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  1. mossikukulas

    LG 55UP75006LF - new stand and colour calibration help?

    Hi all last week I bought the LG 55UP75006LF from Richer Sounds and so far I've been pretty happy with the picture and colour quality. Is there a guide on how best to calibrate the colours on these TVs or is it down to personal preference? Also the stand seems a bit flimsy for a TV that's so...
  2. T

    LG OLED55C7P - Colour Issues

    Hi have a 4 year old LG OLED55C7P, I started having some colour issues the other day, I have attached a few images one is the colour bar, the other two are iPhone and TV to show what it should look like. it seems to be really noticeable with animations for some reason. I was wondering if there...
  3. A

    CX: Cannot select 422 in Nvidia colour settings regardless of HDMI cord used

    Hi everyone, Joined the forums after lurking for years to post this. Trying to get some help with a puzzling issue that I can't work out. My apologies if this is an inappropriate place to ask. Mods, feel free to delete if this is the case :) I posted this over on the r/monitor forum on reddit...
  4. G

    TCL 55C71K Picture Settings... here's mine. What are yours?

    I THINK I've got it pretty good. But it'd just be nice to compare with others settings for peace of mind. PICTURE Picture Preset: MOVIE Brightness: 100 Colour Saturation: 100 BRIGHTNESS SETTINGS Brightness: 100 Contrast: 93 Black Level: 49 Dynamic Contrast: OFF Black Stretch: OFF Dynamic...
  5. T

    Question WebOS 4 & Colour Management System problem

    Model: UK6300PLB WebOs: 04.10.04 I have found problems calibrating the luminance of the secondary colours (CYM). For some reason neither the luminance nor the saturation respond to the change in values, only the tint does. The situation I have now is that although the primary colours (RGB) are...
  6. N

    Question Panasonic EX750B Colour Profile Auto Swapping

    Since owning this TV there has been a few arguments in the house about the colour. I have manged to get it so we are all happyish The one issue i have is in all apps from normal Digital TV, youtube, nextflix and all the hdr varients the picture mode switches automatically to how i last left...
  7. N

    Question Onkyo TXSR444

    Hi All, First post here. Have searched but not found a post relating to this model. Re: Colour Banding Set up: Samsung 55KS9000 Sony UBP X800 / Samsung UBP 8500 Onkyo TXSR444 Both UHD Players direct to the TV produce great results. But when passed through the Onkyo the video suffers from...
  8. Stuart Wright

    DJI ND16 filter test with various colour settings

    Found the ND16 filter works best to be able to use ISO100 and Shutter 50 when it's sunny.
  9. handbaggirl

    new tv, now sky too bright

    got a new smart tv today, set up went great, but with my old tv, i adjusted the colour brightness etc and my changes were mirrored when watchingvia sky, now when i change the settings sky isnt affected, and its way too bright and the colours too vivid, any help appreciated
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