1. Flyboy583

    Garage Conversion: Cinema Room / Study Build

    I'm at the very early stages of planning a new build once we move into our new house. The idea here is to convert the back half of my garage into a dual-purpose build to function as both my office and a cinema room. This is the first draft and I welcome any suggestions ideas as the thread...
  2. B

    5:1:2 To 7:2:4 Home Cinema Upgrade

    After many years of running an enjoyable mid range 5:1:2 system, I've just upgraded to a 7:2:4 set up based around a Denon AVC-X6500H amp...Very nice!! My enquiry is in relation to the extra floor level channels I now have for the first time, the left & right surrounds which are positioned...
  3. M

    Double Garage Cinema Room

    Hi All, I would be grateful if you can provide some assistance on the following. I am now coming to the completion of a double garage conversion for a dedicated cinema room. I have already purchased a Benq W2700 projector and am now looking at speakers and amp. The room will be used for a...
  4. G

    Operation Mancave

    Hi folks, Been researching here for a while now. Moved into my house about 2 years ago which has a detached garage in the garden so it was a dream the first time I saw the place to have some sort of cinema/mancave setup. I had a few quotes which were outrageously outside my budget and I'm...
  5. K

    Comparative integrated amplifier vs Yamaha RX-A670 home cinema receiver

    I use the aforementioned home cinema amp for all my audio needs including vinyl. My turntable's a Rega RP40, Ortofon Blue cart with a Pro Ject MM Box into Cambridge Audio Minx bookshelfs. OK: so what's bugging me is the thought that, as vinyl is my fave medium, I'm missing out on something on...
  6. W

    First Floor home cinema - got there at last!

    We started our new build project way back in 2014 and finally started the build in June 2018. So the better half had all the design requirements of the house but i got to do the 2 fun bits, a 3 metre marine tank(obviously not for this forum) and a home cinema room. Having read posts on this...
  7. S

    Home Cinema Speakers For Movies & Music

    I’m looking for some help and advice on my next speaker purchase. I will be moving into my new house shortly and need a full home cinema system. I’ve already purchased my new LG OLED 65 C9 PLA TV. I have approx £4000 to cover a new Amp & Speakers, the Amp is likely to be the Denon AVC-X6500H so...
  8. T

    Screen size, CIH and IMAX in a home cinema

    There are a lot of different views on the ideal screen size to have in a dedicated home cinema. Opinions are influenced by many things, including: Source resolution Personal preference Perceived personal preference (your favourite seats at the local cinema may be affected by the vertical...
  9. davemarsden132

    4.5m x 3m garage conversion cinema room!

    Hi All, Finally finished my cinema room project from converting the garage, figured i used this website a lot to help me build and decide my speakers etc so i thought id post my finished project along with photos of the build throughout to showcase this project and hopefully help anyone else...
  10. Molineuxheights

    Home Cinema Garage Conversion 2020

    Hi there, Having had a surround system and projector for a few years. I decided earlier in the year to make a more permanent set up in half of my double garage. So, having almost completed the room. I thought I'd share my design with you. With the exception of a new Subwoofer, all of the kit...
  11. M

    Cedia Designer Request and Install for Home Cinema with TV above Fire

    Hi All, This year I am planning to upgrade our lounge which is also used for home cinema. Is there anyone who can do a Cedia Designer plan for me as I am hoping to use existing AV equipment where possible with only new speakers required where they may be possible for wall mounting. We...
  12. GrantK

    My 248in Home Cinema

    I have been reading this forum for a while and decided I would finally contribute. After buying a new house two years ago with a dedicated home cinema I have been on a quest to slowly upgrade and modernise it. The Room: The room itself is 9.5m x 6.5m (31’ x 21’). The floor has 5 levels with...
  13. T

    For Sale SVS SB12-NSD SUBWOOFER - £390 Can Deliver For £20 PRICE DROP!

    I've had this subwoofer for over four years. After a year the amp started having problems so I contacted L sound who sent a replacement amp and it's been working flawlessly since. I have tried to show any marks in the pictures. There are some light scratches on the left side and a tiny dent on...
  14. linnasak

    Sony to stop making cinema projectors

    Seen this on US site https://www.digitalcinemareport.com/news/sony-stop-manufacturing-digital-cinema-projectors Could have impact on home cinema models I think as no longer there to cascade down tech / subsidise etc. kevin
  15. O

    Cinema room

    Hello everyone!! I've been in the process of designing my first home theater setup (projector + 5.1 HT) in a non-dedicated room in a newly built house. It's going to take a few more months until I move there, but I need to start running cables through the walls and ceiling, so I need to make up...
  16. originalsauce

    For Sale 6x Vue Cinema Tickets (2D VIP/Standard)

    Have six tickets for sale to any Vue Cinema 2D showing (3d with supplement) which includes both standard/VIP seating. Also includes additional 6x half price popcorn code to use both in person or online. Codes will be emailed. Thanks Jack
  17. M

    Home Cinema in Garage Build

    Hi all, I hope I've started this in the correct place. So first I guess I should introduce myself and this thread. So for the past year I've been toying with building a home cinema at home. Been trying out different layouts at home to which none of the wife liked or agreed with. That's...
  18. M

    Outdoor cinema project

    Hi I'm in the middle of setting up an outdoor cinema. I'm going with a 120" screen and an optoma hd28e projector. I realize it's a going to be evening only viewing but that should be ok.
  19. Y

    Soundbar for outside cinema

    Hello All I am building a outdoor cinema setup (think cheap and entertaining rather than high quality) I have so far got the picture (4000 lumens HD projector) and screen (massive blow up screen) sorted and it functions well, next thing to tackle is sound (at the moment i am going through a...
  20. K

    Kef or Canton for home cinema

    Hi peeps, I am in the early stages of creating a home theatre setup. The room is pretty large/spacious. Canton - (Chrono 519 - Fronts), (Chrono 512 - Rears), (Chrono SL 556 - Centre) and (Canton 1200R - Subwoofer). Optional Atmos - (Canton AR-400) either to sit on top of fronts or mounted as...
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