1. S

    Question Redhills Audio, UK - contact?

    Hi, has anyone been in contact with Redhill Audio in Grimsby, Lincolnshire, UK lately? I have being trying to contact them for a few weeks now (phone/ e-mail) and have not been able to. Does anyone know if everything is okay with them?
  2. M

    Question Alternatives to contact sensors for home alarm systems.

    Hi all, Does anyone know of any alternatives to traditional magnetic contact sensors for a home alarm system? Currently have a Yale system with PIRs and contacts on all doors and windows but it's become unreliable over time so I'd like to replace it. The system has the ability to "Home Arm"...
  3. NicolasB

    Question Is there any way to contact someone at LG who actually knows anything or can actually do anything?

    I'm finding LG customer support a very frustrating experience. I suspect the people who answer emails don't even work for LG, they're just poor schmucks in a call centre somewhere following a script. Right now I'm trying to get them to understand that there's a bug with the audio EDID on my G6...
  4. chaz

    Question Geting unknown names on contact list

    Hoping someone can help here at the moment I have just brought a Samsung 8 plus. Just going to transfer my contacts etc to the new phone from my Samsung 6 plus but noticed these " Unknown contacts" keep appearing on the Samsung 6 I was told this is something to do with my e mail contacts or...
  5. C

    Question UK onkyo support email contact needed.

    I want to email Onkyo UK with an AVR support question but the contact form on their website (which appears to be the Pioneer one) does not appear to work here. Does anyone have an email address for them?
  6. Rambles

    Testing power leads with non contact ac detector

    Is it worth it, or is it nonsense? This guy seems to suggest that they shouldn't 'leak': A non contact AC detector is an inexpensive item to buy, so I could get one and test to see if any of my cables are 'leaking'. But I am confused as to whether that is a meaningful test. I suppose it is...
  7. cjx

    Question How to contact Canada Psn support

    I stupidly bought the wrong game on the Canadian store(Im in UK) . I havent played it but downloaded it before I realised. Ive tried to contact support but its either phone or web chat. When I try web chat it seems to know I am in the UK even though Ive tried using Hola(I have removed after this...
  8. D

    Question Old Alarm - Replacing Door Contact Sensor with Vibration Sensor?

    Hi There Hoping for some help with an "old style alarm"... my OH's parents had somebody try to break into their house over the weekend, and whilst they didn't get in they made a real mess of their patio doors and its shaken them up. They have an old wired alarm system with door contacts on the...
  9. A

    Address to contact apple for complaint

    Recently damaged my iPhone screen and called up their customer service to get it sent in for repair as my local store had no appointments available . While on the phone the advisor talked me through an incorrect procedure which resulted in all my iPhone data being completely wiped. I was put...
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