1. KyleS1

    Company car...

    I now qualify for a company car. I'd always thought that I would just take the cash as I have a new-ish car that I like. However, some of the hybrid cars sound promising. The BMW 330e for example. I've started doing research and looking on sites like for help. I believe diesels are...
  2. J

    Transporting Goods to Germany from UK - Register German Company?

    Hi All! I work for an up and coming UK brand, and we are planning to launch in Germany later this year with our own e-commerce using a German third party warehouse to handle fulfilment. I am planning on having stock direct imported from our source (far East) into Germany. But I also have stock...
  3. sho1777

    For Sale The White Company £10 Giftcard

    The White Company £10 Giftcard (pdf) 03/04/2021 Expiry Looking for £9.00
  4. K

    Exceptional AV - is this company OK

    exceptional AV are selling Marantz pm/cd6007 plus floor standing speakers for 999. that's 400 below price. Are they reputable.
  5. eob

    Surrender company car

    As with many of people throughout the UK, I'm now working from home. Luckily, my company adopted digitalisation way back so the transition was seemless and now the CEO has basically said that for the majority of engineers in the company, this will be the new norm. So my company car is due for...
  6. diannebye

    Name and Shame them......My True Story of a Terrible Service. Maybe you have had some grief also from a company

    It started before we moved to this property Dec.2014 we can see that now. Previous owner was often using his French mobile to our landline inee the UK even though his landline contract was including free calls...He would say lightening strike again....bad line......he is out and about so on the...
  7. A

    Which company is the largest gaming console company?

    Looking at the console sales chart, I would thought Nintendo will be the biggest company for gaming console. But when I google it, the result is different. Nintendo only have about 10 billion USD of revenue. XBOX gaming division has similar number. But the biggest is Sony's gaming division...
  8. maxwell

    Anyone any experience of setting up a company offshore ?

    My business partner and I need to set up a company base outside of the UK and as we are working in Great Britain we think Gibraltar would be most suitable for our needs but we have no idea what is involved, we know we can use an agent to initially setup the Ltd company in Gibraltar and they will...
  9. Snatch

    Question around redundancy and enhanced offer by company - calling any solicitors!

    Hi all I got the dreaded news that the company I work for is shedding 30% of its workforce globally. In the UK, in my team of 7, operations are moving to Poland, so it looks like I'm out of a job! Currently undergoing consultation process (as more than 20 in the UK across multiple divisions...
  10. T

    Tv series scifi Vietnamese woman billionare farmaceutical company ?

    Hello guys/girls Im looking for the name of a tv series. Its about a rich Vietnamese woman last name Nguyen who runs a big company with her daughter. In one episode she buys land from a couple that can not have children. In exchange for the land the couple gets a child. Years ago something...
  11. S

    Ideal furniture for a marketing company

    We’re planning to open our marketing company soon, and our marketing head suggested an open space for an office layout. She also recommended this office furniture clearance firm to help us with the entire set up. So I just want to ask what type of furniture or decorations should we consider for...
  12. markie g

    Can a company prevent me reselling their products

    So I sell an assortment of things online - general bits and bobs. I got chatting to a friend who was asking how it was going, it came into conversation that i buy direct from a brands commercial store and resell on (not a distributor, just a general store). He dropped into conversation "oh i...
  13. A

    Drone company name!

    Hello everyone, Im about creating my own drone company (small one), and the first thing is to give 3 names, and the activity of the company. The idea is to build fixed wing and multirotor drones with my own design, and also to provide solutions (service) with either my own drones or with others...
  14. stereobfs

    Back dated pay rise after leaving company.

    Hi everyone! We should get the annual pay rise in November 2018 but the talks were postponed and they could not agree the amount with the union etc. Finally, the pay rise was agreed on 23 December 2019. Unfortunately, i left the company on 14 December 19 ( week before it was agreed). So...
  15. pascal77uk

    Repair company threw out my TV by accident.

    Hi need some help.!!! I had my Samsung PS64F8500 Plasma in for repair and the company couldn’t fix it. Emailed me late last year saying they couldn’t get the part. Didn’t send me an invoice or say pay the bill for looking at it or come and get it. Since then it’s been Christmas so sort of...
  16. D

    Question Benefit to using a single company for AVR, TV, and Blu-Ray?

    I’m ready to upgrade to a 4K system and a less than comprehensive search leads me to threads/webpages addressing problems with componentnot playing happily together. I was fairly set on an LG B9 or C9 and in searching for a receiver kept reading about nightmares with Onkyo, Yamaha, Sony, etc...
  17. Markee

    Migrating from company car scheme

    Hi all, in the summer I’ll be moving from a company car to a cash allowance with my own car. I’ve not had car insurance in my own name for a few years, but I believe some insurance companies will recognise a number of incident free years in a company car and treat as no claims bonus. My HR...
  18. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Sonos speaker recycling row: company response

    Sonos’s approach to recycling has been creating a fair bit of negative buzz on the internet and Sonos has yet to officially respond. However, it has addressed some of the issues raised via a variety of online tech sites. Read the news.
  19. A

    Extension Roof Company Recommendations

    Our extension roof needs sorting, starting to leak. Can anybody recommend anybody in Essex area? Edit Just thought I would mention I am looking about and getting quotes now, just got off phone with "Essex Roofing Services"
  20. S


    Hi everyone I am looking for some guidance as to which TV to choose from insurers as my 2 yr old grandson hit a 65 inch Toshiba with a plastic truck and the panel is destroyed with black lines. Insurers have offer a choice on the TVs the hisense would be from John Lewis’s and we would also have...
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