1. jamiev

    Projector for community group presentations, charity events and possibly home cinema?

    Hi all, i'm looking for a projector that can do both presentation evenings and charity events such as presenting horse racing but can also do some decent home cinema. The throw is about 8 foot and we want the biggest screen possible really. Budget is around £1k. Thanks
  2. Bory Brason

    Community Theatre Lighting

    Good Morning All. In my small village in the UK we have put together a community theatre. At home in Plex I have previously set up Philips Hue GU10 lights that Sync. When the movies starts they dim and they come up for the credits etc. The lighting in the "Cinema Room" is terrible fluorescent...
  3. J

    Need advice from the audio community

    Hello everyone. Im new here so bare with me. I need help or recommendations in regards to two channel audio. Im currently running a home theater set up and would like to run my front channel (main speakers) in a more dedicated hifi set up when not watching movies. Mostly streaming music or...
  4. M

    Does anyone use Community Fibre?

    They seem to be offering decent deals, I managed to nab a 400mbps + phone calls for £35p/m last month, just waiting on the installation date. I'm currently using Sky's Superfast FTTC service. Not had many issues, but I'm paying too much compared to what I could be getting with CF and FTTP...
  5. langers2011

    Community theatre

    I'm opening a community theatre and looking for some advice. In my house I currently have 5.2.4 using tannoy Mx series, marantz sr6013 and Epson eh9400. I'm tempted to use my current equipment in the community theatre I'm opening and upgrade my kit? I'm just wondering what people would...
  6. Simian Sibling

    Donations wanted for community hospital

    Hi all, having spoken to IG he has confirmed I can post. basically I’m a nurse working in a community hospital on a covid ward. Before the pandemic we had 2 wards for stroke rehab and the rest was office space. We’ve gone from 50 beds to roughly 125 and every office space has been taken up...
  7. Z

    Atmos preamp for community cinema

    I'm looking for an AV Preamp for a community cinema, preferably ATMOS. No need for power amp stages as the speakers are active. Any recommendations? At the moment the cheapest options I have seen are using a full AV Amp with pre-outs and ignore the power amp stages. Is speaker out to line out...
  8. N

    Question a definitive GO TO -- TV / AV Technical information area for the avforums community ?

    Hi I am new to avforums and have been reading other similar sites and press like “What hi-fi”. It does seem the world of TV and Home Cinema is very complex and there are quite wide views / different understandings of all this Tech and how it interacts and its limitations etc.. Possibly I can...
  9. Toasty

    Sony supporting the Gaming Community

    I have to say I've been impressed by Sonys proactive reaction to the current pandemic crisis, an earlier press release mentioned investing $100million to a global support fund and now they are offering freebies to gamers and support for developers...
  10. Knight Rider 1963

    Appointment with Community Nurse

    Do I cancel it regarding coronavirus or not?
  11. D

    Anbernic RG350 a portable game console with a big community

    " Today we have the Anbernic RG350 portable console at a very interesting price, this is one of the retro emulation machines of this type that has one of the most active communities of the moment. A system that allows us to emulate PS1, CPS1, CPS2, FBA, NEOGEO pocket GBA, GBC, GB, SFC, FC, MD...
  12. D

    Fortnite star FaZe Jarvis ‘broken’ after cheating ban as mum hits out at gaming community

    " Fortnite star FaZe Jarvis has been described as ‘broken’ following his ban for cheating. The 17-year-old was handed a lifetime ban from the game after using ‘aimbots’ during an online match, which he streamed to his viewers. He’s also banned from attending Fortnite events or creating content...
  13. N

    Question Can you please help

    Hello avforums I have just joined the community to try and find answers to the following questions relating to a mobile phone: 1) Who sets the limit of characters in a text message (phone manufacturer or service provider)? 2) How do you stop a Samsung Galaxy S4 mini from changing a group text...
  14. BigyinGaming

    [PS4] Looking for Squad & Duo players

    I'm 33 looking for people to play squads & duos with, don't care if your young or older, great at the game or just starting out. I really enjoy the game but still trying to improve my skill, we all like to win but it's not the be all and end all. If your on PS4, i have a community page from...
  15. SteveCritten

    Community Cinema

    See below a post I put on Facebook. Finally after several years of talking about it I am going to make it happen. Any advice on funding or licensing, I have been on BFI website it’s more which is the best way to go would be appreciated. Feel free to join the group also to make comments. As I...
  16. T

    Question Community content Xbox home page

    hi Okay so I’m concerned about the community section on my sons xbox, more so the what’s trending section. I’ve set all the security up as a child account, game content up to 10, everything’s pretty much locked down inc comms to friends only etc, however in this community section there seems...
  17. Adcook

    AVF Community Twitch Channel

    I just wondered if there was any interest from the AVF gaming community and management about starting up an AVF twitch channel? Would it work and what would it take to get going and maintain.
  18. R

    Answered HELP: Community hall setup

    Hi, Hoping someone with more knowledge can help me out! Im on a community hall committee, and recently we've been showing movies and using 2 yamaha PA speakers only. This has done ok but the speech can sometimes be a bit hard to understand. As the movies are now attracting around 40 attendees...
  19. Ruffuz

    Question Anyone with Community Fibre Limited

    Hi all, Full fibre available in my area now from Community Fibre Limited but can't find any reviews of their service. Anyone has it by any chance? :)
  20. R

    Question Modding, Maker Movement & Participatory Culture

    GAMERS! I'm conducting a survey regarding attitudes towards the modding scene in games, and the maker movement at large. If you've got a spare minute or two, please consider filling out my short questionnaire below Modding & The Maker Movement Survey Thank you to all who participate...
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