1. shezy

    For Sale Rotel RB-993 Class A/B 200w X 3 channel amp.

    Hi All I have 2 X these Amps and have decided to sell one for now. Amazing amp with tons of power to drive any speakers with ease. Built like a tank. Boxed for last year or so after arrival of little one and subsequent dismantling of my my home cinema room. Plenty of reviews available...
  2. A

    Is the price difference between C class and G class LG TVs worth it?

    I have been out of the loop for a while, currently using an 8 years old plasma TV. It was the best technology for gaming back then. My needs are still the same - mainly gaming with the occasional movies. From what I have gathered here, the LG TVs are the best fit, 77". Question is first, should...
  3. MuppetKing

    Gaming Laptop to Samsung Class Q90T, can't activate Game Mode any longer

    I have a decent gaming laptop that my friend and I have been using with a 65 In Samsung Q90T. When we first started, we had no issues getting the TV to respond to the laptop and get recognized. Then we started having issues with getting the TV to present it self for 120 Hz. Now our latest...
  4. N

    Class AB power amp for Lyngdorf BW20 passive subs

    Looking at a few pointers on what power amplifier to go for. Two BW-20 passive subwoofers are being considered, naturally the dealer will recommend Lyngdorf power amplifier which is class D of 2x 400watts. Any advice on other class D amplifiers? Or Class AB which are rated 500watts or above...
  5. hassanchop

    Samsung 75" Class - QN9 Series vs QN90A. Are they the same thing?

    I see the QN9 at Costco and the QN90A on different sites. I'm in the US. Just curious if they are the same TV or different. Trying to find the best deal for a Samsung TV around 70 inches or slightly bigger for around $2300-2500. Thanks
  6. P

    Identifying Amplifier Class - Kenwood KA-5050R

    Hi Guys, Was after a bit of advice… A friend of mine has a Kenwood KA-5050R amplifier and is trying to figure out what Class it is (basically to know if it’s Class D and going to throw a wobbly if a high level sub input is plumbed in). I don’t think it is from its weight and output but anyone...
  7. zantarous

    Seagate EXOS 16TB 3.5" SATA Enterprise Class HDD

    Just looking at potentially replacing some drives that might be faulty and I see that the Seagate Exos 16TB 3.5" SATA Enterprise Class drives seem to be incredibly cheap on both Amazon and scan at the moment £287.99. This seems too good to be true so wondered if anyone knew anything about them...
  8. Quorra

    Class D amps vs Class AB

    Looking for a power supply to power my arendal 1723 since my anthem 1140 cant seem to keep up without clipping at moderate volume levels. I was looking at monoprice class D which is supposed to come out end of this month / beginning of next. Also was looking at emotiva xpa 7 but not sure the...
  9. dp4

    First Class Trouble

    Free on ps plus this month Anyone been playing it , wasn’t keen on the first go but gave it another try and have become a bit addicted to it
  10. E

    Which sub £200 Class D 2.1 mini desktop amp all-in-one in 2021?

    The main ones I see discussed and available to the UK for under £200 appear to be below. I have only included ones that have at minimum a sub out and at least one form of digital input (i.e. include a DAC) and at least one form of another type of input so you can switch between a minimum of 2...
  11. T

    Is the Yamaha rx-v6a inferior due to being class D?

    A shop owner told me the v6a would be inferior in terms of sound quality to, say, a marantz 1711 since the former is class D as opposed to AB. Is this true? I later also found that the Marantz have significantly less power than the Yamaha. How important is that to drive my future 5.1 with the...
  12. H

    Class AB vs Class D WPC

    When it comes to power to drive hard to drive speakers are WPC that same for Class AB and Class D amps? In other words will a 100 WPC Class AB amp have the same effect on a speaker as a 100 WPC Class D amp with the only difference being the sound signature of both amps? And would 50% on the...
  13. E

    Is the Denon AVR-X2700H a class A/B?

    Hi all I was just wondering if any of you knew whether the Denon AVR-X2700H was a class A/B receiver? Thanks!
  14. gava

    What remaining class A/B amplifiers?

    Class D seems to be taking over now that it's so good. What are the brands that are still producing good A/B?
  15. S

    Merc C Class saloon

    Giving serious thought to buying a 2020 (69 plate) Merc C class saloon (C300d model). someone on here must have owned a C class recently - just wondering how practical/useable the boot is? I’ve only ever had hatch backs or an estate before, so boot accessibility was fine. just wondering what...
  16. SFkilla

    X-Men: First Class (4K/Blu-ray Steelbook) (FR)

    X-Men: First Class (Steelbook) (4K + Blu-Ray) Purchase link: / Release date: 11/06/2021 Status: Available to pre-order
  17. RedDevil85

    X-Men: First Class - Lenticular Edition (Zavvi Exclusive) (4K UHD/Blu-ray Steelbooks)

    Purchase link: Zavvi (4K UHD/Blu-ray) - Zavvi (Blu-ray) Release date: 19/07/2021 Status: In Stock
  18. tele1962

    Thinking About A Used Mercedes A Class?

    Newbie question, but feel I need as much advice as possible before even thinking about taking the plunge, so here goes. I currently own a 2015 Ford Focus 1.1 Ecoboost Titanium but always promised myself something much nicer, the MB A Class seems to fit the bill. It would need to be automatic...
  19. LeeSelby77

    audiolab 8300xp - what class of amp?

    Hopefully a simple answer for those of you in the know :D I'm running an 8300XP off the back of a 6000A. I'm planning to integrate some REL subs into my 2 channel system but, to ensure I correctly wire the subs into the power amp, I need to ascertain the class of amp. I'm going to ASSUME that...

    Hisense - 43" Class H55 Series LED Full HD Smart Android TVModel:43H5500G

    Ok Folks .... We are in the USA ... Just to make sure any suggestions will carry over to our local area. Just hope to find a 43 inch tv ... without 4K ... It seems, that a 1080P is maybe Better... since 43 inch 4K sucks..most of the time.... We just got the Samsung 43 TU7000 and we are thinking...
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