1. T

    Anyone experienced/familiar with Cabasse MT31? And how does it compare with Triangle BR03?

    Hi all, I'm setting up my first 5.1.2 system in my new house. Half the time I'd be also enjoying it for music. Reading online and listening in two stores, I was sure I'm about to get the BR03 as the fronts. However, I recently stepped into a store where the owner wants to sell his Cabasse...
  2. youssefmr

    who is better Realme 6 pro or Xiaomi Mi 9 ?

    I'm currently looking to buy used phone I found these two what do you think I should chooseلاRealme 6 pro (8GB, 128GB) or Xiaomi Mi 9 (6GB, 128GB)
  3. B

    58PUS8555 - Anyone want to compare picture with built in Netflix? Not happy with mine!

    Was watching Ratched last night through built in Netflix app. Apparently, Dolby Vision so I guess that means 4k and HDR. Was really disappointed with picture quality in dark scenes. This is a new TV so wondering whether to send back. This is 46:33 into episode 5. Took this in the morning but...
  4. R

    I've made a tool that you guys might find helpful!

    Hi guys, I'm a CS student from Scotland and I've made a VR headset comparison site! You can use it to view the specs of any headset and make comparisons between headsets. I'd really appreciate if you guys could give it a go and tell me what you think, it's called VRcompare. Thanks :) VRcompare -...
  5. Aluiz

    Compare Marantz SR9600 and Denon AVR-A100

    Hi Team, Planning to buy a used AVR and have short listed Marantz SR9600 and Denon AVR-A100. Which one has more audiophiliac. I will be using it mainly for music. Luiz
  6. A

    Plz help. Is Integarated Amplifier Roksan BLAK much different from Amp Roksan K3

    Dear Brothers, I'm using Roksan Amp K3 to pair with Tannoy xt6f for my system. Recently I have a good offer for Amp Roksan BLAK. Could you plz advice if I should upgrade to BLAK one. Is BLAK much difference in compare with K3. (In the future, I'm going to upgrade to Tannoy Turnberry Gr Speakers...
  7. P

    Question 82" Samsung or 86" LG?

    After almost 10 years of having a Samsung PS64D8000 which is slowly dying I am looking to upgrade to a new 4K set Had my eye on the SAMSUNG QE82Q70RATXXU but no stock at moment. Looking online today I saw the LG 86UM7600PLB around same price bracket Now I don't know whether to wait and see if...
  8. BlueWizard

    KEF LS50 vs B&W 706-S2 - Rare chance to compare

    Tharbamar on YouTube has recent changed his beloved LS50 for a pair of B&W 706-S2 and has created a Demo of the two speakers. Both sound fantastic, but I think the 706 have a bit more detail. Very close call though. You can decide for yourself, but remember that YouTube videos favor Mid/High...
  9. BlueWizard

    Pure Trivia - USA vs UK

    This has come up before as something of a side note in both UK and USA forums, but there is a noticeable disparity in the prices between the USA and the UK. USA - Yamaha CD-S700 CD Player - US$799 - (UK£649) - Yamaha CD-S700 UK - Yamaha CD-S700 CD Player - UK£397 - (US$480) - Yamaha CD-S700...
  10. J

    Tannoy Eclipse One

    I have a 5.2 speaker setup. Front left and right are Elac B5, centre channel is Tannoy Eclipse centre and rear are Tannoy Eclipse Mini. All sound superb. They blend nicely with the Elac B5 fronts but I have an itch to get the Tannoy Eclipse One to replace the Elacs because it would 'complete' my...
  11. T

    Question Denon AVR X520BT Vs AVR 3805

    Hi All, If you were able to buy a AVR X520BT or a AVR 3805 at the same price for your apartment, which one would you go for? X520BT seems to have more features but at the same time I see many "non-working X-series" in the used market, so I was wondering if X-series to more prone to failure...
  12. linnasak

    How do the Streaming services compare with UHD Bluray

    Started to buy more itunes since Atmos and 4k, but how does this compare to UHD Bluray? Are the Bit rates comparable or could they be in the near future. Basically for best should I always buy the UHD bluray? If you give UHD Bluray 100, what would Video be and what would Audio be on the various...
  13. McBainUK

    Answered Confused with Samsung models - compare MUxx and NUxx TVs (49"/50")

    Some confusion with the old and new Samsung models - is newer (MU) better in these cases? 50" UE50MU6120 £450 UE50NU7400 £750 49" UE49MU7000 £550 UE49NU7100 £550
  14. lky2k23

    Compare Samsung TV's

    Is there anywhere online I can compare side by side 2 Samsung TV's Samsung UE55MU6400 Samsung UE55H6200 I know 1 is 4k and the other isn't, but 4k wouldn't be my 'main' viewing, so don't want to get suckered into it. Thanks
  15. Garrett

    Billy Bargain Gone Now Who Do You Use To Compare Prices

    I been using Billy Bargain for years for checking prices although a few did slip though its net genraly it was good. I tried the other day to check the site and got the Web page cannot be found, with the link I save and though it was just off line temporary. I just tried again and the same...
  16. W

    TV compare - which is best deal?

    I've narrowed down a new tele purchase to one of two: Hisense H65NU8700 Hisense H65NU8700 ULED HDR 4K Ultra HD Smart TV, 65" with Freeview Play, Ultra HD Certified, Silver at John Lewis Samsung UE65MU6400 Samsung UE65MU6400 HDR 4K Ultra HD Smart TV, 65" with TVPlus/Freesat HD & Active Crystal...
  17. Artur R2

    Question How does Sony VPL-VW500ES compare to more recent 4K projectors at £2k?

    Dear all, I am in need of replacing my outdated Benq W1070 as when I upgraded the tv to LG OLED55B6 I have found myself not using it due to the image being so poor in comparison. The question is I have an opportunity to purchase the Sony VPL-VW500ES at round £2000 but while it was a...
  18. A

    Question Arendal Sub 3, PSA V1801 or SVS PB16 Ultra - How do they compare

    Im researching into buying a higher quality sub rather than a DIY effort of mine as obviously buying one will be more aesthetically pleasing (Separate amp issues) - but the DIY could potentially be substantially better for around the same cost or possibly less cost. DIY I was thinking SP4 sealed...
  19. M

    Best OLEDs compared with Panasonic ZT60 Plasma?

    Hello Having found TV/Home Cinema heaven a few years ago with the Pioneer Kuro 5090 and then Panasonic ZT60, I was wondering how the latest best OLEDs 4k/HDR sets compare. Are there any significant improvements coming soon? Thoughts and recommended models welcomed. Many thanks Michael
  20. O

    Question How do the newer 4k projectors compare to the Epson 6400?

    To be honest, I'm not really looking to upgrade just yet, but I am curious how the market has developed since I bought the Epson 6040. There seem to be plenty of cheaper 4k HDR projectors out there now. The Epson has some limitations like lower bandwidth (no 4K HDR @60fps) and it is not true 4K...
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