1. P

    Denon Tuner FM Coax plug problem

    Recently bought a Denon TU-260L 11 Tuner on ebay. In superb condition cosmetically, but unable to use at present as no coax plug will fit. Marked on back of unit 75ohm Coax. Socket on back is female, but barrel diameter is the same as plugs !! The seller says he bought it with some other things...
  2. T

    Converting digital coax feed to Toslink

    I'm thinking of buying a used Burson Audio DAC/headphone amp, but it only has a Toslink or USB input. My preamp has coax digital outputs. Are there any issues with using converters to convert the coax feed to another format? The converters I've seen are mains powered and I was wondering about...
  3. R

    House pre-wired - can I make multi-room work?

    So I've moved into a house built around 2014, the previous owner never made use of the in-ceiling speakers (6 rooms). The builder wired all the speakers back to the utility with coax & f-connectors. Aside from the hassle of using coax as speaker cable, what would it take to get some kind of...
  4. SteveLNB

    FIX reqd for - Freesat wont work with SKY twin cable

    hi, new home has dish to SKY twin cable, connected either cable coax to my Samsung TV with built in FREESAT. Doesn't get any channels. Previous home had single coax cable from dish which worked with FREESAT on same TV. There is a aerial on roof and so connected this to same TV aerial input but...
  5. A

    HDMI Extender Over Coax

    My HDMI extender which has been working flawlessly over the past two years to feed my bedroom TV has died and I can't find a suitable replacement. The replacement has to work over coax and be able to handle 1080i from my Sky+ box. The failed unit was configurable for 1080i and 1080p but all the...
  6. K

    Marantz 40n/CD60 - Optical or phono or coax

    I have purchased the Marantz CD60 and 40n amplifier system. How would I best connect them - with the phono, coax or optical connection? I believe I read that the DAC in the amplifier is better, but I am not sure I have not gotten that mixed up, and now I cant find it again. Thanks.
  7. P

    Sony Blu-ray player - can I use both HDMI AND Digital Coax?

    Hello, I have the Sony BDP-S6200 Blu-ray player which I use for playing audio CD's as well as playing DVD's and Blu-ray's. It is currently connected to a Sony STR-DN850 AV receiver via HDMI passing through to a Panasonic 3D Plasma TV. Both movies and audio discs sound good. My question is...
  8. mrsr8

    Virgin tv help mini box

    How do I connect this to my mini box Had virgin delivered today cannot for the life of me get it to receive channels How do I resolve this and also check the cables are working
  9. U

    Which coaxial cable needed for this?

    I've moved into a house where my coaxial TV cable doesn't fit, despite it having both male/female connectors. Seems the connection isn't long enough to attach onto it. Someone told me it's a satellite connection, which is interesting as I don't think there's a satellite, only an aerial in...
  10. M

    Virgin coaxial cables mess

    Hi guys, I am renting a flat and I don't understand the Virgin cables, below on the picture. The following four cables are coming out of the wall : one coaxial cable coing to a grey metallic box "TRIS-1002L" having itself a coaxial output. two other coaxial (attached together when coming...
  11. G

    Tv coaxial digital audio output low sound volume(SOLVED)

    I have the coaxial digital audio output of my smart tv connected to a DAC wiith a 3.5m spdif digital audio to rca coaxial cable & then to a 2.1 subwoofer amp. The 2.1 subwoofer amp is has 2 analog RCA input & 2 rca output(for passive speakers). Initially there is no sound output ,I had to...
  12. C

    Coax connector help

    Hi all Complete noob here. I need some advice about which coax adapter might work to receive Freeview on my new tv. (Logik L40AFE21) I moved into this house a couple of weeks ago and haven't done anything like this before. Downstairs there was a "normal" aerial socket so I bought a normal...
  13. L

    Virgin Media coax official specifications

    18 months ago we moved to Virgin Media broadband and TV. We needed to install the internal cabling ourselves because the cables had to be routed via underfloor crawlspaces and lofts that Virgin said their engineers would not be able to use Having consultated various forums, including this one...
  14. P

    F-Type Compression Connectors for Twin 4mm Coax Cable

    I've bought a drum of twin 4mm satellite cable so I can reroute the cables from my dish. I've also bought myself a compression tool. I can't find F-Type compression fittings for the thin cable. Any ideas, please?
  15. J

    Sky Q HDMI over IP or Coax - help needed

    I am moving into a new house which has been cabled with a single coax and single Cat 6 to each room. The coax is currently set to distribute satellite signal via some kind of splitter/multi-LNB in the roof near the dish. I only require Sky Q to one of these locations. I imagine the easiest...
  16. laalves

    USB to coaxial or optical - passthrough

    Hi all, I have a TAG McLaren AV32R DP processor which does not have HDMI input and would like to input a 7.1 signal into either one of the coaxial or optical inputs from my Mac which only has analog audio out. So, is there anything out there that would do this for me? I've only seen USB...
  17. Grimmi68

    How to find out which coax cable is coming from my aerial

    Hi. I have no signal from a downstairs aerial wall point and have been up to the eaves of the house to try to sort this out. There are several coax cables up there with F-type connectors on them. I have a Labgear LDA2061LR up there and i thought i had to input and the outputs sorted out, but i...
  18. A

    virgin coaxial cable

    hi guys i hope you can help i am doing a refurbish in the living room and the virgin cable that comes from outside my property into the room only has 4inch to play with Ive got no internet services yet but virgin came out and screwed a cable to the one that is sticking out of the wall because i...
  19. A

    virgin coaxial cable

    hi guys i hope you can help i am doing a refurbish in the living room and the virgin cable that comes from outside my property into the room only has 4inch to play with Ive got no internet services yet but virgin came out and screwed a cable to the one that is sticking out of the wall because i...
  20. R

    Virgin Media Coax Cable. HELP.

    Ok, I'm here again needing help with my tv. I have Virgin Media and I am moving the TiVo box and I need to make the cable shorter. It looks like a normal coax cable, but the connector where is screw in looks different and I can't see how it comes off. Anybody any idea? Ron
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