1. S

    Wanted 3 x GPU cables compatible with Corsair CX750

    Hey, So having a bit of a nightmare and wondered if anyone could help. Essentially I’ve just upgraded to an MSI 3080 trio z gaming GPU which requires 3x 8 pin connections. The cx750 only comes with 2 cables, they do have a ponytail option however I always prefer 3 separate cables (previously...
  2. C

    PS3 Japanese Model, PS2 Backwards compatible.

    I have a Japanese PS3 model No. CECHA00 which I am looking to sell. Could I get some advice as to what you guys think it could be worth and also the best place to sell if not on here.
  3. Downinja

    Thermostat Recommendations (Apple Compatible)

    After a few years of living in a rental place whilst trying to buy somewhere we finally have a completion date (I will believe it when we have completed). Boiler is a fairly modern Worchester Bosch, but sadly that is all I know at this point. We are very much an apple family, and would love to...
  4. N

    AffordableAV receiver compatible with Xbox series X and G1 OLED

    I am interested in buying a Dolby atmos system for my new LG 77 inch G1 and Xbox series X. Seems that av receiver + 5.2 speaker will result in better experience than soundbar system like Sonos ARC/sub/play1s. I don’t really need an AV receiver for anything else. I use the apps on the TV itself...
  5. MikeLawrence68

    Are these items compatible?

    Hi, I'm putting a computer together and was wondering if any of you know whether the AMD Ryzen 5 5500 AM4 processor is compatible with the Asus PRIME B450-PLUS AM4 DDR4 ATX Motherboard? The mobo's writeup states that it is second gen Ryzen compatible, does that include the Ryzen 5 5500? Thanks...
  6. popesweetjesus

    FX802 OLED showing Dolby Vision compatible on XBOX X

    Hi I added a HDMI audio extractor between my xbox X and TV to extract audio to optical for my none 4k receiver. Since making changes with the dip switches on the extractor my Xbox now shows that my TV can be used for Dolby Vision Games and Movies. Is this a false positive or could dolby vision...
  7. G

    Project T1 BT compatible with LG SN7Y sound bar

    Hi guys, I’m new around here. I wanted to ask forum members advice on whether there should be anything I need to take into account about my proposed purchase of a Project T1 BT turntable to pair up (via Bluetooth) with a LG SN7Y sound bar. It’s part of an over haul of our man room / playroom...
  8. D

    Qobuz Connect compatible streamers

    Besides the Google Chromecast Audio (or other Google Chromecast products), are there any stand alone streamers on the market that will connect to my Android phone using the built-in Qobuz Connect option in the native Qobuz app? I have found a list of products that work with their own apps, but...
  9. kozi1980

    Compatible over ear for Sony KDL-55W809C

    Hello. which headphones over ear are compatible with the Sony KDL-55W809C? I have the model WH-CH710N but doesn't work with Bluetooth.
  10. connect

    Bluetooth Hearing Aid Compatible TV (looking for advice)

    Hello, I have a friend who uses a Bluetooth Signia hearing aid. He is looking for a TV that supports Bluetooth hearing aids. I’ve had a search on Google but can’t quite understand it all. Does anyone have any experience with this at all? Kind Regards.
  11. M

    Why is GTA 4 backwards compatible but 5 isnt?

    I went to finally play my GTA 5 from xbox 360, and come to find out it doesnt work. Yet GTA 4 from 360 does.. that makes no sense. Now I have to buy another copy of GTA 5 to play it? What a ripoff
  12. G

    Marantz PM6007/CD6007 compatible speakers

    Hi, I have just changed my amp and CD player to the Marantz pairing and I think that my existing speakers are now the weak link (Wharfdale Diamond 220) so I am looking to replace. Looking for recommendations for a price compatible pair of stand mounters. thanks
  13. Tober27

    Are international panels compatible?

    I have a question about replacing a panel. I believe it would be compatible, but could I put a panel from a OLED65E6V (UK) into a OLED65E6T (Australian)? Trying to preserve my 3D, and wanted to confirm the panels are the same.
  14. H

    Any MP3/4 Players Compatible with JABRA Ear Buds?

    I bought a set of new JABRA ear buds for my wife to work with her MP3/4 SanDisk player while she is jogging but then found out they are not compatible with the player. Does anyone know of any MP3/4's what ARE compatible with JABRA ear buds?
  15. Columthecaterpillar

    Do my headphones need to be aptX compatible if I am plugging them into a Bluetooth receiver?

    I need help understanding if I can get around any lag due to my headphones not being aptX compatible to watch TV. My plan is to physically connect a Bluetooth transmitter to my TV and physically connect a Bluetooth receiver to my headphones. If both the Bluetooth transmitter and receiver are...
  16. M

    Yamaha RX v6a compatible with my speakers?

    Hi, guys I am new to AV, I was given front speakers by a close friend, I was thinking of buying the Yamaha RX V6A amp to go with it but not sure if it will have enough power to run them as home theater, I wanna build up a 5.1.2 system. I do have other smaller speakers for surround only main...
  17. B

    JVC LT19DK3BJ Freeview compatible?

    I am trying to help an elderly person with their TV. JVC LT19DK3BJ Is it Freeview compatible? I suspect it is not compatible. Nothing on auto or manual tune. My old signal generator will put colour bars on the screen, no problem. The person claims it did work OK with the aerial plugged in...
  18. wormvortex

    Smart thermometer/humidity compatible with hive

    Are there any thermometers out there that are compatible with Hive? I’d like to be able to see the temperatures/humidity of various rooms in my house but not interested in the smart radiator add ons.
  19. J

    Looking for new Surround sound system that is UHD compatible

    Hi my old surround sound system has bitten the dust. It was an all in one system and is over 10 years old. My current set up is as follows: my TV is a Samsung UE40M/U6400. On the back of it, it has a Digital Audio out (optical) port, 2 HDMI ins (1 & 2) and an HDMI in 3 (ARC). I have a ps4...
  20. discover

    Logitech G29 compatible with PS5 gran turismo 7?

    Hi Will my current racing sim rig Logitech G29 which I've used with my Ps4, will this work with gran turismo 7 on the PS5??
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