1. AndyThorn

    Wanted The Force Awakens collectors slipcover

    Hi - does anyone have a UK version of this they are looking to move on? Happy to cover postage etc. You would be making an OCD chap very happy!
  2. Bioshock174

    For Sale Tony Hawks Pro Skater Collectors edition + Mafia Definitive edition with slip

    Looking to move these two titles on. Tony Hawks Pro Skater Collectors Edition includes the Game(unsealed and plaid but not codes have been used), The exclusive Deck and also supplied will be the sealed laces. The shipping box took some damage which also damaged the game/deck box. This did not...
  3. H

    Animal crossing console bundle

    Does anyone know if these are truly limited now? I have one brand new, not sure whether to keep it as a quite like the dock and tablet designs or sell it on?
  4. JonnyTester

    Star Wars - The Skywalker Saga 27-Disk 4K Collectors Edition

    So my wife bought me this for my birthday at the weekend. I was wondering if anyone would fancy doing a full review of it for the site?
  5. RedDevil85

    Steelbook Frames

    Now being sold at HMV and Zavvi... Link: HMV - Zavvi UK
  6. Naaktgeboren

    Idiot debt collectors

    We moved into our new house just over 6 months ago, we quickly set up our gas and electric suppliers along with other utilities. After a week it became clear that the previous owners hadn't advised companies of their change of address, we are still getting bank statements addressed to them...
  7. Evokazz

    Collectors, Blu and 4K

    Back when Bluray first came out, I was sitting on around 3000 DVD's. I fought the urge to switch and kept my DVD's for a long time. By the time Bluray caught a hold of me, my DVD's was worth next to nothing. I sold the lot, and started amassing Blurays (now on about 800). I've always enjoyed...
  8. silouette

    Question Midnight run, blu ray versus collectors edition

    Had a hankering to get this little gem for while. Has anyone knowledge of any differences between the collectors edition and standard blu ray ?
  9. D

    Question 'Hard Head' Atari Promo Cart!?

    Just seen an auction listing for this gem, its already over £100 with 6 days to go! Wonder what it will go for as before this turned up, there was only one known in existence?!
  10. Mendes

    Question Favourite collectors edition

    I had the new 'Donnie Darko' collectors edition arrive from Arrow and it's cracking, but this got me thinking what is your favourite Special edition that is all singing all dancing with extra items in it (other than steelbooks)?
  11. RedDevil85

    Star Trek 1-10 Collector's Box Set (Zoom Exclusive) (Blu-ray Steelbook)

    Purchase link: Release date: 18/07/2016 Status: In Stock
  12. Pokey800

    One for the vinyl collectors

    Anyone got this? Defo one for the collectors Lazaretto: Music
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