1. 5


    Dune HD Max Vision 4K vs ZAPPITI PRO 4K HDR AUDIOCOM CINEMA EDITION vs Zidoo UHD3000 the "Dune HD Max Vision 4K" + Zidoo UHD3000 device is about to come out with a statement on HDR quality without explanations of how they will do it without explanations as to whether it will be Blue Ray quality...
  2. M

    Home cinema advice.

    Good afternoon Everyone, Im new to the forums so wanted to reach out for some advice. My partner recently has expressed the desire to convert one of our spare bedrooms into a cinema room. She's been having a bit of a tough time of it lately (Nurse at the local hospital) so I thought id crack...
  3. S

    Home Cinema Speaker upgrade

    When I bought my house in 2012 a home cinema upgrade was something I was looking forward to. Things haven't gone smoothly these last 9 years and I'm only now setting up my home cinema in the fashion that I had hoped. Currently have this ancient Yamaha speaker system NSP110 using a Yamaha RX...
  4. absolutely80s


    Has anybody managed to bag a better deal on Sky Cinema than £11 per month in exchange for a new 18 month contract? Best I could get out of them when I called was £12 a month for 6 months.
  5. T

    New Home cinema build help

    Hi everyone, I never had a homecinema setup in my life. Only hifi setup I had was a pair of DALI Zensor 3s with Yamaha S201 Stereo Amp, budget good sounding setup. I live in Spain and I have a budget range between 1500€-2000€ (1800$-2400$) including av receiver, 5.1 speaker setup. I would like...
  6. d-aston41

    For Sale Anti-Mode 8033 Cinema "Excellent Condition"

    Hi Guys & Dolls.. Here I have my ANTI-MODE 8033 Cinema up for sale.. which is in excellent condition.. I bought this from BK electronics a FEW of years ago.. the warranty has now finished.. but the unit is in perfect working order.. if you are looking at this you know exactly what they're used...
  7. Downinja

    Competition Win - Home Cinema

    My niece just call me (as the resident TV/IT expert) Turns out she's won a new TV. Any clues on what this might be worth, webpage seems a little shy on detail unfortunately.
  8. Steve Tzathas

    AV Receiver + Stereo Amplifier for Home Cinema and Stero Sound.

    Hello.I am from Greece. I am currently have a 7.2 configuration. (Marantz NR1608). I have a big concern about trying to add an Amplifier to my Marantz NR1608 Receiver in order to achieve better stereo sound. I will purchase the Musical Fidelity M2si also which supports home cinema bypass (ΗΤ)...
  9. D

    Question advice for home cinema set with limited space available

    I want to setup a home cinema configuration that also should serve for stereo (music). Here is my situation: I have a total width available of 161 cm (63.4 inches). I take into account that in that space I have to place a 55 inch LG tv, which is about 123 cm (48.4 inch) wide. This means that...
  10. S

    For Sale KEF THX Cinema speakers Ci3160RL-THX and Ci200RR-THX

    3 x KEF Ci3160RL-THX 2 x KEF Ci200RR-THX I need to sell as the new home will not accommodate my system. The speakers are immaculate and have been phenomenal. Speaker covers are painted very light matt grey to match the media room. They are very heavy speakers, I would recommend collecting the...
  11. B

    Our bedroom 5.1.2 Atmos home cinema

    Thought I would share the cinema room that we created during lockdown. The room was a spare double bedroom with an alcove that hadn't been properly used for years really, was just a dumping ground for boxes and stuff. Anyway we had a wall high cupboard built in the alcove, dug up the old Sanyo...
  12. J

    Cinema speakers upgrade

    I’m planning on redecorating my cinema room and will also take the chance to replace my near 20 year old 5.1 KEF speakers (Q35 fronts/Q15 rears/Q95 center). Receiver is is a Marantz NR1710 and I have a BK P12-300SB sub with an Epson TW6100 projecting an 84” image. The room is quite small at...
  13. Baldfox

    Using Plex in Node-red to control your Home Cinema

    Hi guys, in case anyone's interested, I just put out a blog post on how you can control your home-cinema via Plex. You could for instance turn on/off, dim lights according to play/pause/stop, you could receive notifications based on content and parental guidance ratings depending on who's...
  14. A

    Common question, what is the best setup for a small cinema room, 5.1.2, 7.1 or 7.1.2

    Hi all, I know this question has been asked so many times but there is so much different information I am looking at what the best speaker setup is for my small sized cinema room. The room is approximately 3m x 4m, the sofa is positioned 20cm away from the wall (as far as the wife would allow...
  15. J

    Home Cinema Help XBOX series X

    Hi, I have a home cinema setup for watching movies (usually via a projector with electric screen) and gaming, using a 4k TV. Gaming is done via XBOX One X. Internet gets to the xbox via Ethernet (wifi isn't great at this part of the house). From the back of the xbox HDMI goes to a HDMI 2.0...
  16. M

    Older Yamaha receiver HTR 6260--continued confusion over straight, cinema DSP and surround decode

    Folks: I am new to the forum but I have reviewed several threads on this subject, yet I still am not sure I understand it all correctly. It seems to me that Yamaha has made their system more complex than it has to be, but that just could be me. My system is a very basic 5.1 setup. Here is my...
  17. J

    My First Home Cinema.. please help!

    I’m currently undergoing the privilege of building my new home from the ground up. With the plans agreed my attention is now firmly towards the tech. I’ve always wanted a home cinema and after researching this topic it’s of my understanding that the sound is probably as important if not more...
  18. R

    Which speakers to pair with Wharfedale Diamond 10.1?

    I've recently upgraded my AVR to the Sony STR-DN1080 and, in the process, swapped the front speakers of my Jamo A 102 HCS package with a pair of Wharfedale Diamond 10.1. (Bizarrely, I had been using the Wharfedale only for music as Zone 2, though they are positioned next to the Jamo🙄). What a...
  19. B

    Building 7.1.2 Atmos enabled Home Cinema NEED ADVICE!

    Hi all, Over the last year I have been stop and start in trying to complete my home cinema. Due to ongoing works in the house I have never got around to completing it and being happy with the layout. I have all of the following equipment purchased and/or installed: Acer M550 4K projector...
  20. TheDarkKnight01

    Question Home Cinema TV Upgrade?

    My current setup is as follows: Hisense 75" 75B7510UK TV Yamaha YHT-1840 AV Receiver (with speakers, sub, 5.1 Surround) Xbox One X Sky Q I sit around 7-8ft back from the TV, straight on The main use the TV gets is: Playing Xbox (FIFA mainly, some Call of Duty) - I would look at getting...
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