1. TB303

    Polypropylene Conduit for in wall/cieling speaker cables - should be fine?

    Just wondering, I don't think it has electrical/magnetic properties, right? Thank you,
  2. H

    Conduit requirements for cables

    Hello, I have a stud wall exposed at current for a bedroom which I plan to install some services into My aim is to install a Cat6 & TV aerial cable via separate conduits (I think this is needed to ensure no interference is possible) within the stud wall and have them run through the loft to a...
  3. N

    Conduit for HDMI

    Hi, looking to have all my gear under the stairs and have hdmi run through trunking from there under the floor and up the wall where the tv is. what conduit would be best for this and what size? I’ve read flexible conduit may be difficult to pull wire through at a later date?
  4. Edgie70

    Question Coax and ethernet in same conduit

    Hi , I'm running some coax cable to my tv and I wanted to put it in the same conduit that my ethernet cable runs in , would anyone know if they will interfere together, bad signal etc , thanks
  5. AMc

    Question Conservatory rear speaker cable - conduit, self adhesive or gluegun?

    We have a very large conservatory. Solid tiled floor - exposed, white painted brick on one side, plastered dwarf wall and painted woodwork on the other 2. The TV and AV receiver are at the gable end with the TV mounted on the wall. Centre on the AV stand and two floorstanders either side. When...
  6. Fritz85

    Running Frame OneConnect cable behind TV

    Hi all I've just bought a 2019 Frame as I quite liked them and they are selling quite cheaply now that the 2020 is out. I wanted to hang it with the no gap wall mount but I have a conduit running in the wall The conduit is off centre from where the TV will sit on the wall. I was hoping to...
  7. M

    Cables in metal conduit.

    I’ve recently mounted a 55” LED screen on a bare brick wall and need to run power cable, coax and HDMI to a receiver in the corner, as well as speaker cable back to front centre, left and right speakers. There is no practical way of hiding the cable without major building work so I thought of...
  8. Puntoboy

    Conduit Under Garden

    I need to run some Ethernet cables out to the garage of our new house. I am planning on running them from the loft, out through the soffit and down the side of the house to ground level then through some conduit underground to the garage. I need to find a junction box that will fit some 25mm...
  9. G

    Question One Connect Cable Wall Conduit

    Hi, I am looking to a purchase a Samsung 2019 "The Frame" TV. the house is currently under construction so I have chance to get a conduit placed into the wall to run the one connect cable to the TV mounted on the wall. What is the minimum size conduit required to fit the connectors through...
  10. S

    Conduit in wall with kingspan

    Hi all, Just back from a meeting with the builder of our new home. The kit is up and was discussing TV cabling requirements with him. I am hoping to have my sky q box and a couple of mini boxes in a hall cupboard along with a gigabit switch. I will have 2 x CAT6 cables going to each TV point...
  11. F

    Question Best conduit/ pipe for burying cabling for later swap-out

    Hi All, this is my first time using this forum, apologies if this has been asked before. Please delete if so. I am just installing a TV and devices with the cables to be buried into a brick wall, with some cables to come out a couple of feet below to the tv for sky/ virgin, etc, and then go...
  12. J

    Question Minimum conduit width for HDMI

    Hello all. I'm currently discussing the requirements for putting HDMI and power socket in the lounge of a new house build. Since the wall that the screen would be mounted on is a communal wall to the neighbours house, the architect has stated the conduit should be as small as possible...
  13. FunkMaster007

    Question Questions about Cables and other Bits

    Hi All - Finally completed on a house (my first one - actually been renting the place for a while) so doing some renovations, which therefore allows me to get some wiring under the floorboards, chase some cables, etc. (all new skills to me) The TV Room (Lounge) is really where my main demand...
  14. brydo666

    Question Conduit in Chimney Stack

    I am planning the re-decoration of our living room and after much consideration have decided to route the cables for our wall mounted TV through the fire breast into the chimney stack and out at the bottom. I know this renders any option of re-utilizing the fireplace in the future but we're...
  15. J

    Question Installing conduit for HDMI/power for new projector install

    Hey guys. Completely new to the area of projectors but have lusted after one for many years. I'm currently planning a new house build and would like to futureproof and install HDMI and power sockets in the ceiling to allow easy addition of a projector in the future. The architect needs to know...
  16. celtic1967

    Question Conduit distances

    I'm going to hide the mains, hdmi and cat cables in my brick walls using 25mm plastic conduit, can somebody advise as to the minimum distance I should keep the two conduit runs apart to prevent signal interference from the mains cable ? Cheers
  17. jaipal2004

    Quick electrical / conduit question

    Hi, just finishing up the re-purposing of a space into a utility room and have gone for the utilitarian look (visible copper and steel) I'm adding some lights and sockets and using metal conduit to do this.... How do I terminate the 20mm metal conduit pipes with a light holder? Can't see...
  18. H

    Which conduit for HDMI cables

    Coming up to first fix phase of renovation and I'm trying to cover all my bases with regards to AV. One issue I'm looking at is hidden wiring for HDMI connections on TV's and projectors. I planned on using brush plate outlets at all locations and was thinking that running a decent sized...
  19. oligopoly

    Trunking on a cantilever / swivel TV

    Apologies if I’m in the wrong place… I have a 42” flat screen TV wall-mounted in my living room. It’s on a cantilever arm tilt and swivel (mostly so the little one can watch TV while eating in the high chair! I want to hide the mass of cables running up to the TV but because we use this swivel...
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