Garage Conversion

    Hi, here's what I'm thinking for my garage conversion. The dimensions are 4.6m x 3m. My concerns are it becoming a bit stuffy with no fresh air and it getting hot, any suggestions or any other comments/questions very welcome.
  2. F

    Native Disc Format - HDR10 or DV

    Hello I have the Panasonic 820 4k player. I do know there is a major difference, metadata and bitwise, between DV and HDR10. It is not always very clear information on the back of the disc case about what the native picture format on the disc is recorded in. As an example, on the back of the...
  3. I

    Question Video conversion

    I've got a collection of .wtv files I need to convert to a format the my bluray player can stream from a nas. I'm using handbrake on Linux because its free. I've found settings that match the file size and resolution of the source file and some films convert perfectly while others are filled...
  4. Dr Force

    Sideshow Premium Format Conversion

    Hi I have always considered Sideshow 1/4 scale to be the pinnacle of collectible large scale statues...until I got Captain Phasma! The Paint Job was awful, the sculpt was average and it lacked everything you should expect from a £400 piece. Having the skills, I decided to completely overhaul...
  5. N

    Question RCA to XLR conversion

    Hi, I'm looking to convert my RCA cables to XLR. Has anyone done this who can advise on how easy it is please ? Nigel
  6. U

    My garage to home cinema conversion 2020.

    I have always been green with envy of others home cinemas. We moved to a new build house last year, and the internal garage was earmarked for a home cinema conversion from the beginning. So in the New Year I will be starting. I intend to do most of it myself, mostly at weekends. I've posted...
  7. Llmaboi

    Question Configure HDMI format on a receiver with two outs

    I'm curious if anyone knows of a receiver that you can configure the HDMI format for each signal output. IE: one HDMI out would be 4k HDR 30fps the other would be 4k non HDR 30 or 60 fps. I picked up the Denon avr-2500h thinking it could, but it only supports converting both ports to one...
  8. M

    Help with CCTV please

    Hi Guys looking for your advice, please. I have a Swann CCTV system (DVR 4-4400) connected to 3 Swann bullet cameras and 1 Swann PTZ Camera. The system was working fine, but during recent home renovations, I decided in conjunction with my electrician to upgrade all the cabling to cat 5E (as...
  9. C

    Answered DCR-TRV350 to PC

    What’s the best method to convert 8mm/Video8/Hi8 tapes played on this Digital8 camcorder to digital files on a PC? This cam doesn’t have AV ports and anyway apparently S-Video or FireWire preserve quality better. I have an EasyCAP DC60 and this cam also came with a FireWire (IEEE 1394) cable...
  10. Stuart

    Question Converting Uncompressed VHS AVI Rips to MP4

    I've got several huge uncompressed AVI captures from old camcorder tapes that I'm looking to convert to usable/shareable MKV/MP4 versions. Any tips on best way to deal with deinterlacing etc (I want to create progressive I think as most will watch on devices that probably aren't good at...
  11. A

    Question Sky Q Aspect Ratio on Vintage TV

    Hi there, I'm not sure what I'm asking is possible but I thought this would be the place to ask. I have recently bought a vintage TV to go in the spare room. It was bought for ornamental purposes primarily but I've now got it hooked up to the Sky Q box in the kitchen. To do this the HDMI output...
  12. DavidDavidson

    Question Getting Hi8 (8 mm) video to a PC

    (If you want to skip the background control F for four asterisk in a row and that will take you to the entirely relevant part of this thread) So a few months ago my mother (who gets random old stuff from just about everywhere) gave me an old 8mm case the camcorder (a Sharp VL-AH131), it came...
  13. U

    Question Nintendo 3ds Image/Video's to SBS file Conversion

    Hello all, I had taken 3D images and videos using a Nintendo 3DS over the years that I am trying to convert into SBS images and videos for viewing on the Rift or any other 3D capable device. I have found myself quite frustrated with the MPO and 3D-AVI files. MPO: The Nintendo MPO files stores...
  14. M

    Any Quad Vena owners here willing to give technical help?

    Hello! I'm new to the forum here. I need help from a fellow Quad Vena owner: I just bought a 220V model in Sweden which I'm importing to Canada. Here, we use 120V. My question is simple: anyone willing to open up his/her Quad Vena 120V model and show me the jumpers J1 and J2, near the power...
  15. P

    24-year dream finally Realised - Integral Double Garage Conversion

    Buying my first Toshiba Prologic TV in 1994 got me hooked on Home Cinema and since then I've always wanted a dedicated cinema room. Roll on 24 years and I finally get my dream after moving into a new home in 2015 and able to convert the integral double garage. Huge thanks go to Dan and his team...
  16. B

    Garage Conversion Advice

    Hi i'd appreciate some help with my next project on layout and equipment just so I can get a plan together and start the build. ive attached a drawing of the current layout but details are the existing garage is a side extension with a utility room and cloakroom beyond the existing stud wall...
  17. mouldy15

    Home cinema garage conversion window question

    Hi there I'm very shortly going to have my 18ft x 9.5ft garage converted in to a home cinema room, where the garage door is on the front I was going to put a window in (part bricked up part window.! Now I'm currently thinking of going down the projector route and fixing up a 90inch projection...
  18. C

    Denon X2200W analogue video conversion not working

    As per title, really. I recently acquired a second leg X2200W amp and set it up as per instructions. I have Sky box, media streamer and fire stick all plugged into the amp and the video and audio work absolutely fine. The issue comes with trying to connect my ancient DVD player to the analogue...
  19. The Dark Horse

    Loft conversion and lawful development certificate - help please

    I had a loft conversion company pop round this morning, they do the whole project, drawings, structural plans etc.. and said as part of the process they would apply to building control for a 'lawful development certificate'. I asked them what that was and the builder said it helps when you come...
  20. D

    Question Garage conversion

    Hi Does anyone have recommendations for a garage conversion specialist for you single garage. Trying to get some quotes together to get started asap. Coventry area Thanks David
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