1. W

    What spade connectors are you guys using?

    I've currently got angled banana plugs on my L/R speakers, but the boys will occasionally lob a sponge ball or something behind the speakers while they're playing, I got a ball out from behind one of the speakers this morning and one of the banana plugs had turned so they were nearly touching...
  2. Hannah118

    TV aerial connection - help needed

    Hey! I’m going to sound really dumb, but no amount of internet searching has been able to help me. I’m trying to connect my tv to what I think is the tv aerial, but I’m not sure what connector I need. There is no socket, it’s just a cable coming out of the wall, and it has two male ends, rather...
  3. P

    Pioneer SPH-250DAB connectors on back.

    Hi, can someone tell if there is a headphone type auxiliary socket in the back of this unit, I hope to find a unit that I can connect my MP3 to that only has headphone output, although may change to Bluetooth if I can still use Google maps at same time. If anyone can post a picture of the back...
  4. W

    Setting up Sony tv to Dali speakers please

    Hi, I have a Sony 43xf80xx wishing to use it through Marantz pm6005 (cd already connected) into my Dali zensor 5s. I have a jack plug with L/R connectors (good quality)OR double ended L/R (cheap)....can anyone advise where I connect either with this system please?.......if you could be precise...
  5. H

    Question Samsung SWA-9000S Speaker Cable Connectors

    Anyone know what the speaker cable connectors on the Samsung SWA-9000S receiver are called? It's the same ones as previous models (SWA-8500S, SWA-8000S, etc). They look like this: I'm hoping to make my own...
  6. Bert Coules

    Speaker connectors in a patch panel

    I wonder if anyone here has ever used these speaker connector keystone modules? (Apologies for the poor quality image.) I'm setting up a patch panel in an AV rack and have bought a number of these Nexxia products: they're very nicely constructed and reasonably priced but the design has me...
  7. S

    TVs using 'invisible connectors'

    Having just redecorated, including panelling walls, we have ended up with an offset TV in the sitting room that everyone is finding uncomfortable to the point the room is not really being used. The steering committee has relented a previous 'no TV over the mantle' position but I am not in the...
  8. blue max

    Speaker connectors - but which sort are they please?

    I bought these many moons ago to connect speaker cable to an amp I had, but I never actually used them. I have no recollection of what they are or what they are called and now want to list them for sale, so they can help someone else out. There are so many boards, that not sure this is the...
  9. S

    Question Where can I find these speaker connectors? (photo included)

    Anyone know where I can find the right speaker connectors for my Pioneer system? Photo below. I believe I need a 4.2mm connector. I've found a few results on eBay but the prices seem a little steep for a couple of connectors. Thanks!
  10. U

    Question Long shot- unicam lc connectors in Glasgow?

    Got a job on Tuesday wher I need to terminate some OM3 fibre with LC connectors. I use the Corning unicam system, just checked the van and I'm one connector short as the customer changed the spec last minute and wants another switch. I'm not confident I can get one delivered on time. On the off...
  11. KOPNUT

    Panasonic Btt465/405 Speaker Connectors ???

    New to this forum so may I say Hi to all out there, I don't know if I've misplaced this request so if I have I apologise beforehand. My problem is I HAD a good up and running Panasonic Sc-Btt330 home cinema system but unfortunately has gone belly up on me (£200+ to fix Aaaaargh !!!). I liked...
  12. C

    Question Projector + Sound bar + media sources

    I am trying to figure out how to connect my outputs (blu-ray, cable box, computer) to both a projector and a sound bar. I have an Epson 5030Ub and a Yamaha Soundbar (YAS-203). Until recently I had surround sound speakers and a receiver and such – but now, and for the next year or so I have a...
  13. B

    Questions about Technics seperates remote connectors

    So the amp that I have ordered is a Technics SU-X902 On the back as you can see in this picture when you zoom in: SU-X902/back.jpg It has a small section at the bottom left, with 3.5mm jacks, one for the turntable control, you are supposed...
  14. D

    Question Samsung HT-F6500 Blu Ray speaker connectors

    Hi. Recently had painters in and blu-ray player must have got kicked around or something. The centre speaker and both surrounds don't work anymore. All cables and speakers themselves are fine, it's just the ports that they plug into on the player itself. I opened the unit to see if there...
  15. B

    Answered Best connectors for signal path

    Hey everyone, new poster here. I am working on my audio rig and have a question about banana jack adapters/options. Here is my setup: AR XB turntable (Shure M97XE mm cartridge)>Cambridge Audio Azur 551P preamp>Yamaha A-S500 amp (as soon as my budget allows)>NI Komplete Audio 6>KRK Rokit 8's...
  16. snaithg

    I need to terminate a number of RG6 cables with "F" connectors.

    I need to terminate a number of RG6 cables (probably around 40 to 50 ends) with "F" Plugs. I've not done this before (other than a couple of "Screw On" connectors for a Sky Box a few years back). Should I go for Crimp types or Screw On connectors? If I go for Crimp connectors, which crimp tool...
  17. B

    panasonic pt-ae3000e connectors

    So I just bought a faulty projector for £30 on ebay. The issue is i'm hoping it is the brown connector going from lamp to projector. In mine it has overheated and fused them together. If anyon e knows what it's called that would be great. Does anyone know what it's called?
  18. B

    Help with cables & connectors

    Hi guys First post here so be kind: I've just moved house and the previous owner left a projector screen and JBL ceiling speakers. I've added a BenQ 1110S projector and simple Panasonic blu-ray 5.1 surround system. I want to make use of the JBL ceiling speakers so need some help. 1. Can I...
  19. Strato333

    Speaker Connectors For 70's Receivers

    Hello I have been looking at some 70s receivers and the speaker terminals on the back look like 2 pin 1 is long and the other one is a bit shorter, what are the proper connectors for these Aiwa ax-7400 as a example cheers
  20. D

    TV Connectors 26pin dsub

    Hi everyone, Is there a way to convert a 26pin dsub connector to hdmi or vga. As I have recently moved house and the TV on the wall was a Panasonic TH-42PW6 which I want to replace with mine but the cable that runs through the walls is a 26pin dsub. Is there any way to covert this connector to...
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