1. Jon Clay

    Cutting the coaxial cable of a TV aerial - safe or stupid?

    Hi everyone For a few months we've suffered issues with our TV whereby the picture and sound started to break up and cause horrible digital distortion. The TV aerial cable comes through a hole in the wall and is connected to the TV via a small box which filters out 4G interference (a known...
  2. B

    Sharp LC-40SH340K Coaxial Output Issue

    Greetings to all, My Sharp LCD TV is connected to my surroud sound amp (Yamaha RX-V357) using an optical coaxial cable. when playing a 5.1 DVD (Toshiba DVD player linked to TV via HDMI cable) the sound signal being received by the amp is only 2.1 Any ideas why the amp...
  3. T

    streaming to coax in?

    Is it possible to stream to coax in, on a dac. Needs to be a cheap option. My idea was to use a chrome cast but they are no longer available. I just need to stream max of 192 to coax in. I have no idea how to do this. Thanx in advance.
  4. P

    Coaxial video cable recommendations

    I'm looking for your recommendations for an upgrade coaxial video cable from the basic freebie cable to go between a humax freeview recorder and my oled tv please guys.
  5. J

    Question HDMI to coax cable converter - what might be "best"?

    I will probably need to connect a Network Video Recorder (NVR), for the forthcoming CCTV system, in the attic to the TV in the lounge via sat cable (WF100!) - the cable has been in place but unused for many years (multiple such cables were installed then, so several spares!) , and now I...
  6. D

    Best coax for new 4K OLED??

    Does anyone know what the best coax cable is to use for a 4K tv?? I’m currently using ct100 direct from aerial on roof, to a splitter on the side of the house, then straight into the back of my new LG C9. Only reason I ask is iv noticed I’m missing a few channels, like today I wanted to put on...
  7. H

    Sky Q Coax spec vs Sky HD

    Hi, just had a sky q install attempt hampered as one of the existing cables failed test. Have run without issue for nearly 5 years sky hd and signals on both cables have good strength and quality on hd box. I understand different signal from sky q lnb but just wondered if anyone knows if a...
  8. W

    Coaxial audio cable

    Is there any way of telling a coaxial cable from ordinary RCA cable apart from the thickness. I have just got round to connecting up my Onkyo TX-SR506 receiver for surround sound after only using it for five years for stereo sound with my Brennan JB7. The surround works fine so now I need to...
  9. jason shep

    Wanted Coaxial digital cable

    Hi All, I’m on the look out for a decent quality coaxial digital cable, Chord clearway, Audioquest carbon or similar, ideally 0.5m. Many thanks J
  10. A

    Quick question on Coaxial cable and Power Cord - Plz advise

    Dear Brothers, There is an AV show at my country tomorrow in which some brand-name cables and power cords will be offered at very good prices.(eg. audio quest cables will be discounted 50%) Could you please advise which Power Cords and Coaxial I should buy for my system below (including tech...
  11. Jacoscar

    What coaxial connector is this?

    Hello, I need to relocate the coaxial cable that carries the internet to my house; inside the house, the connector is a type F (same as used on sat cables), but I don’t recognise the connector outside as a typical Coaxial one can anybody tell me what it is?
  12. S

    Using a Coax Tv Antenna to get Sky Freesat channels

    Hi All Just wondering if there is any way at all I can use my Coax TV Antenna to connect it to my Sky+ Box in order to get the freesat Sky Channels?
  13. J

    Low volume of TV when using coax cable

    Hi. I have sky in my living room and I have a coax cable running under the floor and into the kitchen, and then into a different TV. My problem is two-fold. 1) When I am watching the picture on the TV in the kitchen, i.e. the programme transported from the Sky via coax, sometimes the...
  14. J

    Question Co-axial to Ethernet

    Hi all, is there a way to turn coaxial tv cable to Ethernet? As I have a lot of coaxial points not being used Thanks
  15. J

    Question Using installed co axial to Ethernet

    Hi all, Complete newbie here but nowhere that I can find advice. Basically my house is about 6 years old 3 story house, I want to run a few Ethernet wires around the house cause WiFi & powerline just not hacking it. I have co-axial points in the wall throughout the house but I don’t use them...
  16. fazerman45

    Question digital coaxial

    need a digital coaxial lead to go from blu-ray payer to my ruby ki amp,any recomendations
  17. Evokazz

    is Coax & TOSLink the only way?

    I have everything hooked up correctly from my AVR to my TV and all is well, my sound from my actual TV (apps etc) comes from my TOSLink connection to my AVR, other than ARC is there any other way to get sound via HDMI connection? Or are Coax and TOSLink the only way?
  18. H

    Question Soundbar for PC (connected to TV)

    Can anyone recommend a great soundbar for PC use. I use an unbranded 4K 39" Television, as a PC monitor. I have three PCs connected to this TV via HDMI. Connections: 3.5mm jack and Coaxial out. (it does not have HDMI Arc or Optical). Although, my main PC does have Optical out...
  19. HiFiRuss71

    For Sale Mark Grant Cable Clearout!

    Gone back to stereo and using Mark Grant HDX1 for everything, so these stalwarts of my multichannel past deserve better than sitting in a drawer. Some are bit dirty from use, but all are mechanically sound and undamaged. All prices include posting to mainland UK: 1x 7m(23ft) Canare LV77-S...
  20. Manete

    Question Coaxial Surge Protection

    Hi. A week ago, a heavy storm damaged the main board of my satellite receiver through the coaxial input. Big thunder --> mains off --> mains on --> decoder won't boot. I have an electric surge protector for all my devices, but the electromagnetic pulse/field this time, went through my dish...
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