1. Troy Jollimore

    Question Dolby Digital Pass Through With Game Consoles

    I just replaced my ancient Toshiba 34HX81 CRT (yes, CRT) with a 50UN7300AUD (after spending $3200 for the Toshiba, this one was $100 and grocery points!). I have two issues now that I’ve jumped from Composite to HDMI... 1) The Toshiba had ‘sound compression’, where low and high volume extremes...
  2. Spiderpig

    Sony confirm that no PS5 consoles will be in shops at launch

    Saw this on Twitter:
  3. L

    Question Surround sound setup for new consoles

    Hi all, I've tried my best but can't find the answer to this, so please go easy on me. I have two old Yamaha receivers: 373 and 673 (one's on a plasma I use for movies only). Right now I have an old Samsung F5000 and run my consoles into the Yamaha and then from that into my TV. I need to work...
  4. nesbit uk

    Question Which TV for the upcoming consoles?

    A friend of mine is after a new TV to go along with the upcoming consoles. He's looking for a 65", bells and whistles, and must support the newest Sonos gear too. "Anyone going to volunteer being an expert on televisions. Trying to figure out if I have to buy the LG CX model or a C9 will be...
  5. andykara2003

    4K or 8K TV for next gen consoles?

    I’m about to buy a 55” TV for next gen systems & am trying to decide whether to go 4K or 8K. I’ve always been allergic to upscaling - I hate the look of 1080p games upscaled on 4K TVs. I’m concerned that I might find the same issue with 4K games/content running on an 8K tv, even though the...
  6. shroud

    Question Upscaling from very low resolution input source

    Hello! We have had an ACER H6517ST projector for two years now, and it has native resolution 1080p. While we have been using it without much problems with fairly lower resolution inputs such as DVDs and old laptops, I have recently tried to use it with an ancient home computer which has very...
  7. M

    Question HDR on vs Off (gaming consoles) color drain, realism, clarification and observations?

    I think maybe this observation is just normal and expected despite the way it looks.. but see the pics below for fun.. I've had two different hdr sets to this point, both the samsung q6n and now the x900f (enjoying more).. I wanted to do a fast compare of hdr on and off.. not too many try to...
  8. George599

    Bargain Black Friday Tech Deals Roundup

    Given that Black Friday has now become a whole week event, I've decided to help the community out by constructing a place for us to store and share the best tech deals this time around. I am constantly updating the table as I found new tech deals but it would be really cool if the community...
  9. rehmanmohamed

    The AVF PSN Trophy Leaderboard

    This is the AVF PSN trophy leaderboard. The leaderboard is sorted by level, and then by number of trophies in case of a tie on the percentage level. All trophy data is sourced from PSN Profiles. The eligibility for inclusion in the leaderboard is a minimum of 100 posts and 2 months AVF...
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