1. R

    For Sale Amazon codes

    Hi there. £25 amazon code for £23.75.
  2. MooMooCow

    Wanted Amazon gift codes £200

  3. mambo1888

    For Sale Amazon gift codes £150

    Got 3 £50 codes for Amazon, looking for £140
  4. frimjack

    For Sale 10% OFF £100 PSN Codes

    10% OFF £100 PSN codes = £90. Payment by PPG please.
  5. Paperlantern

    Friend Code Exchange

    With consoles landing up and down the country today (and the dreaded Friend Codes still in existence) I thought it would be useful to have a forum to share codes for those that are interested. Mine is 2839-8737-7957, hit me up [emoji106]
  6. Lighty

    Genshin Impact Codes for a beginner?

    Hey Guys Any great places to help a beginner to level up? My daughter has just started playing so I’m fishing all over for codes. Thanks Lighty
  7. SandmanXX

    Need some help with IR remote codes, RX-V685 av, RAV570 remote..

    So, as the title says... I have the extended remote codes off of a website, they look like 7E-7E, etc. What I read about somewhere is the ability to make the remote output those extended codes, through a setting on the amp. I can use my broadlink rm4 to learn them. Anyone know of a way via amp...
  8. lpoolm

    How to check fault codes on a 16 plate vauxhall zafira

    The other half's engine light has come on. Does anyone know how to do a self test to give me a rough idea on the fault. Every youtube video I check says press brake/accelerator then turn key to two and will show the codes, most of these videos seem old maybe why they don't work for me? Is anyone...
  9. ZicoUK

    Giveaway - Amazon code for 33% off 3 month Xbox Game Pass for PC

    I have a code from Amazon (after a recent pc purchase) for 33% off of 3 month Xbox Game Pass for PC. The offer needs to be redeemed within the next 10 days if anyone is interested. Please send me a message and I will send over the code. Congratulations! Your recent PC Gaming Accessory order...
  10. P

    Stream ID codes

    A problem I have always had is identifying the regional ITV streams on Astra. Doing a new scan gives dozens of them all just titled 'ITV'. The obvious answer is to use the Video ID code but I cannot find a list of what these are for the various regional channels. This is for use in DVBViewer...
  11. R

    Are universal remotes usually programmed with their own brand codes?

    For example, RCA or in my case Phillips. It says it is preprogrammed for samsung and roku but nothing about Phillips? The Phillips ph903 is the universal remote I was looking at. I know I once had an RCA universal which was pre-programmed for my tv, which was also RCA. The dvd/vhs I have...
  12. S

    Pifco remote code needed for Goodmans GDR11

    Hello everyone. I'm in need of a universal remote code for the Goodmans GDR11 freeview box. I scored it from YMCA for only a fiver. Plugs in and works fine via RF except it can't be retuned because there was no remote with it. I have a Pifco model AVS1303 universal remote which I'm trying to...
  13. E

    Humax Remote Control Codes For Denon

    I'd like to control on/off and volume of a Denon PMA-30 amplifier with a Humax RM-F04 remote control. I have tried all the Denon and Onkyo codes in this document: Has anybody had any success...
  14. Andy Clark

    Roku 4K discount codes available

    Hi I have been sent an email from Roku stating that I can get 35% off a new Roku 4K, which would make it around £25.00, using a specific discount code. Offer ends 07-03-2021, while stock lasts and includes delivery cost. I do not need the code and it says I can share it for up to 2 purchases, so...
  15. Robisaurus

    No discrete Power On/Off IR codes for H9G

    I'm using a Harmony hub based remote. Look like Harmony has only implemented an IR power toggle code, which can result in the TV and remote getting out of sync. Most often this happens when the TV powers on automatically in response to a device connecting via Chromecast. Does anyone have a...
  16. B

    few steam vr game codes for free

    i have a few humble bundle steam,game codes i dont need, please reply if you want any and i will pm you the code. the games are: Archangel: Hellfire - Fully Loaded
  17. NdG1977

    Cambridge Azur 351R IR Codes not working?

    Hi everybody, I just bought a Cambridge Audio 351R, long story sort no remote and without it I cannot bring up the OSD for the setup. I have a phone with IR Blaster, I downloaded a bunch of apps hoping to find the model and remote simulator with no luck, I can get some controls to work like...
  18. GalacticaActual

    Zafira fault codes

    Hi all Mrs zafira playing up. Went onto. Limp mode, then starting running ok again. Engine light on and we have found the codes on the pictures. I have looked them up but can't find the right info. Can anyone helpPlease?
  19. D

    Transfering games codes

    Hi guys Just bought a second hand Playsation vr bundle set. Thr guys has already used the codes that came with it, is it possible for me to use them again or not ? Many thanks
  20. E

    Yamaha RX-Z7 Remote Codes (Xfinity)

    Hi, Does anyone know the code to control the rx-z7 with the xfinity remote (xr-15). I have tried every code I can find ... the only one that half works (turns off receiver NOT back on) is 31276. Thanks for any help Ed
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