1. J

    Question Toshiba RDXV59 DTKB2 - HDD/DVD/VCR - video not working - can I disconnect video player?

    Hi - I've got a Toshiba RDXV59 DTKB2 - HDD/DVD/VCR combined. My question is; is there a way to disconnect the video player, but leave the DVD and HDD parts working? The reason why I'm asking is; The video player's not working - it was playing up for while, and if I put a video in it would power...
  2. vvolkov

    Question Replacing Danfoss to Nest thermostat Help!

    Hello nice people. Im trying to replace my existing Danfoss thermostat with Nest 3rd Gen. Lack of diagram understanding! I really do appreciate if you can give me not only clear answer, but also share how to read these simple diagrams. I really want to understand it. My Combi Boiler is ideal...
  3. ash

    Wanted VHS / DVD Recorder Combi or Video to USB

    All in one VHS and DVD Recorder, or DVD Recorder Or hardware to record video onto Windows computer via USB Location: London ______________________________________________________ This message is automatically inserted in all classifieds forum threads. By replying to this thread you agree to...
  4. The Dark Horse

    Anyone had a new combi boiler installed recently?

    I was just wondering what a new combi boiler costs these days, it looks like I might have to replace mine. I might go for a Vaillant, any ball park figures or tips/recommendations? Are the wireless controls a built in feature of something you have to pay extra for or is that feature a waste of...
  5. H

    Cordless Combi drill under £100

    Looking for cordless Combi drill for max £100. Using it for DIY at home, will be converting outbuilding to entertainment room. Ideally 2 batteries. Was looking at Bosch but they put the prices up recently. Any recommendations.
  6. Thug

    Help with combi boiler (keeps running).

    This might not actually be the combi boiler, but yesterday we had a smart meter fitted (both gas and electricity). In order to do this the engineer had to turn off both the electricity and gas (obviously). He changed the gas regulator/valve too. Everything was switched back on and running fine...
  7. M

    Help Required please! Panasonic NV-VP33 Combi, DVDead!!!

    Panasonic NV-VP33 Combi problem. Firstly....Hi everyone, I have been scanning this forum for a few days now, and decided to join. By what I've seen so far, i am impressed by the wealth of knowledge and help available here. Ok, down to the nitty gritty........ I was recently given a Panasonic...
  8. tigermad

    Aqualisa Digital Shower with combi boiler

    I have just moved into a house that has the above shower with a system boiler (water tank in loft and immersion heater). It also has a wireless stop start remote control button. I understand that if I replace the boiler with a combi that the pump will have to be removed from the shower. Does...
  9. D

    Combi boilers.

    Apologies if this has already been posted before. I live in a well insulated two bed flat with no bath, just a shower. The boiler (a Worcester 24 CDi) was already installed when I moved in in 2005 and as the previous owner had done some refurbishment work, I assumed that the boiler was part of...
  10. E

    VCR/DVD combi set-up

    Hello, I'm not really sure where to go with this query, specially as it's all a bit behind the times! I have just replaced my old Bush DVHS1 VCR/DVD combi with a Bush DVRHS03 combined VCR player/recorder and DVD player/recorder. I'm not remotely the finest techie in the world so hoped that...
  11. E

    For Sale 66fit Combi Pyramid Foam Roller & Mat - Trigger Point Massage Exercise Therapy

    As new condition used twice since buying from new, complete with mat. As new condition from a smoke free home Postage is included in price The 66fit 2 in 1 Pyramid Roller and Exercise Mat targets specific trigger point areas to help relieve muscular aches and pains. Helps release sore tight...
  12. mrben2475

    For Sale Dewalt DCD795N 18V Li-ion XR brushless combi drill (body Only), new

    Dewalt DCD795N 18V Li-ion XR brushless combi drill. I'm selling the body only so no battery but these can be purchased separately very easily. The drill is brand new, unused and comes with manual. Same as this one: DEWALT DCD795 N 18v Li-ion XR Brushless Combi Drill - Body Only: Amazon.co.uk...
  13. M

    Siemens Combi Oven - Microwave stopped working

    I have a Siemens combi microwave oven HT5HB86P which works fine except for the microwave. If I try to use the microwave functions the whole oven switchs off after about 2 seconds. It may be a coincidence but this fault developed after my wife put an aluminium tray in to microwave some potatoes.
  14. 9lives9

    For Sale Hahnel Combi TF Remote Control & Flash Trigger - Canon

    Cost £59, as new. Perfect for studio photography. I will include the Combi TF Studio Light Cable (bought separately). Price and currency: £30 Delivery: Delivery cost is not included Payment method: Paypal or Bank Transfer Location: Batley, West Yorkshire Advertised elsewhere?: Not advertised...
  15. N

    Neff C17MS32N0B microwave - don't buy before you read this|!!

    The Neff C17MS320B combi microwave is (supposedly) a top end item to match the latest Neff Hide and Slide ovens (as seen in Bake Off). This oven is a sold and marketed as a 1000w unit. The user manual says that the max time on full power (1000w) is 30 minutes which is pretty standard for...
  16. P

    Question dash cam/rear parking cam combi

    Hi all! I'm considering having a rear parking camera fitted to my car and linked to my sat nav screen then I thought could I install front & rear dash cams and have the rear camera double up as a parking camera again linked through my existing sat nav screen and kill 2 birds with 1 stone if you...
  17. JohnWing

    Question Where can I buy a VHS player or VHS/DVD Combi

    Hi, I have over 100 VHS cassettes, I want to convert using my computer. The VHS player that I had has died so I need to buy another one. I want a quality player but dnt want to break the bank lol. Can anyone please help? Cheers
  18. D

    Combi boiler smell

    I have a baxi main combi boiler about 5 years old and have a sporadic problem with smells emitting from it. It is an almost stale smoke smell and other times a garlicky type smell. The smell also eminates from the 2 nearest radiators ( from the joint areas) it is not gas and its not carbon...
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