1. BritLondon52

    How to connect sennheiser cordless mic with computer and zoom?

    Hello I am trying to connect my Sennheiser ew 100 G3 external mic with a iMAC for Zoom. Zoom registers the USB audio cable i've connected the sennheiser with to the iMAC, but the sound is not registering. Any idea what i can do? Thank you for any leads.
  2. S

    Computer restarting at night...Ryzen 4750G problem?

    Hi, I built a DeskMini Ryzen 4750G build in April. All has been great. Last couple of weeks, the computer has been restarting itself every night (usually between 2am-5am). It is not in use at this time. I've looked at the event log and the restart seems to be a critical error regarding...
  3. kwingy

    For Sale Nec Computer Laptop Desktop 19" Monitor 1990fxp - complete with speaker

    Nec Computer Laptop Desktop Monitor 1990fxp - complete with speaker. Used but works all good with no dead pixels. DVI Input and VGA Complete with power cable, DVI cable and speaker attached. Provide an additional screen for your laptop or desktop whilst working from home. (You might need an...
  4. reportwhipper

    Desktop speakers versus all-in-one system

    This is a novice's question on the subject and I hope that I do not violate any rule of the forum in asking. I'm in need of a delivery mechanism for music off my computer, coming from Amazon Prime Music or saved files on the computer. I understand that I can do this with a pair of speakers...
  5. Zippy77777

    Why does my computer do this on boot?

    Hi friends It has never done this before today. Can anyone shed any light on why it has all of a sudden started doing this and what might be causing it? Starts just after the 30 second mark and happens a few times. Machine seems to work perfectly after boot. Thank you
  6. N

    Active Computer Speakers - Static and popping from Left only

    Hi all! New to the forum, so apologies if this is posted in the wrong area. I just purchased a used set of Creative Gigaworks T40 Series II speakers without a power supply. The OEM supply is 27v DC, which I don't have. I have a standard 12v AC adapter which fits, but when testing on the...
  7. thestorm

    Quality 48-50 inch TV required for Computer use and AV streaming.

    Hi all I have a 65 inch Sony A1 OLED that I'm pleased with. I am now looking to get a 48"/50" OLED screen for my computers which will double up as a very fine display for streaming high definition video. I will be connecting a Mac, PC, Apple TV & PS5. My computer usage is not at pro level...
  8. D

    Computer connect to Yamaha a4a

    I want to use tv as computer screen, so I connect tv to Yamaha a4a by earc, and computer to av receiver hdmi port 5, don’t why not working, no response
  9. A

    Computer Help (Extremely Slow)

    As of late my computer (which has relatively old specs) has been running at extremely slow speeds with simple tasks such as opening the internet. could this be a virus issue, or is it just a case of installing new hardware? advice is appreciated.
  10. karleigh

    Computer wont turn on

    Hi, I’m new to the forum and have purchased an ASUS VivoBook a couple months back. Just last night it suddenly stopped working, and there are no signs of it being on either. I’m not too good with computer terms so please bare with me! I lightly tossed it onto my bed, assuming it’d be fine, but...
  11. 3

    3.5mm Computer output to PA Mixer

    This is for a church PA system that's probably about 20 years old and still works. I want to send audio output from a PC (3.5mm headphhone output) to an XLR socket that is about 4m away, which then runs back to a mixer. Where should the conversion be done and what cable to use to give a good...
  12. Joe Pineapples

    Old computer shop back in the day (Leeds)

    Does anyone remember the name of the old computer shop that was right near Armley prison in Leeds. I think it dated back to the ST & Amiga days, then PC after that. It was well known and was a regular advertiser in the mags of the day.
  13. F

    Is it normal that 'accidental damage' is not covered by John Lewis computer warranty?

    Could you pls advise. My computer, bought from John Lewis, is still under warranty. I sent it to John Lewis, which forwarded the pc to HP. And they said the pc requires the new mainboard, this have been identified to be needed due to evidence of accidental damage. Due to the provided...
  14. C

    Computer hooked to DAC

    Would like to know if there is a software to download to my computer (to output better sound quality) through a one meter USB cable connected to a stereo system's DAC. Would like to play my WAV files from my computer to a home sound system. Since a computer audio output by itself doesn't...
  15. max4534

    I made a computer from matches.

    I made computer components from matches, and assembled a full-fledged computer. You can watch the assembly of the PC on YouTube.
  16. T

    Can't fransfer footage to computer

    I have just bought a Canon XF405 camcorder. It films fine, but I can't transfer the clips to computer. I connect the camera to the computer with the USB lead which came with my previous camcorder a Canon HFG25 but the camera does not appear in the computer and the camera screen does not show...
  17. T

    Connecting LG CX to Computer

    Hi I'm having problems connecting my PC to my new LG CX, I've tried a couple of ways but I'm getting no signal, I'm pretty sure I'm doing it wrong as it wont work for my old telly either. Can anyone tell me the sure way of connecting it and point me to some leads. I have tried an adapter VGA...
  18. MegaKen

    Can I connect a computer monitor instead of a TV for audyssey setup?

    Hello, I'd like to use GUI for audyssey setup on my marantz nr1506, but don't have a TV. Can I connect a regular computer monitor via Hdmi? Thx
  19. G

    Computer speaker question

    I just registered with this forum because I am trying to figure out best choices for computer speakers. I already have a quality 2.0 system but I like to build my playlists using my computer. I have been doing a lot of research and am pretty set on Audioengine speakers. They offer several...
  20. V

    Please, I need help. My computer is showing a black screen after the start up and I don't know what to do.

    How do I fix this? It doesn't change whatsoever. Did I break it?
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