1. S

    Wanted PS4 Move Controllers

    Has anyone got any PS4 Move Controllers gathering dust that they're not using and would be prepared to sell for a reasonable price? Would like to take a look at the likes of Beat Saber but the scalping and prices around are silly and not something I'd be willing to get close to just to dip the...
  2. dawson001

    PlayStation Move Controllers - no stock

    Hi. Does anyone know when Move controllers will be back in stock in the UK?
  3. GTDean

    Question Cooling cabinet and thermal fan controllers

    I'm trying to find a solution to cooling my alphason chromium cabinet. Generally the heat is fine in there until I use my PS3 (which is mostly just used for DVDs/blu-ray/amazon video). The PS3 really kicks out some hot air and it seems to just get trapped. The unit has slots pre-cut in the...
  4. D

    Move controllers

    I understand there are a Mk1 and now Mk2 move controllers now out , how can you tell the two models apart.
  5. Higgo

    Question Best Place To Buy (Fancy) Dualshock Controllers?

    One of them wants a gold controller, the other wants a red crystal one. Where's the best place to buy them from? I'll try Amazon and the 'usual' places but if anyone knows anywhere better, I'd appreciate it. By 'best' I mean cheapest but guaranteed to be hear for present-wrapping evening on...
  6. Atmos

    Pimax 8K/5K+ Chat

    Pimax 8K is a cutting edge virtual reality device designed for VR futurists. Our goal is to create an intuitive VR without the shade of the headset, and sharp enough that you won't be disturbed by pixels. We doubled FOV to 200 degrees, with an increased resolution to 2*3840x2160. Meanwhile, we...
  7. Hunter87

    Question Shield TV controllers

    Hi, sorry if this has been asked already but I can't find the answer anywhere. Will the older model Sheild TV controller work on the latest Nvidea Shield TV box? I read that one is Bluetooth and one is WiFi so I'm not sure. I want a spare controller for player 2 and for when the first 1 is on...
  8. gds1972

    Design Labs Controllers Available In UK

    Hi Everyone It looks like Xbox Design Lab controllers may now be available in the UK. Time to get creative and enjoy yourself. Xbox Design Lab
  9. thedukeofearl

    Valve's New VR Controllers Can Track Individual Fingers

    Dont know if this has already been posted Watch those fingers smiley Valve's New VR Controllers Can Track Individual Fingers
  10. kenripper

    Question ZON System zone controllers

    I have bought a house which has a ZON system installed. ZON 30-Watt Controller/Amplifier (ZAC-30) - ZON Whole House Digital Audio . I understand that the company is no longer trading. The master box feeds ceiling speakers in three rooms and two of the three rooms have wall mounted ZON System...
  11. P

    Question Are "look-alike" controllers legal?

    I've seen a lot of controllers that resemble the official xbox controller, but with small variations (such as color or an extra button), or at much cheaper prices. Are these controllers actually legal. Or can they be considered to infringe in Microsoft's IP and are therefore illegal? I'm not...
  12. W

    Custom controllers

    Anyone ever customised their own controls? Just been reading up on how Custom Controllers in Leeds is now turning over £700,000 a year after its founder started selling them from his bedroom a couple of years back. Another of those 'why the hell didn't I think of that?!' ideas!! o_O Top work...
  13. sraper

    Question Domoticz and multiple controllers?

    Hello, Over Xmas I setup Domoticz on an old windows laptop I had spare bought and AEOTEC/AEON Labs Zwave controller and some zwave devices and got to work on setting up a SMART heating system plus dehumidifier control. This is working fine for the "outbuiding" that it was designed for. :clap...
  14. MiaHenry94

    Switching up Controllers

    Hi everyone, I have a problem with switching up controllers among my friends and team players. I want to print stickers with our teams logo the initials of my friends, so we don't switch up no more. Now here is the quuestion, where can I print stickers for a fair price and good quality? The...
  15. johnnyhungus

    Question PS VR future controllers

    After reading the positive reviews on the Oculus Touch controllers, I just wondered if there are any whispers of different types of controllers for the PSVR system? It seems very quiet on the third party controller side of things, or am I missing something?
  16. Ben-H

    New Licensed Pro Controllers

    First look at two new licensed pro controllers for PS4 -------- POSTED 26 OCTOBER First look at two new licensed pro controllers for PS4 Dominate the competition with the Razer Raiju and Nacon Revolution We are excited to give you a first look at the Razer Raiju and Nacon Revolution, two...
  17. mightyevi5u

    Move Controllers in PSVR Question

    Hi all, Are the move controllers compatible with every PS VR game or is only certain games? And do you need a dualshock connected as well as the move when you use them. The reason I ask is, I had a quick go on the underwater demo using the dualshock and that worked fine. But when I powered...
  18. Overlord69

    Terrible experience of Xbox support

    I had to return a faulty Xbox One controller (less than 6 months old) that had developed very bad drift on both analogue sticks. After a wait for the replacement to turn up I was hugely disappointed to receive a very dirty and what appeared to be used replacement. The replacement controller was...
  19. Si01327

    Bargain Expired Guitar Hero Live (PS4) + Two Guitar Controllers

    Guitar Hero Live with 2 Controllers – For PS4 £34.95 + £7.95 shipping. Ships from 9th August onwards but offer only available for the next 13 hours or until sold out. I get the emails from ibood daily and they don't usually contain anything worthwhile but this one seemed too good to pass by...
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