1. A

    RXV4A and RN803 stereo comparison

    Hi everyone. Looking for users/owners that own or experienced both Yamaha RX4VA and RN803 and that can share their experience or why they prefer either one. Im only interested in the music listening side of each. I’m familiar with both on paper but like to better understand advantages they...
  2. InvisibleDuncan

    Insurance comparison sites - multi-car

    I've got a multi-car insurance policy which will expire shortly. I want to do a price comparison, but neither Compare the Market or Money Supermarket seem to have that option - I can only get quotes for a single car. Have I missed something obvious on the sites, or is there another comparison...
  3. C

    TV Comparison & How Important Is It To Buy A Model From The Current Year?

    Looking to upgrade my Sony Bravia 4K (2015). A couple of different TVs have caught my eye, and I'm wondering how they compare in terms of image and overall quality: Samsung QLED 8K QN900A (I'd probably have to wait for the price to drop) Samsung QLED 8K QN800A Samsung QLED 8K Q900T Sony Bravia...
  4. zt1903

    PS5/XSX Game Size comparison

    edit: never mind. Data might not be accurate.
  5. youssefmr

    who is better Realme 6 pro or Xiaomi Mi 9 ?

    I'm currently looking to buy used phone I found these two what do you think I should chooseلاRealme 6 pro (8GB, 128GB) or Xiaomi Mi 9 (6GB, 128GB)
  6. Fergknapp

    P30 pro comparison

    Just after some advice and opinions. I've currently got a p30 pro which is an incredible phone, very fast, awesome camera, decent battery etc. The one problem I have with it is that the under screen fingerprint scanner is terrible. I've tried re enrolling several times, screen is always clean...
  7. Mr Wolf

    SVS ported subwoofer measured output - full range comparison

    Now that James Larson of Audioholics has reviewed and tested the PB-1000 Pro, it's possible to compare the output of the entire current SVS ported subwoofer line-up, as measured on a consistent basis by an independent party. Here are the results from 16Hz to 125Hz. The data shown is with all...
  8. Chrisharry12345

    I want to start a specific price comparison site and need some help

    It's more to explore an idea at this stage but I'm thinking about a price comparison site on a niche that only has about 15-20 products in at the moment. I would like to make a site that has one big comparison table with sorting options, a page to review each product and then a blog type news...
  9. spiderman01

    Power output comparison help

    Hi all. Following another thread I created yesterday, and knowing that my Sony XF90 TV won't pass Dolby Atmos signal to the AV receiver, I think I will get the Yamaha YHT-1840. However, I do not want a weaker system in terms of volume than the current one: Onkyo HT-R380. I have spoken to Richer...
  10. C

    Windows 10. Directory tree comparison report tool recommendations.

    Can anyone recommend a good Windows 10 (free preferably) directory tree file comparison report tool? Ideally it will have to following reporting features. 1) List of files in tree path A that are not in tree path B. 2) Reverse of 1) 3) Checksum comparison of files with same names where check...
  11. jtr2020

    A strange comparison....

    Hi all, Just joined the forums as I need to get a 48-55 inch TV, ideally for around £500. I'm based in the UK, so unfortunately a lot of the Hisense and TCL budget TVs are not available. Through a lot of searching, I've been able to find the following: Samsung TU8500 (49 inch) for £480 (not...
  12. THX2002

    Question PS5 UHD Playback problem - A picture comparison with the Xbox Series X

    All I am racking my brain trying to figure out why I have a green line top and bottom of the screen when viewing any UHD disc on the PS5. Also, there are odd colour artefacts throughout the picture, with a pink or purple tone. Plus, looking washed out or very blurred/soft. Look at the pink tone...
  13. G

    LG Nanocell vs LG OLED Comparison

    The comparison video that I have been waiting for all year has finally arrived. It basically shows what we already knew. Both technologies are good and have positives and negatives. It comes down to price and whether you can put up with some of the down sides found on both sides. I was always...
  14. F

    Crazy comparison

    So a mad one here, The Hisense R55B7120UK is just 399 at argos, it seems to get great reviews for the price. I am a gadget freak though so know the real TV I want on paper is the LG CX, but is it really work spending 3 times as much? I could buy quite a few other tos with the extra 800 to...
  15. musman39

    A71 Series or B71 Series, which one is better?

    I am thinking about buying a new TV and I locked on Hisense as it appeared to be more cost effect. Now I am facing a dilemma here, to buy which model? Currently both the 50" B7100 and 50" A7120 are being sold at the same price and on the hisense website, I couldn't find any differences in these...
  16. C

    Comparison between Sony TV KD65XH9096 and KD65XH9505

    Dear all, I am new on this forum. I just want to know exactly the difference between these both Sony TV: - KD65XH9096 - KD65XH9505 (more expensive of 400€ approximately) There is a big difference in term of screen quality? I know that the 9505 has the processor ultimate (as Oled), the 9096...
  17. S

    DACs comparison. Bluesound node 2 vs schiit vs topping. shocked.

    Did I hear a difference? NO. I tried AB testing following DACs. Amp and speakers used are Rega Elex-R and Monitor Audio bronze 6. - DAC in Bluesound Node 2 - Topping D30 - Schiit Bifrost 2 My setup is as follows. test1: TIDAL on mobile -> BS Node 2 (streamer transport) -> BS Node 2 DAC ->...
  18. D

    Powerful 2020 Fire TV Stick (3rd GEN) vs Fire TV Stick Lite - Comparison and Review

  19. RoadsterUK

    A visual comparison of macOS Catalina and Big Sur.

    Of interest:
  20. F

    Mavic Air 2 48MP camera - Is it any good? Shot by shot comparison

    I take a look at the 48mp camera
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