1. Scharferstahl

    How does the Bose SoundLink AE II compare to the old AEII for sound quality?

    Hello everyone! For the past few years, I've been using the Bose AEII headphones and have been extremely happy with them. I generally don't like Bose products because they are not very neutral sounding, but the AEIIs sound pretty neutral in comparison to most of their other headphones. I know...
  2. J

    Question How do modern budget TVs compare to old quality ones

    I have a Hitachi 42PD7200, which is about 12 years old. It still works great. I am in the process of moving house and thinking of getting rid of it (one recently sold for £40 on ebay), but wondering, will I regret it? I have a 55 inch LG 4k screen, and a 29 inch LF HD screen, so unlikely to need...
  3. S

    Question need specs for old FI q15 to compare with v2 neo

    Does any one have the specs for the old FI q15 driver I can see the new v2 neo specs on Blade Ice shown below. I want to compare them both and get advice before I take the plunge and order two. Neo Q 15 Coils DUAL 1 | DUAL 2 FS 30.7 Hz 27.9 Hz RE 0.9|1.8 QMS 8.38 QES 0.46 QTS 0.44 MMS 313g CMS...
  4. JonasCarlsson

    How does the Cinema 1x12 and the Klipsch R115 compare?

    My main listening and viewing room is some 3.7 x 5.5 metres, 2.5 something high. But to make matters worse it's wooden walls, wooden floor and wooden ceiling. It does feature a panoramic window to one side though and then there's a fairly standard window about to be blocked off. Now this being...
  5. Stuart Wright

    Compare Digital TV and Broadband Deals

    Find the best TV, broadband & phone deals in your area Just enter your post code, select the services you are interested in and we will show you the available deals. If you need more help, phone the number and a representative will help you. Visit the page now.
  6. jithosh

    Question Please help me compare between A/V receivers like Sony HT M55 and Hometheatres

    Hi I just bought a 55 inch Led Tv and am planning to buy a home theater. probably 5.1. My need is i want to have almost cinematic experience at the expense of being in a living room. The room is comparatively large enough. So i need to know the differences between normal home theaters like...
  7. PrincessMC

    Question Droidbox t8-s plus vs Minix Neo u1??

    Hi guys, super noob here :blush:... I am looking to upgrade from my budget android box and currently looking at a Droidbox t8-s plus and a Minix Neo u1. Both are within my budget but I am struggling to compare the two and decide which is going to be the better purchase. Uses will mainly be Kodi...
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