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  1. B

    Sky Cinema constant channel renaming is ridiculous

    Sky Cinema constant channel renaming is ridiculous Does anyone else have this as a bit of a pet hate? They stick to the same old 11 channels (12 if you count Sky Cinema Premiere+1 which reappeared in SD!) but keep shuffling around often quite ridiculous themed selections of movies for what...
  2. chownsie79

    For Sale Grandview Cyber Series Fixed Frame Acoustic Transparent 2.35:1 Home Cinema Screen 104 inch (8ft wide) and Epson EHTW7400

    Grandview screen and Epson Projector for sale - 814 lamp hours on the projector which comes with the ceiling mount. We will also throw in a space acoustic transparent fabric as we were given a spare on purchasing. This is collection only, happy to take questions.
  3. S

    Loewe home cinema set

    Can't find many reviews or information but seems they offer front speakers alongside rears with the soundbar and sub. Hopefully more go this way and allow the front speakers.
  4. acgingersnaps

    Gecko Home Cinema?

    Anyone got any experience with this company? These prices are really tempting, but also seem too good to be true. If they're legit, I'm seriously tempted to trade in my Neats for a pair of MHs and a pair of BWs...
  5. kenshingintoki

    What film have you watched on your projector/home cinema recently?

    Thought I'd do a thread with which film we've watched on our setups recently. Focus being on the film, quality of video and audio and how it translated to a home cinema setup. I watched Unbroken. It was a really good film. Excellent plot, nice plot twists. Bruce Willis was great in it. Samuel L...
  6. M

    WI-DG ethernet bridge (for Minidsp)

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone has one they're not using & would sell on? Having a few issues with mine, so not sure if my device is faulty, & it's a bit pricey to get a new one & find out that's not the issue.... thanks!
  7. MrZbi

    5.1 Home Cinema setup for total noob

    Hi all, I'm planning to replace my current TV and I would like to buy my first home cinema now, my use case would be movies and video games as priority followed by some music from time to time My biggest struggle is lack of space as my living room is rather small (17m2) Below are few setups...
  8. Lancs1

    North West home cinema designers recommendations

    Hi, could any recomended home cinema installers in the NorthWest for design and supply. Install would be a benefit. ie design the room and furnishings as well consider the best speaker placements and to supply the best package for my budget ?
  9. A

    Question Marantz Cinema 70s Airplay playback doesn’t work thru bluethoot headset

    Hello folks, Just acquired Marantz Cinema 70s AVR with B&W Px8 headset: what’s a gret combo! But one thing annoying… There is no way to listen any Airplay source thru Bluetooth headset, only HDMI connected devices (TV Audio, Apple TV, Firestick, DVD, etc) or Heos playback can? Example: I...
  10. R

    Underfloor heating in home cinema

    Hi all I am in the process of designing a home cinema 4.2m x 6.6m with a 2.5m ceiling height. As the floor will be a screed finish with underfloor heating pipes installed within, I'm not sure if the heat will permeate the flooring insulation and carpet. What do most people do? Thank you in...
  11. E

    Question Help pls Marantz Cinema 60 no sound Apple TV.Panasonic TV apps

    I have a Marantz Cinema 60 receiver. The receiver is connected with SKY/Apple TV/Panasonic TV. I get perfect sound through SKY q. When I turn on Apple TV, media player is selected on the Cinema 60 automatically but I do not get sound! Same applies if I access the smart menu of the Panasonic. I...
  12. E

    Marantz Cinema 50 hdmi arc issue with Samsung TV

    Not sure how frequent of an issue this is, but I’m currently trying to access the hdmi arc functionality with my Samsung TU7000 tv and my Cinema 50, but I’ve had no luck with getting them to recognize each other. I’ve double checked that both devices are using the designated hdmi port (monitor 1...
  13. iFi audio

    Question What is your favourite cinema experience?

    In my local VUE cinema they have recliner seats as standard, good audio, the screen is generally clear. It ticks all the boxes for each cinema release I want to see. I have been thinking though, what's the 'best' cinema experience you can go for and is it worth it price/effort wise? I have only...
  14. J

    Question Denon X1800H or Merantz Cinema 70

    I am a complete noob when it comes to AV. I have a 4K UST laser project to a 120" screen in my cinema room which is 5m x 4m with 2.57m high flat ceilings. Now I am onto sorting the surround sound and would like a 5.1.2 system for the room but my research is leading my around in circles. To...
  15. ShanePJ

    Competition Time at AV.Com

    Competition Time at AV.Com AV.Com are giving you the chance to win BIG with a competition worth more than £2,000. It includes the highly prestigious Roksan Attessa Integrated Amplifier, the people's champion speakers, the Monitor Audio Bronze 500 Floorstanding speakers together with the...
  16. ru555

    Calling all home cinema geeks

    So I spent around a year designing my space and a year building it I’d like to call all dedicated home cinema’ers both Diy and pro installations to come together for a listen off…. Value doesn’t matter. £1500 to £300k+ We visit each others installs. Agree on 5 scenes…geek out. And enjoy We...
  17. K

    Wanted 2x odeon cinema codes

    As titled. Thanks in advance
  18. jase1975

    Merantz cinema 70

    Am I loosing out . I can only get my merantz to play Spotify by Bluetooth from my phone Am I loosing out on any sound quality by doing it this way and not direct using the cinema 70
  19. cjwood555

    For Sale Paradigm Cinema 200 (x2) and Sub

    Gloss black, black fabric grilles. Great condition - no marks/pulls or other damage. Selling due to renovation and change of system form factor. No boxes sorry so collection only from Dudley/Wombourne, West Midlands. £180 subwoofer £180 speakers Or £300 bundle
  20. snerkler

    Question Cinema suround, dolby atmos and other queries

    It's been a long time since I looked into home cinema, in fact the last time was when I bought my current cinema surround sound, the Panasonic Blur-Ray player with surround sound SA BT230 (SC BT230). I've always been happy with the sound but we're changing the lounge around and will require...
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