1. M

    Question Best way to set volume control on pre-amp and powered speakers

    Hi, I am using a Parasound 200 Pre preamp to supply line level output to my powered speakers(Dynaudio Xeo10). Should I set the speakers in the middle/upper level of their available volume and do further adjustments using the preamp volume control, Or should I set the speakers' volume to low...
  2. F

    Operating Theatre Control Panel

    How to Load Bank Test a Generator? There are a lot of advantages to loading bank checking. The first is that you will experience peace of mind in ensuring that your generator has the potential to function in an emergency situation. The second is that the issues found during this phase are...
  3. MarkusThatch

    For Sale Harmony Smart Control (2015 model)

    For sale is one infrequently used Harmony smart remote. So infrequently used that the satisfying peel off plastic is still on the hub (see picture). Bought in 2015 from amazon uk. Comes with Harmony remote, hub, power chord and usb lead, in original box. All in good working order. Will send via...
  4. adonis

    For Sale LED TV Backlight 2m USB Led Strip Light with Timer Function/Remote Control

    LED TV Backlight 2m USB Led Strip Light with APP Control for 40-60 Inch TV with Timer Function, Music Mode for Computer, Monitor, Bedroom (Remote Control,2m) Bought last month for my desk but changing desks now and using a lamp. Only 2 strips have been used, adhesive is still sticky. These...
  5. S

    Blu-ray/4K player with 7.1. Analogue out AND volume control?

    Currently I am using an Oppo 105 to do the DVD/Blu-ray decoding and volume control. Since it’s getting old I would like to prepare for a replacement. What Blu-ray/4K players with analogue outputs AND volume control can you recommend? I don’t seem to be able an find any? Panasonic DP-UB9000 seems...
  6. D

    Question Yarra 3dx remote control

    Hi, i have hunted high and low on a replacement remote control for my Yarra dx without any success. I am aware I can control the system via the software app on my mobile phone, but a pain in the neck to unlock my phone just to turn the volume up and down. If anybody can point me to where I can...
  7. Swaggga

    For Sale Audi R8 Remote Control Car For Kids

    as per title was bought for my nephew for his birthday but he thinks he’s too big for it now so it’s been sitting unused for a few weeks exact same model as below, please follow link to amazon for info. sold with no batteries
  8. Srwprince

    Remote Control - Quick App Customisation

    Is it possible to customise app loading from the 4 quick apps at the bottom of the remote? We've Amazon, YouTube, NetFlix, FPlay (UK Version) The FPlay loads an awful version of Freeview play, we want to change it so it loads a newer version of the app. Is it possible? Thanks in advance.
  9. rogerh

    How do I get Alexa to control MyHome-Up/Legrand home automation?

    Hi. Alexa has the skill installed and active. It can't find any of the LeGrand/Vantage controls for the light & heating. Has anyone connected Alexa to MyHome-Up? If so could you please help.
  10. N

    Question JBL Control 1 Pro and NAD D3020 V2: Good combination?

    Hey fellas, I recently moved and wanted to start building an entry level system. The idea is to get a 2.0 for a normal-sized linving room, and maybe get a subwoofer in the future. So far I thought about a pair of JBL Control 1 Pro, which seem to be a bargain and have been around for decades...
  11. Harkon321

    Two circuits of outside lighting, both on 2 way switches - Plus Smart control? Options?

    Extension is being built and next week in First Fix of electrics. I want two circuits of lights on the outside of the house: Back of the house - Updown lighters and maybe some Soffit lights. Side of house - Couple of bulkhead lights and downlighters lighting access. I plan to ask the...
  12. W

    Philips remote control problem (Philips 50PUS7805)

    Hi. Someone has problems with tv remote control. It happened to me more than once, when I connect a external USB disk, the remote loses all functions ... I press the off button, and the screen goes dark, and nothing else happens ... I only return to the normal operation of the TV, when I remove...
  13. RBZ5416

    Elite & Volume Control

    My Samsung TV outputs very low volume from it's optical out, apparently a common Samsung trait. So looking for an elegant solution to raise the volume of my Arcam amp for the TV apps, & drop it back to normal when switching to another source. I could put multiple Volume Up commands in the...
  14. D

    remote control

    good evening , i have 24 tv's 32LK6200PLA in one room and i want to know how can pair every remote control in one tv without problems in the others ( change channels - sound )
  15. L

    Control Ultimate Edition

    Okay I'll own up - I've mainly created this thread mainly to ask a question... :D Does anybody know when the PS5 upgrade is scheduled for? I know there was a bit of backlash about how they were releasing it (i.e. not for free for existing owners) but as I've not played this at all I may well...
  16. sep8001

    Control devices inside a closed cabinet

    Hi What are the best options of controlling devices like amp, sky box etc which are inside a cabinet which do not have glass doors. I think the Logitech remote with a hub will work, bit are there any other options. Thank you
  17. M

    No-network home smart plugs / lights control?

    Dear all, Apologies if this is obvious to everyone else ... I just can't seem to find it. I have an old Philips Hue lights setup. For security reasons, I would prefer to have smart lights which can be operated without needing to be connected to my home network. My old Philips Hue need the Hue...
  18. Tremolo Arm

    LG and BT remote control button mapping

    BT TV users, How do you control your BT box with the LG "Magic" control? Specifically, how do you: - Switch on/off subtitles (mapped to Delete / SUB button of the BT remote) - Delete programme (mapped to the Delete / SUB button of the BT remote) - Record - Fast forwarding 60 seconds (mapped...
  19. asleszyn

    Question LG magic remote + yamaha r-n602 volume control

    Hi guys :-) I own a LG OLED TV with the magic remote. I plan on buying the yamaha r-n602 stereo receiver and connecting it via an optical cable. I wonder if I will be able to configure the remote to control the volume of the yamaha receiver. In the device connector I found several presets for...
  20. N

    HDMI control?

    Hi guys, I have a Sky Q box which is connected to my Yamaha RX-481D receiver, which is connected to my LG TV. and Simplink is activated. The TV is relatively new (5 weeks). With my old LG TV I could press the ON button on the sky remote which would turn on my sky box/receiver/ TV via HDMI...
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