1. SeanHub

    RCA Vs Coaxial Subwoofer Cable

    Hi AVForums My subwoofer has low frequency inputs, (two RCA inputs, l/r) not an lfe, at the moment I am using the red cable from the RCA pair going from the red input on the sub to the lfe input on the receiver. I need to buy a longer cable for placement of subwoofer, there's a really nice...
  2. B

    Combine optical/coax digital audio with RGB SCART to HDMI?

    I think I've seen boxes (the cheap Chinese/equiv. made things copied by lots of no-brand names for £20-30) that can combine older optical audio (eg 5.1, maybe 7.1 channel DD/DTS or more) with video signal into a single stream and HDMI output. Q: Is there a converter box that combines analog RGB...
  3. M

    Labgear Psw241 Quad Screened Coaxial Outlet Plate for SAT Freeview HD TV DAB

    Hi I am looking for a wall socket that I can connect my sky+ box and connect a second tv to the rf2 output on my sky box. The sky box is in one room and the second tv is using a magic eye to control the sky. I want to keep all the cables hidden
  4. T

    Question Coaxial TV Surge Protection Device

    When using an external roof aerial, is it worthwhile fitting something like the following in the UK? SAC AE9700 With appropriate coaxial adaptors of course. The 'F' Surge Protector provides an effective means of protecting equipment from surge voltage damage. The device is designed to...
  5. steve1966

    For Sale 25m White Twin Satellite Shotgun Extension Coax Cable Lead 4 Sky Plus HD Freesat

    25 Meters of White Twin Coax Cable 4 x F Connectors Fitted 2 x F Coupler 50 x cable clip Sky Certified Cable As Used On Sky+ and Sky HD Installations Can Be Used As Replacement Or New Feed RoHS Compliant New and unused £8 including delivery Price and currency: £ Delivery...
  6. S

    Sky Q mini for multiple TV's over coax

    I have recently moved property and the previous owner had multiple coax points installed to view Sky HD from the main living room all around the house. The issue is that we have SKY Q which doesn't work with magic eye etc. I'm looking for a solution if possible where I can view whats on the...
  7. B

    Coax Plug

    Can anyone explain what a Coax Plug is used for? We have one on a cable in the house, the end of it is slightly open so does that make it a female coax plug? looks similar to this just not gold ( Gold Plated Coax Plug | maplin ) Thanks
  8. K

    Audio drop-outs when using digital optical or coaxial

    Firstly, I'm not sure if this is the correct forum as my speakers are a package and not individually built/bought speakers. So, I've got a set of Edifier S760D 5.1 speakers (Here) and I've used them for some time now with analog audio inputs from my PC and there's no problem at all. I've...
  9. RobFromOC

    Question Is there a way to do wireless TV from coax to other side of room?

    I've been looking on Amazon for an inexpensive way to wirelessly, or via powerline ethernet, send a 1080i TV signal from coax coming from the wall (cable or roof antenna) across a room to my 1080p TV. Running any cable across the room under the carpet isn't something I want to do and I can't run...
  10. V

    HDMI to analogue coax converter required

    Hi All, first post here. "HDMI to analogue coax converter required" I have a boombox from the 80s that has a tiny CRT and can receive and display what used to be analogue UK TB (before it was shut down and became digital only). It can also accept a signal from an external aerial. I would like...
  11. wormvortex

    RG59 coaxial cable for digital TV

    Will this work. I stupidly didn't research cable enough and did not realise there is RG59 as well as RG6 cable. What I want to do is run the main aerial from the roof into a 6way booster and then run cables from here to the TV's in the house. Will RG59 cable be sufficient for freeview or do I...
  12. D

    Connecting TV with coaxial cable to HDMI or RCA

    Hello, I have a DVD player with HDMI and RCA outputs that I want to run two built in TVs. One TV can only be fed by RCA and the other only coaxial as a result of the cables being built into a wall. The following u tube posting seems to show how this can be done. connecting tv coaxial to dvd...
  13. C

    Question HD Anywhere mhub 4k and coax...

    This is probably a stupid question but i can but ask! I have a mhub 4k and my house is wired for cat 6 and coax to every room. Unfortunately it appears that the wiring to the master bedroom on the cat 6 is faulty and would require opening up work to repair, we are reluctant to do this as we...
  14. Slater82

    Question TV Aerial Boost & Split?

    Hopefully this is a simple one. We’ve just built a new house and my electrician has left me the following tv aerial puzzle that I wasn’t expecting. I have two cupboards containing aerial cables. Cables marked ‘main aerial’ and ‘booster feed’ are located in a cupboard 1 along with a power...
  15. C

    Answered Is the Cable Used for Virgin Tv the Same as Coaxial?

    I am giving up Virgin Tv in favour of Freeview through the roof aerial. I have a secondary tv in the rear extension to which a Virgin engineer ran a cable under the floor a couple of years ago to a second Tivo box. Is it possible to use this cable for Freeview using some sort of adaptor at each...
  16. marti2nez

    For Sale Hi-End Beldon 1694A 75Ω Coax Locking RCA (m/m) Audio Cable

    Brand new audio cables, just to short for what i need. They 10 pound on ebay. 7 each or 4 for 26 Price and currency: 26 Delivery: Delivery cost is included within my country Payment method: PPG,BT Location: Craigavon, Northern Ireland Advertised elsewhere?: Not advertised elsewhere Prefer...
  17. E

    Question Connecting Sub Woofer via Coaxial

    A few years ago I had some work done and the guy laid what I believe is a coaxial cable from my amp to a wall plate which terminates in the socket shown in my photo. He made up a cable to connect the wall plate to sub. I think cable is now broken as I keep getting unearthed buzzing sounds from...
  18. Spazturtle

    Question Best way to move superhub when used as modem?

    I need to move the modem and router to elsewhere in the house. I will need to run whatever cable into the loft, across it, out a wall, down the outside wall and then into the other room due to the build of the house. Total length should be around 25m. Run coax (Webro HD100) from the wall port...

    HDMI over coax Edison modulator

    Hi, I am thinking of buying a Edison HDMI modulator and having read threads on this forum just wanted to check exactly where i should put it in the system. I have sketched a rough diagram and inserted the modulator on it it where I think it should work and power the magic eyes but I would be...
  20. S

    HDMI over Coax or CAT 5?

    Anybody have experience with streaming to multi TV's over Coax or CAT 5? I see products that do both and was wondering which system would be best for runs of about 400 feet. Seems COAX would be less prone to RF interference.
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