1. Bingoman

    Together Energy the latest energy company to go bust

    Is anyone on here a customer of Together Engery retail has cease trading leaving 178,000 in limbo and awaiting new energy supplier
  2. mr:w

    For Sale Ten C Field Jacket & Liner (Stone Island / CP Company)

    Ten C Field Jacket in Olive OJJ Fabric with detachable Ten C Orange Down Liner, both size 48. For those who don't know, Ten C is the brainchild of ex-Stone Island man Paul Harvey and Allesandro Pungetti, of CP Company/Esemplare fame. If you do know about Ten C, you'll likely already know about...
  3. B

    Finding out which production company is filming Secret Invasion (Jambayala) in UK?

    OK this is a long shot and a bit geeky. How do I find out which production company is filming the new Secret Invasion Marvel series with working title Jambayala starring Samuel L Jackson. How can I find out how to contact the company filming it to send an email regarding crew work thanks.
  4. W

    Fungus on lens, anyone recommend a good repair company?

    I've just noticed 2 tiny patches of fungus on my Sigma 150-600mm Contemporary lens, probably from lack of use and ideal conditions sitting in it's bag🙁 The only good thing is, it looks like I've noticed it quite early on. I've emailed Sigma, they re-open on the 4th Jan. I'll get a couple of...
  5. DrPhil

    Company won't collect damaged item

    How long do I need to keep pestering a company to collect their damaged stock before I can just keep it and do as I please with it? I bought a set of alloy wheels a few months back. They arrived OK but 2 of the 4 had a slightly different finish to the metal, so I would have returned them...
  6. Stuart Wright

    Col. Edward Shames. R.I.P Easy Company

    The last surviving member of Easy Company from Band of Brothers, Col. Edward Shames, has died at 99. It's good that some of them got wider recognition for their bravery and sacrifice.
  7. KyleS1

    Can anyone recommend a reliable company for OEM laptop batteries?

    Long story short, laptop battery needs replacing. Bought one from Amazon. Won't hold charge. Going back. I can't seem to find anywhere to buy OEM. For info, it's an ASUS S410 and battery is B31N1707
  8. aVdub

    Fire at Gruber Motor Company destroys 30 Roadsters

    Heart-breaking news of the fire at Gruber Motor Company.
  9. Secondhand

    Speaker Cable: Chord Company LeylineX or AudioQuest Rocket 11?

    Hello. So I’ve just about finished the stud walls and I will be soundproofing with Genie Clips, Residual Bar, two layers of acoustic plasterboard with some Tecsound. But now I’ve come to the minefield of speaker cable. Ill be creating a 7.2.4 system using Monitor Audio Silver Range and ceiling...
  10. acgingersnaps

    What Hifi/Cable Company Comedy Gold

    This What Hifi article is comedy gold. Apparently this £100 interconnect will improve your system's timing. Just one of several cracking claims. Amazing work!
  11. phillyd1981

    Car insurance passing on to credit repair company

    My wife was involved in a accident in the family car I am the policy holder and she is down as a additional driver. After the missus rang our insurance company they pushed her into going through a company called Auxillis which works as a credit repair where they will front the money and claim...
  12. Linda Cook

    Can the World’s First Space Sweeper Make a Dent in Orbiting Debris? - A private company has just completed the first successful test of its trash coll

    ELSA-d is a demonstration device designed to show that space debris removal is possible. (Astroscale)
  13. frazzle121180

    Company Car fuel advise

    Evening, Has anyone on the forum got a company car, but don't have a fuel card? My Company are getting me a new company car, but according to the main dealer, it is not advisable to have a fuel card unless you are doing over 18k miles a year as I will get hammered by the good ol' tax man How...
  14. E

    Company of Heroes 3

  15. Boo Radley75

    Winner Of The Award For Worst Company Name Ever Goes To......

    Your company is called what???? Nonce Finance A photo has emerged of the current company director talking business with his predecessor
  16. joner7777

    Why can i not call a local company number

    Trying to call a local company so I can get local information of the service I want takes me to a central control room. I have to answer countless filter questions before they will say " the local branch will call you " I even know the local traders who I want to book with but nothing happens...
  17. K

    Company/trading name help

    Hi, So I just want to get some clarity on the following: if I register a company with company house, and I have a van. I am allowed to display a name completely different to the one registered. for example: If I owned ‘Lenovo’(shown on company house, attached to me) and I have a van but put...
  18. H

    Company Car BIK

    Hope someone can help me! I have a company car and thought it was responsible of my employer or the car lease company to inform HMRC I have a company car. Anyway I had a Citroen C hire car first 3 months then was given a permanent car which was a Astra 5 door hatchback. 67 plate. I have had this...
  19. password1

    affordable valve company speakers of unknown model... These are one of the speakers Im watching. Does anyone have any experience or know anything about these how they compare to more modern speakers? I cant find much info about these speakers or the 'affordable valve...
  20. AVRAG

    Single company that books flights and hotel for Budapest? Stag do.

    Been tasked with booking a stag do for Budapest. Not enjoying the responsibility of handling everyone's money. Is there a company that will handle flights and hotels for me? thanks in advance.
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