1. H

    Is this enough clearance xbox series x?

    Just wondering if I have enough ventilation here? Around 4-5 inches either side 5-6 inches at back. Good inch at the top. Fan is on the right side. The back has a circle hole in where the wires go.l which adds to ventilation
  2. H

    Question How much clearance does a Denon x1600 need?

    So I have my Denon x1600 in my tv unit which has a completely open front and a enclosed back apart from a circle cut out for the wires to go through. Clearance wise it has 2 inches each side and 3-4 inch at the back with 1inch at the top where all the are vents. Is that enough clearance so it...
  3. D

    Question LED Top Clearance

    Hi folks, I'm looking for a TV to be wall-mounted in my garage conversion. The back wall is an odd shape, as the staircase takes up part of it and the available area for a TV is 850mm high. I've been checking out some 65" models and most of them are around 850mm high, so they would have next to...
  4. R

    How much clearance in a tight space?

    I’m getting that itch again. last time around I upgraded from a 49” to a 55” and had to rejig the furniture to give more vertical space. Thats not possible to change again, but I’m tempted by a 65”. i can only fit very low standing models - lgc9, Sony a8g/a9g - in the case of the LG I’d have...
  5. E

    Question TV Stand with Zero Ground Clearance

    I'm looking to buy a new TV and have about 700mm of height to play with. Unfortunately it seems 49" TVs are about 710mm including the provided stand. A good 30mm of which is ground clearance below the bottom of the TV. Does anyone know if it's possible to get an TV stand that will allow me to...
  6. Rambles

    I'm confused about 700mhz clearance

    I understand that the object of the exercise is to free up the 700mhz frequencies for use with mobile phone date. So, why then are COM7 and COM8 muxes being moved from 570 and 586 to 746 and 754 frequencies? That's moving them into the 700mhz frequencies o_O For my situation, I am wondering if...
  7. Sandman

    Parcelforce awaiting customs clearance

    Does anybody know how long it usually takes for parcels from outside the EU to clear customs? I am expecting a watch and it has been sitting at this status since 1st January. I know I will have to pay VAT and a handling charge but I am running out of patience and it is taking the shine off my...
  8. K

    Answered QUAD house clearance find

    Hi just joined to find out a little information if possible. During a house clearance yesterday I came across a pair of Quad 22L floor standing speakers, a Quad 99 Pre amp and a Quad 99 Stereo power amp. All of these items are now set up in my living room and working lovely. I have just...
  9. Rodders53

    700 MHz Clearance: DigitalUK have released more details

    For the benefit of those who do not also follow Digital Spy, a lot of new information has been released and is now included in their postcode prediction tool as well. Digital UK | Clearance events in Q1 2018 For the majority of people a simple re-tune will be needed at the appropriate time...
  10. johnyh

    Answered Ceiling speaker all round clearance?

    This question has been asked before in terms of clearance from joists. But how much clearance is needed all around a ceiling speaker? i.e. from the joists and from the floorboards above? How hot do these things get? I'm specifically thinking of the Monitor Audio CT265-IDC Thanks in advance
  11. W

    DIY av unit - clearance for AV receiver?

    Hi As per title I am building my own AV rack using IKEA lack side tables. I have a Yamaha RXA-3060 receiver. What clearance above the AV receiver would you recommend? AV receiver is 190mm tall. Would 100 mm be about right? I don't want to make the entire unit unnecessarily tall, just enough to...
  12. U

    Clearance around ceiling speakers

    Just redoing the lounge including the ceiling and planning to install four ceiling speakers. I was wondering what the minimum clearance around them to the joists should be. My setup isn't ideal as my sofa isn't far from the back wall and for some reason there are two ceiling joists in close...
  13. B

    Help! Clearance question

    We are doing major renovations on my condominium. My TV sits in a corner, which is shaped oddly because of a structural column in the corner. We had envisioned mounting my tv, and then installing some sort of built-in storage for my components and on which my center channel and l and r would...
  14. Chris4891

    Question Richersounds Clearance Items - can you reserve them over the phone

    As per title - have seen something but can't get there for a few days. Can you reserve and/or pay over the phone? Thanks
  15. geogan

    Bargain Expired Liquidation clearance Blurays/DVDs for sale £3 each

    Just letting you know the Irish DVD rental chain Xtravision (part of HMV group) closed down recently and now they are flogging their entire ex-rental stock very cheaply online. I just got 4 blurays: Robocop, Noah, Robert Redford movie All is Lost and Purge:Anarchy for €20 (€16+€4 P&P) but...
  16. Garrett

    Bargain Blu-ray Steelbook price drop thread

    Continuation from part 2 thread here
  17. twist

    Bargain Expired Manfrotto clearance
  18. ScottishAndy

    Clearance deals at Richer Sounds

    Hi there, I have been looking through Richer Sounds' clearance pages and spotted a few things that I liked the look of at pretty heavy discounts. Does anyone have any experience of buying from Richer Sounds, in particular Ex-Repair / Refurb items from their warehouse? Grateful for any...
  19. M

    Question Running HDMI cables behind plaster with < 25mm clearance

    So here is the chase for my wall: The issue I have is there is < 25mm clearance. The wall is an exterior wall with dot and dab. I kept hitting the dot and dab so decided to chase that channel out. My original plan was to use some galvanised steel capping (Tower...
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