1. R

    Clarity on testing within 90 days of having Covid

    Hello, apologies if this is clear to many but I've found it difficult to find clarity on NHS/other websites which really surprises me when circa 20% of the population has had Covid and thus must apply to many,........ My whole family of 4 has had Covid within the last 90 days. Should we still...
  2. skipppy89

    Centers and fronts for clear dialogues

    Dear folks! I would like to ask for your experience and help. I'm looking to improve on my home theater system. I've been using a Denon X2300 with the speakers from my old and trusty Creative Gigaworks S750 with great satisfaction, but now that I moved to a bigger house, I found that I'd need...
  3. E

    Sony KE-55A UHD

    Hi Forum Recently purchased the Sony KE-55A8, I have used Calibration settings found on this website but having some issues. When I watch any UHD content via my Sky Q box the picture goes very dark and colours seem to be muted. Also the picture does not appear to be very sharp. I'm looking...
  4. C

    Question motion and clarity settings not per input/app Sony xf9005

    ive found that the clarity and motion settings don't change when the TV goes into HDR or different input or app. the colour settings change. is this normal? as I don't want reality creation on for native 4K content as its already at 4K.
  5. R

    Sony xf8505 poor picture clarity

    Hello everyone, I have just purchased the sony 49xf8505 to replace a 10ish year old sony bravia and im very disapointed with the picture clarity on HD channels imparticular. No matter what i watch on HD (VIRGIN V6 BOX) it looks oversaturated, out of focus, blurry and slightly fuzzy. Still...
  6. B

    Sky Q and Sky Protect - clarity needed

    Have now had Sky Q installed so should I cancel my Sky Protect ?. I understand the boxes (2 tb + mini) are now covered as they are owned by Sky but what about dish and cables. Let's forget for now that the TV is covered by the policy.
  7. M

    Best sound bar for voice clarity?

    I have a Yamaha AV receiver with 4 wall-mounted Bose speakers in the corners of the room with a sub on the floor below my display. I have difficulty with voice volume and clarity on some content. I'm looking for a sound bar to set in the front-center just below my display. I've been searching...
  8. B

    Question Question on the best samsung soundbar for speech/dialogue clarity

    Having been reliably informed that the best Samsung SoundbarBar for Speech Clarity is either the MS 650 or MS there anyone out there that would like to offer their opinion based on playing experience. Thanks in advance
  9. Junipertv

    Sound bar for vocal clarity

    Hi I am looking to spend £300 - £350 for a sound bar or base that will help the vocal audio standout when watching TV or movies. Does anyone have any recommendations? I Thanks J
  10. R

    £150 budget, clarity and bass speakers.

    Hi, My budget is £150 for a set of 2.1 or 2.0 speakers. I've previously owned Acoustic Energy Aego M's and also the Audioengine 2's. Both which were wonderful. Audioengine 2 had great quality and richness of sound, with bass when needed, and the Aego M's had great bass that was adustable, and...
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