1. C

    Multiple caravans connected to one dish

    I have a caravan with freesat. The sky dish had to be fitted onto a pole opposite my caravan because it is a black spot and that was the only place there was a signal. There are 4 points on dish. Site owner has connected a second caravan to my dish and planning on connecting 2 more. Is this safe...
  2. B

    PS5 connected to Echo Studio speakers

    Looking for a way to connect the PS5 to Echo Studio speaker group. I have been unsuccessful in finding any specific instructions on how to make this happen. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.
  3. N

    AVR- demon 740: no sound.

    I have a Denon AVR 740- cables were disconnected for cleaning, are now all connected but sound only comes out in stereo not in multi-mode (no bass).
  4. jsilv

    Silly question but struggling to get antenna connected

    We’ve just moved into a new property and it might seem silly but the antenna doesn’t fit into the slot on our Samsung TV. What am I doing wrong and how can I get it to fit in? It seems like both pieces are like the same size so won’t fit in to one another… pictures attached. any help much...
  5. Mohammedhaq

    Lg tv screencast issues from phone when connected to LG SP9YA speakers

    Hey, I recently brought a LG C1 OLED tv along with a LG SP9YA soundbar. I have been having issues to screenscast from my Samsung s21 plus phone on the TV when connected to sounbar. There is a clear lag and eventually screencast gets disconnected saying signal for smart view screencast is bad...
  6. B

    Marantz NR1510 with TV connected directly

    My room arrangement and current wiring makes it difficult to connect a TV to the HDMI output of the Marantz NR1510. Instead I would like to use it simply to take the TV sound (via optical cable already present) to make surround sound. From the setup instructions it seems I need a TV connected...
  7. D

    Just moved, having trouble getting connected.

    Just moved to a rental and I'm having issues getting any signal on my TV. The new neighbours have told me the previous tenant got a new aerial installed six months ago. It certainly looks new. I've followed the cable down and it ends in an f-type connector instead of the standard aerial plug...
  8. DaveUK83

    Tenda Nova - Using whilst not connected to router

    Morning! Hoping someone may be able to help! Got a variety of Tenda Novas, Mw3, MW5 and MW6. However currentky trialling the Virgin a media Hub 5 and part of this involves not using any kind of mesh system. So far so good, however my pc does not have WiFi built in, so I was connecting it via...
  9. L

    Sonos TV remote not working all speakers connected in group.

    I am installing a Sonos amp and using the ARC from the Samsung TV to drive the sound. I am not using the amp for any speakers but had to program it anyway. Programmed it for stereo output. Customer bought the Sonos SL satellite speakers for the front speakers in his surround sound. I am not able...
  10. H

    Anyone encountered issues with a firestick 4K connected to the Arcam AV40 ?

    Can anyone advise why the volume levels on material sourced through a Firestick 4K Max are extremely low when its connected to the Arcam AV 40 ? I struggling to hear anything of decent volume . Dont know if its the firestick itself but there aren't many options on it to tweak. Everthing...
  11. markb1980

    AVForums page won’t load only while connected to router?

    Hi all, I have encountered this strange issue where this site will hang for a very long time when trying to load it, even if it loads eventually it then takes forever to go through to any subs etc. Now, this only happens when I am connected to my router via wifi, it is ok on cell data. I have...
  12. V

    Q80A keeps switching back to TV sound (5.1 is connected)

    We have a Sony 5.1 surround sound Bluray player connected to the eARC port. The TV detects it as a Bluray player or Home cinema (depends what you select) and the video outputs just fine. However audio won't play through the surround speakers on anything but a bluray from the player itself. When...
  13. iqoniq

    XBox Wireless Adapter showing as connected via Bluetooth

    Bit of info regarding set up: 1 XBox controller connected via wireless adapter as far as I know (dongle). 1 XBox controller connected via bluetooth (only used when I'm 2Upping on Tekken) 1 XBox Series X that I frequently use the PC to remote play. As stated, the wireless adapter is showing up...
  14. S

    What sound settings in windows should I be selecting for this soundbar connected to my computer from my tv.

    It is just a Vizio v21x j8 2.1 soundbar with a sub it is connected to my c2 which is connected to my pc over hdmi arc but I don’t know what bitrate I should be selecting I just have it at default here are the options.
  15. J

    AVR-S750H Won't switch to ARC sound output after Nintendo Switch connected

    This is a nagging issue that's a pain since I have my AVR-S750H in a cabinet and therefore cannot use the IR remote. Whenever the Nintendo is connected it grabs the sound output and won't give it back to the TV (Samsung QN75Q60TAFXZA) after everything is turned off then back on. The receiver...
  16. J

    LG 55UP75006LF (2021) optical connected Sonos playbar

    Hi just got the above TV and struggling with getting the remote to control the volume. Is it possible I have found articles but the software remotes are different to what i have. Any help will be much appreciated. cheers john
  17. Sfairbro

    Fire Cube HDMI Splitter Connection to Bose 900 Soundbar and TV?

    I have a Fire Cube (3rd Gen), Bose Soundbar 900 (single HDMI port), and an old Samsung plasma (PN58B650S1FXZA). I would like to route the sound to the soundbar and the image to the TV, using HDMI cables. Is it possible to use an HDMI splitter to accomplish this, splitting from the cube to the...
  18. R

    intermittent rumble noise in Phono1 and phono2 on Pioneer sx-D7000, nothing connected

    I have a vintage pioneer sx-D7000 with Vandersteen vintage speakers model 2. the sound is great, but i noticed an issue on both my Phono1 and Phono2. I have nothing plugged into the ports. When I switch to phono1 or 2, I hear an intermittent rumbling (not a buzz or a hum) and I can see the noise...
  19. Lothlorian

    OLED LG evo G1 IR blaster connected/not connected message

    Hello everybody, Since a couple of weeks my LG Evo G1 displays a pop up message: "IR Blaster Connected, make sure it works" then in quick succession: "IR Blaster not connnected" I do not use an IR blaster and yet the notifications keep appearing on screen. I've checked everything and...
  20. M

    Linksys Velop network: changing from "automatic DHCP" to "bridge" mode removes ability to see which nodes are connected

    I used to have my Linksys Velop nodes configured as Automatic DHCP, with the primary node connected by Ethernet to a router (a TPlink TD9980) which was acting as an ordinary NAT/DHCP router. To avoid double-NAT problems, I've now put the Velop system into bridge mode which turns off its NAT and...
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