1. brothman01

    [iPhone 11] How to share data connection with other devices for free?

    A few days ago I switched from Android to iPhone, and so far most of the functionality I used on the Android has also been on the iPhone minus one important thing... When I work from home having an internet connection is very important. I am a web developer so obviously I need a connection to...
  2. B

    Sony Bravia KD49XG9196BU internet connection issue.

    Hi, I have had this TV for about 4 months & for at least the last week I cannot get any internet connection at all, either Ethernet or Wi-fi. It’s really annoying & confusing it was fine previously & everything else works fine even other equipment connected to it. (PlayStation, Sonos sound bar...
  3. jasonhb

    Question Slow Connection Speed

    Hi Guys, Hoping someone here is able to shed some light on my problem, I have tried everything that I can think of. I have gigabit broadband at home and all of my wired devices show in excess of 900Mbps download and 52Mbps upload, which is what I expect. The problem I have is that when I test...
  4. tom 2000

    Bluetooth Connection to Laptop

    I have never done this but trying this morning. The Bluetooth connection between Mac Book and Mini will not complete. The Mac waits for a code to be input but the Mini just circles and doesn't generate a code. Am I missing something?
  5. B

    Doom 64 - internet connection required

    Hi Just revisiting my childhood at present with Doom64 and loving it, but something which I’m finding quite annoying is that when I select to start a game it immediately searches for an internet connection and throws me out to the Switch internet connection screen. Given that it’s portable...
  6. J

    Question sky q connection

    I'm stumped. I have recently acquired a Sky Q box and I want to be able to record from it to DVD. The problem I have is that the DVD has only SCART connection while the Sky Q box has only HDMI. So I've connected it up through a converter, HDMI to SCART and from there to the TV. Separately, I've...
  7. B

    Sky Q Network Connection

    I have had Sky Q Silver with 4 Minis since its launch, all boxes connected via WiFi. I've had occasional issues which required power cycling the Silver box to resolve which if anything have been happening less often. But I now have frequent disconnections on the Minis from the internet which...
  8. Keiron

    Question High level connection to B terminals?

    I've ordered a REL T9i sub. I'm just using in a stereo set up with my Harbeth M30.1 speakers. I know I should use the "high level" connection, connecting it to the speaker terminals. My Rotel RA 1592 amp has A and B speaker terminals on the back I have the Harbeths connected to the A...
  9. J

    Question Philips VR110 and Sharp 32AC6EE LCD TV scart connection sound but no picture

    Hi, I bought a Philips VR110 VCR player for my dad. He has alots of old VHS tapes (wedding ceremonies, birthdays etc.) He wanted to watch them again. He has a SHARP 32ACEE LCD TV. It has a SCART connection. The Philips VR110 also has scart connection. I bought a scart cable from a local store...
  10. george 45

    DAB radio Aerial connection

    I have a dab radio with an indoor aerial connection when connected is not a brilliant search nor adequate reception. Is it possible to connect the radio Aerial socket to a co-ax TV aerial cable and use this to obtain a stronger signal Any ideas anyone ?
  11. al shookup

    Why can't I get internet connection?

    My desktop is working perfectly but I suddenly can't get access to the internet on my old laptop. Coincidentally, my TV through which I can watch YouTube, has stopped giving me access and says no internet connection. Why would my desktop and nexus 10 tablet get me online but the rest won't? thanks
  12. bill radley

    Digital connection from cd to amp

    Hi & apologies if this is old ground. I am looking at a Yamaha amp with the fancy "32 bit" DAC and would like to try the digital link from cd to the amp. We have either optical or coaxial......may I ask for expert advice as to which if any is "preferable"? Incidentally I am looking at the...
  13. Soepy

    Dennon 2600 power amp connection

    Hi all. Is it possible to connect a power amp to this please. I seen in the amp assign that you can but can't see on the amp where to connect an input? TIA
  14. Spike100

    Question Soundbar connection

    Evening all, I have a new soundbar, Samsung HW-N300/XU and it has only an optical connection. The connection port on the tv has a plastic dust cover which has snapped off with moving equipment about while decorating, so now the connector is loose and I get intermittent sound loss. I can connect...
  15. M

    How to access files stored on your Panasonic TV from a windows 10 1709 or more recent PC

    I have a hard drive connected to my EZW950 and use it for both scheduled recordings and to store my own media files which I can then play back on the TV or any other device connected to the network. The media files are placed there by connecting to the drive over the network as a shared network...
  16. G

    Question KD-55X9005B WiFi connection drop-out problem

    Hi all, When streaming through Netflix or Amazon at some point the picture freezes due to the WiFi connection going down. The local connection is still there, but the internet connection is 'failed'. Sony support and help forums etc all point to a problem with the network itself, but I just...
  17. R

    Question Does anyone use a wireless connection to the TV?

    This question comes about because I was looking at the Sony HT-XF9000 sound bar to match my new 55XF9005 TV. On the Sony website it mentions that the two can be connected wirelessly (I assume Bluetooth). so... I was wondering if anyone uses a wireless connection and what the pros and cons are...
  18. A

    Question UK6750PLD WiFi keeps dropping

    Hi all, Have had our TV for around 7 months now and only recently we have noticed that the WiFi keeps dropping, reconnecting, only to disconnect again a few minutes later. Initially thought it was our router but have done all necessary checks and works fine. I have tried disabling quick start...
  19. F

    ARC connection question

    I recently purchased a Samsung 4K UN65Q70 TV and coupled it to a Bose Soundbar 500 and it works great. I use this set up for watching 4K movies on cable. I have 4K cable service as well. I recently purchased a Yamaha RX-V685 4K A/V Receiver with Polk 5.1 speaker setup and a new 4K Panasonic 4K...
  20. Sparky1970

    Question Soundbar connection help

    Hi, Ive just purchased a soundbar from Amazon for just under £100, I understand its best to connect the soundbar using an optical cable, my Panasonic does not have an optical input but my Sky Q mini box does and so does my PS4. Can I use a dual splitter for the Sky Q and PS4 and if so will there...
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