1. C

    questiion on dynamic contrast neo qnled 90a

    have samsung qnled 90a . if I put dynamic contrast on high i have to lower other settings. if i put it on on low or off I have to raise other settings. so is it best not to use dynamic contrast on high or just use on low or off. please help me when i watch a amazon movie with hdr tag next...
  2. C

    dynamic contrast use low or high

    have neo qnled 90a 55 inch . is it better to use dynamic contrast on low or high or off in standard mode from your cable tv, then netflix, then amazon prime. dynamic contrast on high looks great, but a little duller on low. does it disort picture on high. dont know which level to use
  3. bogani

    Contrast Mode?(55OLED865)

    Can any kind soul provide some knowledge about this processing? What is the actual difference between 'Normal' and 'Optimized for picture'. Is it mainly a way to boost the nits? I've seen different calibrations and most points to set to 'Normal' but the official AVforum calibration for a...
  4. Ugg10

    London Mega Skies - High Contrast B&W (plus others)

    Had a sneaky couple of days away in London, really weird, very quiet, two days of rain but the last morning the skied played ball. If you don't like lots of editing then look away now !!!! 1) Sky Garden - indoors only as weather was appalling IMG_8818a by A H, on Flickr 2) London Bridge...
  5. BBritcliffe

    Question HISENSE H50M3300 Picture Settings

    Okay guys, I have been trying for a long while to get my Hisense H50m3300 to work correctly with HDR and have finally after years of waiting got HDR Settings activated by Firmware install. However the picture looks terrible! 😭 I have been using the following for the last few months on Cinema...
  6. killacam94

    Question Issue with some scenes

    Hi all, I hope i’m putting this in the right place but I am having an issue on some scenes. Specifically with apple TV 4K HDR on philips PUS7334 43 if anyone knows what i’m missing please help
  7. M

    Question Contrast Ratio and other discerning factors.

    Hi All, I recently purchased an Epson TW7000 and I must admit while im impressed, im wondering if i made the right decision going for this over the 7400 which was my original choice. Now my room is far from dedicated so im aware this will be a large factor in Contrast Ratio, but what difference...
  8. L

    Question TV with good interpolation and contrast?

    Greetings everyone, was looking for a hint for next tv and Dodgexander convinced me to register. Backround: Using CRT 27" for decades I have been looking for a TV for over two years now. I had bought and brought back these tvs: LG Oled 55EG9109 Samsung 55Q9FN Sony 55XF90 Philips Oled 55 903...
  9. BC57

    auto depth enhancer versus contrast enhancer

    Which option is better between auto depth enhancer or contrast enhancer? I'm looking at two Samsungs but each one has a different option. Thanks in advance.
  10. I

    Sun Moon

    Took quite a few photos for the comp this month (see the not valid thread) and had a hard time choosing which one to enter. It was a toss up between this and the Slide one, however in the end I decided with this as it's something different, and took a little while to edit together. Sun Moon by...
  11. S

    Question Advice needed - I am at a loss with my set up

    Hi all, I am looking for some advice on my current set up. I have an Elite Screens Spectrum 100" 1.1 gain MAxWhite screen. This sits around 3.2m away from my JVC HD100 Projector, which is ceiling mounted around 100mm from the ceiling. My room is painted (walls and ceiling) in a dark grey matt...
  12. Noahdavid1984

    Question Samsung contrast enhancer for HDR

    I know it’s generally told to turn processors off but does anyone use contrast enhancer for HDR? I’ve tried it a few times and find it does make the picture a lot brighter. I’ve also read in a few other places they advise to have this on low for HDR sources. What do people who have Samsung think?
  13. M

    32 inch TV advice

    hi Id really welcome advice on a decent 32 inch TV. I've had a look at quite a few and was tending towards either a Sony kdl32wd751 or a Samsung ue32m5520. I was looking for a full HD panel with decent brightness and contrast. I've a roku that will attach so smart apps not a concern...
  14. J

    Answered Contrast & Clipping information

    Will be taking delivery of a 55"Panasonic OLED 2017 model on Friday. Have already read the review where they mention adjusting the contrast so it wasn't clipping. How much should I adjust up or down and what's clipping? Thanks
  15. Noahdavid1984

    Answered HDR contrast enhancer

    Please can anyone explain what this is? I use my new Samsung for 4K hdr movies. Should this be set to on for movies or left off? I noticed it really brightens the picture up with it switched on. Sorry if this has been asked elsewhere
  16. K

    EX700 Contrast Settings

    Hi all, it's bee a while since I posted on here... a terrible admission for an ex-moderator, but hoping for some brief advice on the back of a new purchase. We went ahead with an EX700 (50") kast week to replace our ageing Samsung TV. On the whole i'm very impressed - color reproduction is very...
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