1. paulfoley

    For Sale Console Collector? Rare Game Park GP32 Blu Console & Box, Retail Game plus Memory Card with extras

    Ultra Rare, 18 years old, Game Park GP32 Blu with its Box, Memory Card (64mb) - includes loads of games & apps. Console in Collectors Condition with the original GP32 Blu Box, Easy to use, just place games & apps on the memory card while in a computer, re-insert & run. This is the most...
  2. LeeDicko

    For Sale Brand new unopened Nintendo Switch OLED Console - White - £260

    Have another one of these for sale. Suddenly had an unexpected bill and had some credit on an interest fee card so put it on that until next payday. The last one went pretty quickly so hoping for another quick sale. Brand new and unused. These don't come with a 'sealed' sticker but it's not...
  3. Pokkai

    Wanted Boxed Wii U Premium Console

    Looking for a boxed Wii U Premium, ideally in very good condition, also interested in a bundle and official Pro Controller. Let me know if you have one to sell.
  4. greenline

    Wanted xbox series s console

    looking to buy a xbox series s in good condition. price in line with what has sold here. ideally with a receipt. thanks
  5. S

    For Sale PS5 Digital Edition Console CFI-1116B + 2x DualSense White + HD Camera [£450!]

    Was purchased 14/10/21 from Currys. I don't have the original packaging but everything will be boxed carefully and insured for delivery. Bundle PS5 Digital Edition (CFI-1116B) PS5 Digital Edition Stand 2x DualSense White Controller HD Camera HDMI Cable Power Cable One of the controller was...
  6. EdgeyChris

    For Sale Playstation 5 Disc Console and Red Controller

    Hi all I have a new and sealed Playstation 5 disc console for sale £500 plus postage ovno Also have a red controller £55 ovno Collection also available Can update time stamp tonight, I took the pics the other day but didn’t get round to advertising until now Thanks
  7. Mar1983cin

    Wanted Gameboy games and console(original one)

    Anyone selling anything, please?
  8. M

    For Sale Brand New Nintendo Switch OLED Console - White

    Selling due to it being an unwanted gift. Brand New and sealed. Asking price of £250, with Royal Mail 1st Class delivery included on Monday if paid at the weekend.
  9. Z

    For Sale PS5 Disc console brand new sealed

    selling on behalf of my bro, brand new unopened. BT on collection please.
  10. A

    For Sale BNIB Sealed Sony PlayStation 5 - Disc Edition Console

    Sony PlayStation 5 - Disc Edition Brand new and sealed. Purchased from Smyths Toy Store. Receipt can be provided. Collection from Essex. Either Romford or Southend (Home/Work).
  11. A

    For Sale Nintendo Switch OLED 64GB Console with Joy-Con, White

    HelloHi, Selling a brand new unopened Nintendo Switch OLED 64GB Console with Joy-Con in White (Photos will be added when I'm home.) Receipt can be forwarded. Price: £255 w/payment via BT Can be posted using RM Special Delivery or collected from North London
  12. scartlead

    Wanted Xbox 360 gears of war console

    Hi all, looking for a mint one of these, ideally boxed too. Maybe also looking for a halo 4 console too. Again mint and boxed. Thanks
  13. D

    For Sale Xbox series S console New Sealed 2yr microsoft warranty

    Hi I bought this console in December for my bedroom but i have just got a PS5 digital edition that I'm gonna go with now.. The console was purchased from Microsoft France and you will need a UK figure 8 cable as it has a European plug supplied i probably could dig one out and send it with the...
  14. drmsa

    For Sale Nintendo Switch Console with Blue/Red Joy-Con fully Boxed, with Carrying Case, Two Games, Switch Pro Controller, 128GB SD Card (£295)

    Hi All, Selling my sons Nintendo Switch Console (HAC-001) with Blue and Red Joy-Cons, Joy-Con Straps, Grip, HDMI Cable, Power Adapter And Nintendo Switch Dock. Comes fully boxed as seen in pictures. Screen has always had glass protector from day one and there is one still installed. Also...
  15. BeatleBen

    Can a Hdmi splitter seperate sound for 4K TV and 1080P soundbar for 4K console?

    Hi I have a Panasonic 4K TV which I have a 4K games console connected to. I also have a Yamaha YSP-2200 with 1080P HDMI ports. I currently have the console directly connected to the 4K TV via HDMI and the soundbar delivers the sound from the console via the TV's HDMI Arc. Unfortunately the...
  16. A

    For Sale Nintendo 3ds console with games

    As per title I’m selling my daughters pinks Nintendo 3ds xl Overall this is one n great condition but doesn’t include the stylus. Cost about £1 so no fuss Comes with 5 very good unboxed games Pokémon moon Super mario maker 3ds Mario island tour New super mario bros 2 Mario n Luigi dream...
  17. imightbewrong

    Sweet-spot for low-power PC/Steam 'console'?

    I'm thinking about setting up a PC in the front room so the kids can have a go at a few PC games - some basic ones like Portal, Civ, Skyrim etc and some more recent ones like Horizon Zero Dawn, Guardians of the Galaxy etc. These will be played at 1080p. Not sure how much of a success it will...
  18. C

    2 accounts and one console

    Sorry if this sounds like a silly question but was wondering if 2 different accounts on xbox series x can access the same game i.e. Halo Infinate. If so would this mean that the 2 accounts can have separate progression and not affect the others progress? Thank you in advance.
  19. Alexwells

    Pioneer PDPLX5090, sound but no video from SCART inputs

    Seasons greetings everyone, i've just joined AV Forums precisely to ask about the LX5090 that i recently came into possession of. My dad brought it home from a house he was working at, he managed to get it for 20 quid. After looking it up online i came to realise that it's got quite a cult...
  20. LegionOfHell

    Which setup gives me the best surround sound with my PS2 console ?

    I have a Creative X7 and a Tritton 720 decoder box, Here are the two setups that I have in mind: X7: Enable DPLIIx in the game --> PS2's Optical out --> X7's optical in --> SBX surround processing --> Headphone out Tritton decoder box: Enable DPLIIx in the game --> PS2's Optical out -->...
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