1. M

    SVS SB3000 pair - how to connect?

    Help from those who know! I have a Denon X6700h AVR and feed to a Emotiva XSP-1Gen2 pre-amp to musical fidelity Poweramp for L&R front channels. I use this setup with Home Theatre bypass setting for movies using all channels & AVR off with pre-amp & power amp fed by streamed FLAC to quality...
  2. M

    Help with connections to Yamaha RXV461

    Hi all, I need help with connecting up the following to my Yamaha RXV461: PS3 Humax Freesat Box HDR1100 Panasonic TV TH 42PZ82BA (Which has just two HDMI Ports) And I have a Chromecast to hook up to the TV as well which I can do but need to make sure that whilst I'm watching streaming content I...
  3. A

    Sonos beam/arc connections

    Hi , I am thinking of purchasing either the Sonos beam gen2 or the arc , obviously the beam is more attractive because of the price , what I want to know is I have a nvidea shield pro and a sky q box these are both connected directly to a fengmi just projector , what would be the best way to...
  4. gazzaball62

    av connections

    Hi people can someone help an idiot try to connect a 6/7 year old hd TV (not a smart TV) to a sky q box and a bluray player Via an av receiver ? the TV has x3 HDMI inputs (no arc} just numbers 1,2,3 inputs. the Blu-ray has x 1 HDMI arc out connection the Marantz receiver im trying to connect to...
  5. DiscoJimbo

    How do I connect my subwoofer to my amplifier?

    Hi folks :hiya: I want to connect my KEF PSW1000 Subwoofer to my vintage Technics SU-V3 integrated amplifier but I'm seeing a lot of conflicting information online. Specifically, as my sub doesn't have regular speaker wire input & output connections, I don't know how to connect to the sub's...
  6. S

    Help with connections

    Hi all . I have a Samsung UE55JU7500 and the one connect box or cable has broken . I have purchased both new but it still doesn't work so i have no HDMI connections available .I am trying to connect an xbox 360 with av cables pics attached but no matter how i try to connect it i cant get it to...
  7. R

    Lost eARC connection to tv and soundbar over night. Both work but not together Any Ideas?

    I owe a Vizio M Series M55Q7H1 Tv and have had a Samsung HW-q70t connected to it for about 2 months with no problems. A Xbox one s and a Roku streaming stick plus are also connected via hdmi 1 and 3 as the eARC port is hdmi2 which the soundbar is plugged into. I was receiving eARC connection...
  8. angelotopo

    Lamp/bulb (not OEM), connections.

    Hello everyone, I have a doubt. I bought a lamp from china, for my projector "Sony VPL HW50ES", but the connections of the lamp are different from the original, the wires connected outside the lamp are inverted (photo), but inside it is the same as the original. Can I turn on the lamp like this...
  9. S

    Question Arcam rblink connections

    At the moment I am streaming to the Arcam rblink which is connected to my Arcam A19 amp by RCA interconnects , I am hoping to swap to the Arcam SA20 amp which has a built in Dac, on the rblink there is a coaxial out connection ,would the sound be better using this rather than the RCA...
  10. D

    Chord Mojo connections

    I have asked this question in the headphone section but thought it may be good to ask here too. I have a Chord Mojo that I want to connect to my HDCD player. It has a Coax output and I need a 5 metre lead coax to 3.5mm jack into the Mojo. Chord want a Kings Ransom for the lead and I have made a...
  11. M

    AV Amp to Hi Fi Amp Connections

    Hi Guys, I want to update my nearly 20 year old AV/Hi Fi set up. I am currently running a Sony STRDB940 5 .1 doing the surround sound duties. I use the “pre outs” from this amp to the dedicated processor input to run the left and right channels on my Arcam Alpha 10/10p combo. Using the...
  12. edders5

    BK Gemini2 connections.

    I am relatively new to all this so please make allowances. I will be connecting a Gemini2 to my Yamaha 1080 and have a concern about both the hi and low level inputs being connected at the same time. In the sub owners manual it says this is OK. However, I am worried it might cause a muddy sound...
  13. D

    Question How many LFE subwoofer low level connections per AV amp?

    Hello all, I have a Denon AVR-X3600, which has two subwoofer outputs both with level control. I have read that it is fine to connect a Y splitter to each of these, so that I can connect 4 subwoofers. But I thought I should ask Denon first as I do not want to damage the AV amp. Here is their...
  14. S

    My LG keeps losing its ARC HDMI sound connections

    My OLED55C9AUA television reverts to "internal tv speakers" at odd times. I'm using an LG SN6Y sound bar. Any ideas why this may be happening and what to do about it?
  15. R

    Satellite internet connections pro and cons.

    I'm just looking for some advice regarding satellite internet. We were supposed to be getting fiber in March but for whatever reason openreach decided to only do half of the road and we are one of the properties that are not going to be getting it anytime soon. I spoke to them and we are no...
  16. Affy9

    Question Subwoofer connections

    Hi all, Apologies if this is a stupid question... I have an old 5.1 system which I upgraded earlier in the year. I’ve managed to convince the wife to let me build a man cave and was planning on putting the old system in there. the 5 speakers all connect in via the wires (red and black) to the...
  17. Bazc1982

    What cable to use with VM broadband

    Hi We have Virgin Media hub 3 and I’m looking to buy a new shorter cable, need the cable that goes from the small box and snide the room to the actual hub, my question is, is both sides of the cable the F connection and can you buy the cable with the connections attached? Hope that makes sense...
  18. nabhaite

    How to connect external Bluetooth transmitter to Marantz SR6013?

    I am trying to connect an external Bluetooth transmitter to the Marantz SR6013 AVR so that I can connect two headphones to it (and listen to both headphones) simultaneously. Bluetooth transmitter came with a 3.5mm aux cable, an optical cable, and an RCA cable. The only way I was able to connect...
  19. damo09

    Question Virgin phone connections.

    hi all. Parents have been doing some tidying up at home. And have bit of an issue the wires pictured were in the connection block..but the wires were pulled before we could take a pic..anyone have any idea as to which connectors should go to which? Many thanks in advance
  20. T

    Connecting a graphic equaliser

    Hi I’m hoping someone might be able to kindly help connect a graphic equaliser into my system. I’ve read the manuals and looked at existing on-line diagrams but the problem is that the various sockets have different names to mine, and all the connections I’ve tried so far have not done the job...
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