explain what I want the intended device to do. Hopefully some of you...
  11. SebastianAltena

    HDMI refresh rate converter for connecting blu ray player to pc monitor

    I have switched from tv to PC monitor (dell s3220dgf) because good smallish tvs aren't a thing anymore, and it won't accept 24hz signal from my blu ray player without converting it to 60hz which is annoying, that monitor has lock rate from 48hz to 144hz over HDMI and it does accept off spec...
  12. B

    Usb to hdmi converter

    Hello, is it possible to change the usb out of my webcam to hdmi? I have tried using a hdmi video capture and also a hoplaza usb to hdmi adapter but neither have worked. I've plugged them straight into the camera and taken the hdmi out of that but it just doesn't work. Is there something I could...
  13. T

    AVS Video Converter

    Has anyone used a program called AVS Video Converter and whether they have had any issues with it?. I'm trying to convert various video files to DVD (mainly a combination of MPEG4 and MTS files. I converted some files last using the "DVD PAL 720x576 - High Quality (HQ 60/108 min. at 1 DVD/DL DVD...
  14. M

    Question BENQ joybee GP1 trips the ac/dc converter

    When I try to power on, the blue light flashes, but if i depress it, it forces my power supply to trip and shut down. So before I start pulling ribbon cables and boards, I thought I would ask if this has happened to anyone else and if so does anyone have any suggestions
  15. Ed Selley

    Topping E30 Digital to Analogue Converter Review & Comments

    The E30 promises a specification that would have been impressive at any price a few years ago for an absolutely bargain one today but can it convert potential into greatness? Read the review. Write your own review for Topping E30
  16. F

    HDMI To HDMI + Audio (SPDIF + RCA Stereo) Audio Extractor Converter

    Hi, Sorry for this probably idiotic question! I have a Marantz PM 6006 UK Edition amp, which doesn't have HDMI input. I have started to play Blu-ray music discs, with the audio from the TV connected to the amp via Optical input. Would one of these Audio Extractor...
  17. Q

    USB to HDMI converter

    Hello I am looking to use a black magic Atem mini camera switcher to stream video to Facebook I would like to use USB cameras with this but need a converter to change the camera output to hdmi as the Atem only has HDMI inputs. I have seen Youtube videos of a device used with Logitech usb cameras...
  18. L

    How to use FreeRIP MP3 converter

    As my car does not have a CD player I decided to use Free RIP mp3 converter but have not used it for about a year.I went to rip a couple of CD's but when they were finished I could not find where they were ripped to I always found them in C\Drive\users Desktop\ downloads but I just noticed that...
  19. B

    Bracket converter for stand?

    Hi all. I've just got a lovely new TV. It's got a 300 x 200 Vesa mount at the bottom of the unit. Unfortunately the vertical brackets for my current stand don't fit it. Fits the old TV perfectly which seems to be 400 x 400. With bigger bolts and possibly spacers I could attach the new one to...
  20. K

    HDR to SDR/BT2020 converter

    Hi all, Been ages since looked into this so not sure it’s possible but projector owners might know. I have a non-HDR SDR 4K TV, the Sony 79X9005B. Going strong for 6 years now but no plans to change it as yet. There’s a few services/particular situations where a 4K SDR stream isn’t offered...
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