1. garnhamr

    Freezer compressor interference

    When the compressor on my freezer starts up it causes my headphone amp to turn off briefly which is doing my head in. I've searched quite a bit online and so far I've read that a UPS would solve the problem. It makes sense to me that that would work but i wonder if there's any other solutions to...
  2. N

    Fridge switching off and on?

    Hi. I have a 3 year old Beko Larder fridge (model TLS481NS) well cared for, clean coils, plenty space etc. No freezer on it. It’s was keeping its temperature fine but past few weeks it keeps switching off and not cooling. The light stays on. This is becoming more frequent now too, about...
  3. X

    Compressor for outdoor movies? Neighbours are complaining.

    HI all, I regularly play outdoor movies with friends and family. The neighbours are complaining. We find that the dialogue is too quiet for us to hear, so we turn it up, but then the dramatic parts are way too loud. I am looking for all options to fix this, but am hoping a software solution...
  4. carlosdmpereira

    Liebherr fridge problem - Ice on tube from compressor

    Hello, Happy NEW YEAR! I have a Liebherr refrigerator 7085538 - 00 with the following problem: 1) The temperature does not drop the 4ºC (measured with and external fridge thermometer), even if the temperature is set to 1ºC. Apparently the food is quite fresh and the freezer works well. 2)...
  5. civic-type-r

    Air Compressor Faulty? any compressor Gurus on here?

    Hi Guys, Just after some advice, basically I have a ToolTec 50L 2BHP Air Compressor which i purchased a few months back, It is a used compressor and worked fine however, the other day I wanted to try some new air tools that I have bought but it seems to have a fault... Basically when i switch...
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