1. Dadawada

    Marantz SR6013 Component Input Level Specs

    I'm connecting a tube preamp to my Marantz SR6013 and looking for specs on the Marantz for input level settings. My preamp has variable settings. I'm connecting a turntable. Yes, I know the Marantz has a preamp built in on the phono inputs but I don't want to use the built in preamp. So I'm...
  2. J

    Component Recommendations for GoldenEar Triton 2+

    I listened to GoldenEar Triton 3+ speakers at my local dealer this weekend and they blew me away. I'm having a house built and will have a 23 ft x 24 ft room with 13 ft ceilings that I'm making into a home gym. I'm going to build a new music audio system for this room. Loud, quality music is...
  3. R

    Which component to upgrade next? (Or is this a rabbit hole I need to escape)

    Hi folks, I'm enjoying my current set up, but will I get a significant & noticeable enhancement to my listening experience if I upgrade one component. And if so which out of the DAC, Streamer, Amp set up should I change. Or should I beware the rabbit hole and just stick with what i have...
  4. Danhifi

    Component placement

    Sorry if this posting is in the wrong place. I am looking at getting the unit in the attached picture. I have a Rotel preamp 1572 and Rotel Power Amp 1582 Mk II. I am worried about the aesthetic look of things. The 1572 will sit in the 15 cm space and the 1582( too tall for 15cm space) on...
  5. Y

    Denon D-500 Mini Stereo Component System

    Hey there, Do you think there is a market for Denon D-500 Mini Stereo Component System for me to sell my stereo (mint shape)?
  6. J

    Recommendations for 6.5" component speaker upgrade in Alfa Brera

    I’m looking to replace the front door speakers on my Alfa Romeo Brera (a non-Bose model) as one of them has blown. The head unit is a Pioneer AVIC F960BT. From what I've read so far, I think I’ll need 6.5” components. And fairly shallow ones because of the very limited space in the Brera doors...
  7. B

    Yamaha RX-V6A and component vcr

    My VCR has the rwy compenent cables. I see audio in connections on the back of my receiver but no yellow video in. Do I need the component to HDMI converter or am I just not seeing a yellow jack on my receiver?
  8. N

    Which projector for Component and S-Video support as well as HDMI?

    The first replacement lamp for my Infocus IN82 shattered after 4 weeks, the next one didn't even light up, both were original lamps too. It looks like I will have to get another projector. Unfortunately, any of the models that I've seen featured in reviews on this and other sites do not support...
  9. L

    Does my dream CRT television even exist?

    Hello! I am looking for a crt tv for retro gaming. I have read an endless amount of vintage reviews and looked through countless hastily scanned pdf catalogues in multiple languages, and I feel like I know exactly what I want now. I'm just not sure if there is a television quite like my dreams...
  10. D

    SCART/RGB to component converter

    There are a couple of old threads on this topic, but nothing recent (technology moves on!), so I'm keen to hear what the current thinking is. I have an elderly Pioneer DVD player and a stack of as yet unwatched DVDs. The player offers a choice of composite/RCA, which I'm currently using, and...
  11. H

    Is Mini-YPbPr or Mini-Component as good as normal component?

    I was looking to get a small TV with component connection but although the spec sheet says it has component, it actually only has Mini-YPbPr - is this just as good? What kind of adapter is necessary? It also has a mini-composite connection. I was looking for a TV with component to play retro...
  12. I

    Input lag on component input

    Hi! On my Samsung TV (NU7192) the input lag on HDMI is very good when enabling Game Mode: <16ms. However, on Component Input the input lag can be as much as 67ms (Game Mode enabled). I tested this on my Wii U using the input lag tester on this site...
  13. J

    Panasonic DMR-EX75 dvd recorder replacement? (Scart + component video out + tuner)

    After surviving from 2006 for 2019, my ex75 stopped playing Dvds and I replaced it with another one (which seemed close to new). Unfortunately the tuner on that seems to have stopped working and I am not inclined to fiddle with soldering irons to try to fix it. What would be a more recent...
  14. martimu

    Anywhere to sanity check component compatibility?

    Like others on here, my lad wants to build a PC. Translates to 'Dad you have to learn how to build a PC' I'm doing my research and have so far put together the following: No peripherals or SSD etc yet but wondered if there's a good website to check that everything is compatible? I may have...
  15. tperk100

    HDMI Split to Component? I need both HDMI in and Component in (audio only) connected to my Onkyo receiver from my Firestick. Can I split

    I need both HDMI in and Component in (audio only) connected to my Onkyo receiver from my Firestick. Can I split my Firestick HDMI and then use one of the outputs to connect to an HDMI to Component converter? Only need Component Audio. If this is feasible, would like some suggestions on exactly...
  16. N

    Component 4:2 switch replace, repair or convert?

    My Zektor 4:2 switch turns off intermittently. It's not regular or predictable. It could switch itself off after a few seconds or it could stay on for two hours. While I don't use them often I have an Xbox, PS2, Gamecube and Wii that output progressively through component. There is no issue with...
  17. S

    Spec me a TV please... with Component Video!

    Hi all, In the market for a new TV (mine must be 15 years old) as I'm binning off Sky, so need a Smart TV. Will be using either Freeview or Freesat. Blueray player and Nintento Switch will also be hooked up via HDMI. Once necessity of mine is to have component video input. Is this a thing on...
  18. Eldridge54

    Connecting Nintendo Wii to Yamaha HTR-6240 via Component

    Hello, I'm trying to hook up my Nintendo Wii to my Yamaha HTR-6240 via components. The setup guide is as follows (The image is for another model AVR but the setup remains the same) : 1. Connect Component Video Cables from Nintendo Wii to AV2 input on Receiver. 2. Connect Stereo/Analog Red &...
  19. A

    Pioneer VSX-534 with PS2 over HDMI causing artefacts @ 480p

    Hey all, so I’ve always had a PS2 hooked up to my setup because I still have a load of old games I like to play. With my older VSX-921 receiver it had Component input on the back, so I used to use the official Sony Component cable and everything worked flawlessly. I even had it hooked up so I‘d...
  20. D

    Component Advice

    Apologies if in the wrong place and I’m sure it’s been asked many times but I’m looking for component advice to build my son a gaming PC. While I’m not clued up on which is the best/go to brands I’m fairly comfortable building the pc. First question is, is it just gpu’s that are overpriced at...
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