1. B

    Question Connecting devices

    I have the following kit: QE55Q80R TV HT-D6500 Home Theatre UHD-M7500 4K UHD DVD player I need to join these together so they all use the 5.1 speaker set up. The Q80R and D6500 have worked together happily and now I am adding the M7500. The D6500 is connected to the TV via HDMi (ARC) socket...
  2. M

    Virgin Hub 3 no longer connecting on 2.4Ghz band

    Following a short shut down one night recently my hub can no longer connect to 2.4Ggz devices, Kasa & RING doorbell. 5Ghz OK so all Amazon devices working normally. Control page via the web indicates that both 2.4 and 5 Ghz are activated. Any ideas? I have rebooted the the hub but I'm reluctant...
  3. R

    Question Connecting Freeview box and Sky Q box.

    I want to connect a new TV to a Sky Q box but don't want to record to it. I have happily been using Freeview since it came out. Is possible to connect both to a new TV and record to my Freeview box whilst watching a program on SkyvQ. (I know nothing about Sky Q but am moving in with my...
  4. A

    Question Desktop DAC recommendation for connecting PC to Ruark R4i

    I would like recommendations for connecting my Dell XPS 8930 to a Ruark Audio R4i system (USB to RCA) as the sound quality using the headphone jack is awful! I'm looking for a DAC around £100 that will improve the sound quality. Is it worth spending the money on an iFi ZEN DAC or are there...
  5. T

    Question Connecting Amazon Firestick to (old) Yamaha DSP-E800 (no HDMI)?

    Hi guys & gals, Ive just bought an Amazon 4k Firestick and I'm pretty impressed with it from a video perspective, but would like to exploit the audio. options rather than through (also old) TV speakers. My system: TV. (old) Panasonic TH-42PV500B - 720p with only 1 x HDMI. Receiver: (old) Yam...
  6. D

    Panasonic Plasma - Issues connecting to BlueRay Player

    I wondered whether anyone could help. I have one of the last Panasonic plasma TVs - can't see the model number. I'm having problems with playing DVDs or BlueRays through it. All looks fine at first but once navigating through the menus to actually playing the TV looks to be getting confused as...
  7. J

    Connecting sub to NAD C320bee

    Looks like a I'll be collecting a BK XLS200-df mk2 sub later on so just wanted to double check the best way to connect this to my amp: NAD site says this: I'm a little...
  8. M

    What receivers support 4ohm speaker on center channel while having 8ohm speakers on side channels?

    I want to connect a 4ohm speaker to the center channel but 8ohm speakers to the side channels. Do recent home cinema receivers usually support this? Or only some, or none you've seen? I'd probably need a way to adjust the volume per channel to account for the lower impedance on the center which...
  9. J

    Question Connecting 55 inch 4k OLED TV to SKY Q MIni Box

    Due to the possibility of upgrading the main TV we want to put the current one in the Bedroom connecting to a Sky Q Mini Box. Apart from the lack of UHD will the TV still function.
  10. ss sulaco

    Connecting monitor to laptop

    Hi looking for some help as im Not very tech minded . I’m trying to use the monitor as a Bigger screen for the 17” laptop. My Monitor is an Acer 27”monitor with a DIgital port connector and the laptop had a HDMI connector , so I thought I could Buy a cable and connect them this way. When I do...
  11. S

    Issues connecting epson 9400 to Marantz AV7705

    I have been using my epson tw9400w in wireless mode since last year and now have a fibre hdmi cable. I’ve connected it to hdmi out 2 and selected auto for dual output in the Marantz setup. When the PJ is off I am getting no output from the Marantz to the tv, and no passthrough when the Marantz...
  12. S

    Marantz AV7705 losing HDMI 1 output when connecting PJ

    I have been using my epson tw9400w in wireless mode since last year and now have a fibre hdmi cable. I’ve connected it to hdmi out 2 and selected auto for dual output in the Marantz setup. When the PJ is off I am getting no output from the Marantz to the tv, and no passthrough when the Marantz...
  13. fujji

    Question Question about connecting a Q90T and a soundbar with a PS5

    Hello. Its been ages since I bought anything related to a console, television or Hifi, so I have decided to buy the following in the months to come: A Q90T television, a PS5, and a soundbar. Eighter the HW Q90R or the new Q950T. I have not been following the latest years on tech, but I have...
  14. F

    connecting a mic to my ps4

    right I've been looking at not really found much, I've got some bose SoundLink® around-ear wireless headphones II. i plug them into my controller and play like that, can i get mic to plug in so i can chat with my mates, or can i pair my AirPods pro??? cheers
  15. D

    Connecting a hard drive to samsung tv

    Hi I am trying to connect a 2.5 hard drive to my Samsung series 6 TV when I plug it in to usb it flashes and you can feel disc is spinning but TV does not seem reconize it when I unplug it it says fli unplugged what am I doing wrong . I am trying to record programs .also it does not appear in...
  16. Min

    Question connecting Edifier R2000DB Powered Speakers with old receiver, is possible?

    hi all, i own the Edifier R2000DB Powered Speakers and also a very old receiver with integrated tuner and tape player but still functioning and looking nice and retro. i wonder if i can connect this receiver to the speakers, so i can also use the tape player and the tuner. The original speakers...
  17. Sparky1970

    Question Connecting iPhone 7 to LG OLED65C9MLB 65 inch tv

    Hi, I want to connect my iPhone 7 plus to my LG tv and want to know the best way to connect it ? I will be using zoom meetings via video but would like to see more of the members in the chat as I can only see 3 on the iPhone ?
  18. IWC Dopplel

    Connecting a processor with XLR and subs via RCA ?

    I have raised the question in the ACT4 thread but haven't got an answer but I dont think this is a model specific question. If you have a processor with balances XLR and unbalanced RCA outputs I believe most operate in parallel, so nothing stopping you connecting some units via AXL and some via...
  19. DIYlady

    Zooming parents - help with connecting bluetooth speakers please.

    I'm currently running an unofficial technical helpdesk for my father (88), mil (86), aunt and uncle (80) and sundry friends; I suspect there are a few of you that can sympathise with this one ;) My father at 88 is holed up in a retirement complex and with Covid-19 all communal facilities have...
  20. DJ Dave

    Question Connecting Headphone Amp to Cambridge Audiio CX A60

    Bought the above amp today. I have a Lehmann Linear headphone amp. Can only see a Pre Out on the Cambridge Audio, so I presume this is suitable to connect the Lehmann? I’ve noticed that the Cambridge Audio needs to be cranked up past 12o clock and even then I’m having to turn the Lehmann up...
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