1. Obliter8

    For Sale Classic 1970s Hi-Fi setup, manuals & boxes, £150

    For sale, a fantastic, genuine 1970s Hi-Fi setup, loved for decades! In the setup: Sanyo Stereo Amp DCA 1400, wood finish, original box and manuals included Sanyo Turntable TP 600SA, wood finish, working condition but needs a new belt (old one perished) and stylus, box and manuals included...
  2. A


    SAMSUNG GALAXY WATCH 4 CLASSIC 46mm - 4G LTE VERSION - SILVER - NEW & SEALED Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic (46mm) Smart Watch - Silver Genuine UK Version 4G / LTE version Silver rotating bezel 46mm New & Boxed. Still sealed. £269 No offers, no trades. For sale at listed price only...
  3. C

    Replacing a classic amp Denon Avc-11sr with a more modern option

    Hi folks I've mentioned on another thread that my fabulous Denon AVC-A11sr is failing on one of the front channels. I am nowing using the preouts to power the fronts from my also ageing Arcam 8. The AV amp is fed from TV and PS5 via optical as HDMI not possible with the amp. I am looking at...
  4. Waynej

    For Sale Far Cry 3 Classic Edition

    £13 PPG/BT inc. post. Mint condition, been sat on my shelf for ages and I just finally got around to getting this easy 1K completion ahead of me jumping into the latest game. This Xbox One game is also enhanced displaying higher resolution when running on Xbox One X and Xbox Series X.
  5. Boostrail

    Best spec/value PJ for Classic car club meetings.

    I am a committee member of a local classic car club. We are in process of changing our meeting venue and the new venue does not have any PJ facilities. As it appears I am the only committee member who is somewhat video savvy I have been nominated to recommend a PJ for purchase by the club...
  6. Field Marshall Eccles

    EV Classic Cars

    I suspect purists might not approve but a couple of firms are now converting classic cars to electric power by using recycled electric motors and batteries. It is however fiendishly expensive.
  7. N

    classic canadian hip hop

    there were some really good tunes this one is a great one
  8. RedDevil85

    Universal Classic Monsters 4-Film Collection 4K UHD

    Links: - HMV - Zavvi Release date: 04/10/2021 Steelbook threads: Dracula (1931) 90th Anniversary Edition (Zavvi Exclusive) (4K UHD/Blu-ray Steelbook) Frankenstein (1931) 90th Anniversary Edition (Zavvi Exclusive) (4K UHD/Blu-ray Steelbook) The Invisible Man (1933) (Zavvi...
  9. Plumsandpearls

    A classic horror story (netflix)

    Watched this tonight. Its an Italian horror- 5 friends get stranded after a crash kinda film. Enjoyed it, but it was very strange. Kept you guessing as to what was going on. I think I enjoyed it- anyone else see it ?
  10. al shookup

    Trying to download utorrent classic.

    I used utorrent classic but the laptop I used died on me. I have been using my desktop but am only able to get 'xtorrents download manager'. This downloaded very slowly and is not at all suitable. Does anyone know how to get utorrent classic and bypass the more modern version which I believe is...
  11. S

    Mission m51's or Jamo classic 4's?

    Ok so i'm not looking for anything fancy and will probably get slated for using a sony TA-FE230 amp, but if anyone cares to share what they would choose f they were me that would be great. the missions are listed for £60 and the Jamo's at £50. Cheers
  12. raigraphixs

    A Classic Horror Story (Netflix) directed by Roberto De Feo & Paolo Strippoli

    14 July (Netflix) Italian horror film Viewer Discretion Advised Teaser
  13. R

    Cyrus One HD vs Cyrus ‘Classic’

    I’m looking to setup a new system in my office and have been deciding between a Cyrus One HD and a used Cyrus ’Classic’ integrated amp, likely a Cyrus 8vs2. Has anyone on the forums experience of comparing the sound quality between the Cyrus 8 classic amps and the newer Cyrus One HD. The One HD...
  14. C

    Wanted - Castle Classic Subwoofer in Natural Oak

    Hi, Probably a long shot, but I'm after one of these in reasonable condition. Anybody have any idea where I could source one? Thanks!
  15. B

    Worth upgrading IPOD Classic to DAP and using best connection to AV Receiver

    I currently own an Ipod Classic 8th Generation. Been happy with this for years as can store all my mp3 music collection (Currently 110GB) on it. Most of the time just use it with headphones in. But I also connect it to to my AV Receiver (Yamaha RX-V377) using a cable that goes from the bottom...
  16. N

    The Classic Eastenders Episode Thread (Drama Channel) 1pm

    A discussion thread for old eastenders! This has been airing on Drama for a few years, it started again from the very first episode, (1985). its currently showing 1997 now. Episodes start at 1pm followed by another episode, monday to friday. Channel lists Cable Satellite IPTV...
  17. E

    Classic April Fool Jokes

    Tympanic Membrane Technology (Steve Guttenberg): Houseplants for Audiophiles (John Darko): I actually bought both of these. They're both very well done and sound quite plausible to the Hi-Fi enthusiast.
  18. Spangleton SpingleSpangle

    Classic Doctor Who

    Hello! I'm new. This is my first thread. As the title says, this is a thread about the classic era of Doctor Who, focusing on the series prior to it's separate yet equally brilliant reboot in 2005. But while both are fantastic, for me the classic era has a sort of delightful, quaint charm that...
  19. UpgradingAgain

    B&W 805 D3 vs JBL L100 classic vs focal vs Dali Vs dynaudio heritage and...

    Hi guys, I’m on the AV thread about home cinema speakers and kit that also does music. Having considered this, I think I’d rather go at a music system which can do tv as stereo until later when I can add the AV receiver and surrounds to it. In this way, I’m getting high quality audio first and...
  20. bruce-leroy

    Classic scenes with food from movies that make you really hungry

    My missus made a meal today with Chorizo, which got me thinking about the classic “Chorizo and Eggs” scene from Midnight Run. I remember almost salivating when I first watched the movie during that scene. Are there any other movies which bring up the subject of food that actually make you...
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