1. S

    Upgrade LG tv or Playstation console ?

    Hi . Apologies , I am not hugely tech savvy and I hopefully can obtain some great advice from some of the Forum experts. I enjoy gaming and I currently own a LG 55 inch C7 Oled tv and I have a Playstation 4 Pro hooked up. Naturally with this decent tv ( approx 3 years old now ) and the enhanced...
  2. JabbaNut

    Incredible Handheld Retro Game Console | 4000 Games | EmuELEC - Powkiddy RGB20

    Link to Chigz review
  3. New Start Neil

    For Sale XBOX 1X - Refurbished console, just back from MS, so unused by me.

    As per title, I‘ve just received a refurb’d 1X back from MS, after I sent mine in for repair. I’m including a genuine 1X controller, a rechargeable battery pack and a controller charging dock/PSU.
  4. s_inman

    For Sale PlayStation 5 Disc Console

    Brand new sealed, purchased from Smyths Toys. looking for £700 delivered. Thanks
  5. B

    For Sale PS5 Disc Console

    £725 collected or add postage on top. Can be posted today Brand new and unopened.
  6. Van Dam

    For Sale XBOX Series S (512GB) Console

    Fully boxed and still in as new condition. Original owner (me) has used the console for less than 2 weeks. Comes with all original accessories and 11 months warranty, purchased from Tesco (receipt included). Prefer local delivery or collection in London / SE areas but can post if required...
  7. H

    Wanted Faulty console controllers

    Looking specifically for: 1 x MasterSytem 1 x MegaDrive 1 x Dreamcast 1 x N64 1 x PS1 1 x PS2 1 x Xbox 360 Just got a little project idea so any faulty, but in good condition for displays
  8. the_jinj

    Wanted Xbox One S console

    Looking for a Xbox One S console and controller(s) in good condition with no faults etc, boxed or not. Anyone? :)
  9. G

    For Sale PS4 Pro: CUH-7216B console

    Hi, I have for sale my PS4 Pro that I've had since buying it new. It's the CUH-7216B quieter fan model that I've had zero issues with. A couple of things to note: I have the original white internal box with exterior Red Dead Redemption 2 cardboard sleeve (internal box is in good condition...
  10. JabbaNut

    trimui model s an ultra-thin console with the size of a credit card
  11. I

    Wanted xbox 360 consoles

    Hi all, I'm trying to get 2 consoles for some. Anyone have any they want rid of? Thanks, Dan
  12. B

    TV + Console + Receiver

    Does having a receiver in the middle cause any delays or performance issues? Or is it better to go console to tv via hdmi and then an optical from tv to receiver? What is the best setup? I have a 5.2 setup in my room and needs the receiver.
  13. M

    Console, TV or Game issue

    Hi. I have been playing AC Valhalla on Series X and Samsung Q95T. I had initially turned HDR off to start with as like many people on the Ubisoft forums found it to be very grey and washed out with it enabled. I was recently experimenting with the HDR calibration tool and following a guide...
  14. T

    For Sale Xbox Series X Console

    Selling an Xbox Series X BNIB, purchased from Amazon UK. £570 collected from Camberley in Surrey, but don't mind dropping it off close by. I also have a copy of Assassin's Creed Valhalla (used) which I can throw in for £20 if you want it with the console. Feel free to make an offer.
  15. JabbaNut

    KT R1 high-performance Amlogic S922X portable gaming console coming soon
  16. M

    For Sale PS5 Digital Edition Console + HD Camera - New, sealed - Collect Twickenham, SW London

    Bought for my son for Christmas but he's changed his mind and now wants the cash to save for his first car. I have it in hand and ready for collection. Brand new, sealed, bought from Game.
  17. Mr Miaowgi

    How my son’s console can be setup

    Hi all. I’m sure this is dead easy but just wanted to be sure before tmrw. I’m separated and my sonhas a login on my Xbox series x. It’s his own email etc and his mum has got him a series s for her house. Am I right in thinking he just turns it on fresh out the box and logs into his account and...
  18. JabbaNut

    Pandora Box Mini Retro Game Console | 3000 Games | WIFI / BT (Powkiddy A19)

  19. lunch_box

    For Sale Nintendo Switch Console Grey v1 unboxed

    Hello I have a Grey switch console (v1) that CeX refused to buy as they said the right joycon disconnects. I have cleaned the connectors and tested it for over an hour and not experienced the issue again. Console is in good condition and has had a screen protector on from day one. Pics can be...
  20. JabbaNut

    ODROID-Go Super Ubuntu portable gaming console gets a larger 5-inch display
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