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  1. Dans1210

    For Sale Behringer A800 Class D Power Amp x2.

    For sale i have my Behringer A800 class d amplifiers, these amplifiers are fantastic, really powerful, run silent and cool. Easily integrated into a receiver with pre outs to boost that front end! Sold as a pair or individually. The warranty on both were registered, at this point i think they...
  2. Quorra

    Class D amps vs Class AB

    Looking for a power supply to power my arendal 1723 since my anthem 1140 cant seem to keep up without clipping at moderate volume levels. I was looking at monoprice class D which is supposed to come out end of this month / beginning of next. Also was looking at emotiva xpa 7 but not sure the...
  3. crmb

    Compact amp (class D ?) with sub out

    I am looking for a compact amp to re-use a pair of bookshelf main speakers + sub. (from my previous 5.1 setup) I have seen the TEAC AI-301 (is this brand overpriced nowadays ?), Yamaha A-U670... But i can't find info about the crossover frequency. Actually it appear there is none for the TEAC...
  4. E

    Which sub £200 Class D 2.1 mini desktop amp all-in-one in 2021?

    The main ones I see discussed and available to the UK for under £200 appear to be below. I have only included ones that have at minimum a sub out and at least one form of digital input (i.e. include a DAC) and at least one form of another type of input so you can switch between a minimum of 2...
  5. T

    Is the Yamaha rx-v6a inferior due to being class D?

    A shop owner told me the v6a would be inferior in terms of sound quality to, say, a marantz 1711 since the former is class D as opposed to AB. Is this true? I later also found that the Marantz have significantly less power than the Yamaha. How important is that to drive my future 5.1 with the...
  6. H

    Class AB vs Class D WPC

    When it comes to power to drive hard to drive speakers are WPC that same for Class AB and Class D amps? In other words will a 100 WPC Class AB amp have the same effect on a speaker as a 100 WPC Class D amp with the only difference being the sound signature of both amps? And would 50% on the...
  7. bogart99

    Question Class D amp recommendation

    One of my girls has just recently got into vinyl, so they do listen to what dad says occasionally:) So what she needs is, in my mind, a decent class D amp , with a phono input. Space is limited hence the class D approach. Any that stand out as obvious contenders. Max budget about £200
  8. eastsoutheast

    Question BK sub and class D amp - please help

    Hi Fellow Members I have just purchased a BKXXLS400 which I want to connect using the high level leads to my power amps. My problem is I just changed to class d digital power amps and the BK manual advises many class d amps do not like having the black/ground lead connected hence my problem...
  9. 5

    Class D Amp advice

    I'm looking for some advice to replace my STA-1508 multiroom Amp. It only drives 3 zones (2 Bedroom & ensuites, plus the main bathroom) and never needed to crank it past halfway. It's always been overkill, but I got it for a very good price at the time. But it takes up a lot of space in the...
  10. DJ Dave

    Question Class AB or Class D amp to partner a mixer?

    Hi. I have a 2 channel 2 valve analogue mixer connected to 2 Technics 1210mk2's. I am going to use JBL 530 speakers (125 watts). Looking at amps, would Class AB be a better match for the mixer or Class D?
  11. puntloos

    Class D Amplifier Hum (Ground loop?)

    So my situation: - 1000W class D subwoofer amplifier (velodyne microvee) - If I use my mobile phone as audio source- works perfectly - If I plug it into subwoofer out on my receiver (denon x4500H): pretty serious hum. So clearly this 'sounds like' ground loop hum, but: - Second subwoofer has...
  12. K

    Question NAD D 3020 V2 Pre-Out question

    Any forum members using the D 3020 V2 as a preamp? I am considering putting a NAD D 3020 V2 in my man cave/office, predominantly for use as a headphone amp (streaming from laptop over Bluetooth). It also occurred to me that I could use the NAD as a pre-amp for the powered speaker I have in...
  13. markyboy156

    class d amplifiers

    hi can anybody please tell me is the yamaha rx 3060 a class d amplifier if it is not i need a top end class d amp that does dolby atmos dts x that will work with the best of its ability with the klipsh 280f speakers thanks
  14. Killzone

    Class D power amp mixed with Class A/B AVRs

    Question is it ok to run Class D power amps with say a Marantz or Yamaha avr . I was going to run a 300 w per ch at 8 ohms for my fronts would the sound be all over the place . Maybe the front 3 channels . Using Klipsch RP280s . Any advice wecome
  15. B

    Velodyne Microvee Class D, wind like noise from driver... Help?

    Hi everyone, Apologies if my thread is not in the right area. I have a custom made enclosure with the Velodyne Microvee 1000w RMS module strapped to it. I bought the Velodyne Subwoofer and when I bought it, it was smashed to death literally.... it didn't work. I plugged it in and all I got...
  16. D

    Does affordable AVR class D, exist?

    The best solution that i've found is this Pioneer SC-LX501, 7.2 SC-LX501 - 7.2-ch Class D<sup>3</sup> Network AV Receiver TBH it is a bit expensive (and Europe Prices are like +50% than US prices...), its like 1300euros here. I will never use 7.2, most propably 5 or 5.1 Power is ok i dont...
  17. L

    Question Class D amps - power usage with no signal?

    Hi everyone. Can anyone help me understand what the power usage of a class D amp would be when there is no input signal? Background: I'm running a squeezebox system and want to add more zones. I've ordered a class D 15w mini circuit board to experiment with whether it'll do what I need. Being...
  18. droidlike

    Ati-Amp introduces class D Power Amp

    I got the advertisement from here ! ================================ What is your favorite class D amplifier? post #81 of 84 Unread 09-04-2016, 09:29 AM I have added the new ATI amplifiers (see link below) to my short list.
  19. Cliff

    Class D improving in leaps and bounds.

    Just thought I would write a few words about my latest experience using a Class D amplifier. A decade ago there was much hype about Tripath amplifiers. Since then, the chip sets have improved and now Texas Instruments have the TPA3116 which is capable of 2 x 50w RMS or 1 x 100w RMS. I bought a...
  20. B

    Class D Amps ?

    Hi All, Am looking for a small Amp for the kitchen TV (Panasonic Viera) I have a set of speakers and a sub (non active) and am after advice if one of these is powerful enough to enhance my TV sound (which is crap) nOt looking for anything fancy or expensive just basic stereo sound. Class D...
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