1. M

    Question 55pus7354/12 How to connect to TV from Computer

    Hi all, i wondering if there is a way to connect to internal storage of my tv (55pus7354/12) via PC. i can connect from TV to PC via network source but i want to copy videos from my pc to tv via SMB or something.. thank you, daniel
  2. J

    Important need help computer screen turns off randomly but the PC is still on

    hello i am desperate for help with my computer. One day i was playing a video game and my screen suddenly turned black but my pc was still running (i could still hear the game sounds) also my screen was on but black so i restarted and it worked for a couple of hours but happened again playing a...
  3. Yirg

    Center speaker for a desktop computer?

    I'm using a couple of Morel SP2 speakers as front speakers for my desktop PC, placed to the sides of the 27" screen base, roughly 45 cm apart. These speakers, as well as an old Yamaha sub-woofer and a couple of low-end surround speakers are connected to an Onkyo TX-NR709 receiver. My main issue...
  4. bernado

    Wanted Gaming computer wanted

    Anybody got a half decent gaming computer for sale? I'm not looking for really high end stuff but something with at least 16GB RAM, SSD storage, reasonable GPU and at least i5 (no water cooling) Needs to run Rainbow Siege well. Thanks
  5. thecloneman

    sub for music on computer

    ive just bought some used audiengine a2+ speakers for the pc,nice and small and sound great for the size,i feel they lack a little bass. can anyone recommend a good subwoofer to add to these that i could buy used or new but not to expensive as on a tight budget,only really used for music . cheers
  6. J

    For Sale computer - bits and pieces

    All items are in used and working condition. Selling: - 1. £50.00 - Blu Ray Writer - Pioneer BDR-209EBK 2. £25.00 - Corsair Value Select 8gb 2400mhz DDR4...
  7. B

    i have my quest 2 64 gig up for sale in the computer classified if interested?

    as stated......£275 with link cable and postage.
  8. B

    What the best computer volume setting to use with external active speakers?

    Hi all, I should hopefully be getting some active speakers and a sub in the next week of so to connect to my MacBook pro, and I wanted to know what the best control settings would be. Speakers will be connected via bluetooth. Music will be mainly played through a browser (soundcloud, youTube...
  9. N

    Computer Speakers

    Hi all, Been redoing my office and fitted it out and now need a nice set of speaker to sit in my new computer room. I will mostly be playing music and movies. Require something small and sleek. I dont really want a sub as not much room. Was thinking Razer Nommo, Bose Companion 2 or something...
  10. K

    Question Is RTX3080 compatible with my Computer Specs? Also which version of the card will fit in my case?

    So i currently have the following: Intel Core i7-6700K 4.0GHz Quad-Core Processor MSI Z170A Gaming M7 Intel Socket LGA1151 Skylake Motherboard G.Skill Ripjaws V Series 32GB (4 x 8GB) DDR4-3200 Memory Corsair H100i v2 70.7 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler Corsair Air Series SP120 High Performance Edition...
  11. jahowe6

    Trying to make my speaker system, not reliable on a computer.

    Hello whoever reads this, really looking for a push in the right direction on how to isolate my little setup to something where i could just plug a phone or laptop in to play music. Currently i have my computer in a way that i use the soundcard on the back to seperate the hertz into stereo...
  12. stevos

    Cheap computer speakers

    Hi, Is there any decent entry level computer speakers on the market for under the £100 mark. Something to play background music without sounding too flat and dull. I am tempted by the AudioEngine A2+, but after upgrading my monitor and desk, I am trying to avoid spending too much more money.
  13. Amaterasu108

    Question Computer Shut Off Randomly, Blinking Orange Light

    So as you see in the video.. lately this happens sometime 2 times a day or sometimes 1 time in a couple of days.. My pc just freezes randomly and then black screen with no signal appears and the blinking orange light appears on motherboard...I changed my power supply because i saw somewhere that...
  14. Zippy77777

    Question Computer build boot failure!

    Hi all, hope you might be able to shed some light? I have built many pcs in my time. My most recent one every say 50 boots I will get a boot failure. I reboot and all is ok again. Any ideas why these random failures might happen? PSU maybe? Any software that is good for checking...
  15. L


    Hi all just a general question really I read recently the Xbox series x would be on the same level as a 2080 is this true. Thanks
  16. pratibha91

    How do I clean junk off my computer?

    Hello Everyone, Should I download any third-party software or use disk cleanup in windows that will help to get rid of this? Every thought will be appreciated!! Thanks in Advance
  17. S

    Surround sound issues - cannot output multichannel over HDMI from any computer

    Hi guys not sure where to post this hope someone here can help. I have an old av receiver with a surround sound system connected that I want to use with a computer, sending audio and video to the Philips 50pus6704 smart tv over HDMI, then HDMI audio return channel (ARC) connects to the AVR. this...
  18. Swiftly1314

    Question Buzzing sound on playback of 8MM tapes on computer

    Hi everyone, hoping someone can figure out what's going on here. So i have tapes that are around 15-23 years old, so i'm eager to get them transferred onto my computer. i bought something that does that and also bought an old camcorder. On playback in the camcorder, the video and audio is...
  19. V

    Computer slows down massively when two other monitors are hooked up to it (even when the two other monitors are idle). Is the GPU a possible culprit?

    My computer slows down massively when two other monitors are hooked up to it. You'd assume that this would be caused by a memory/processor issues but here's the thing - the computer slows way down even if, immediately after hooking up to the other monitors, the monitors are left idle. Is it...
  20. L

    Help with new GTX 1650 install on older computer

    Hi all, I purchased a GTX 1650 to try and upgrade the GPU but am having an issue. Summary: Older computer I'm looking to upgrade. My computer/ motherboard: Computer: HP Pavilion HPE h8-1120 Motherboard: IPISB-CU (Carmel2) Manufacturer...
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