Chromecast is a line of digital media players developed by Google. Designed as small dongles, the devices play audio/video content on a high-definition television or home audio system by directly streaming it via Wi-Fi from the Internet or a local network. Users select the media to play using mobile apps and web apps that support the Google Cast technology. Alternatively, content can be mirrored from the Google Chrome web browser running on a personal computer, as well as from the screen of some Android devices.
The first-generation Chromecast, a video streaming device, was announced on July 24, 2013, and made available for purchase on the same day in the United States for US$35.
Chromecast release now imminent for the UK
The Google Cast SDK was released on February 3, 2014, allowing third parties to modify their software to work with Chromecast. According to Google, over 20,000 Google Cast–ready apps are available, as of May 2015.
Chromecast was favorably received by critics, who praised its simplicity and potential for future app support. Over 20 million units have shipped globally since launch, and it was the best-selling streaming device in the United States in 2014, according to NPD Group. Since Chromecast's launch, it has handled more than 1.5 billion stream requests.
A second-generation Chromecast and audio-only model called Chromecast Audio were announced in September 2015.
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  1. terencejames

    Wanted Chromecast with Google TV

    I’m after a Chromecast with Google TV if anyone had one lying around.
  2. T

    For Sale 2x Chromecast Ultra (w/ Network Adapter) - £20 each or £35 for both.

    Great condition but surplus to needs - £20 each including delivery, take both for £35.
  3. steb9780

    For Sale Google Chromecast NC2-6A5

    Got a chromecast for sale, excellent working order. Pretty certain that model number is the 2nd gen. £15 delivered
  4. Imran_UK

    Wanted Voice Remote for Chromecast with Google TV

    Just after the remote as we seemed to have misplaced it during a move.
  5. DemonTraitor

    MXN10 & StreamMagic failing to enqueue

    Hi, Bought myself a Cambridge Audio MXN10 and I am not getting the experience I thought I would get. I am running Plex Media Server, on a fast network. Plexamp is jittering and stuttering via Chromecast, but not Bluetooth StreamMagic fails to enqueue most of my music. As Plexamp works via...
  6. S

    Wiim Streaming and multiroom advice

    Hi, I am looking at introducing a streamer into my hifi setup ideally something that I could add a few smart speakers to throughout the house to make a wireless multiroom system. The wiim pro/pro plus seems to tick all of the boxes and I like that you are not tied onto one brand. However I...
  7. loz_the_guru

    Wanted Google Chromecast 4k or Roku 4k

    ....or some reasonably solid android equivalent. Not a firestick however.
  8. J

    Chromecast problem

    I have just moved to a property that has free communal broadband. I cannot set up chromecast and it seems the reason is because it is communal similar to places like a library, hotel or school etc. Is there any way I can get round this apart from getting my own Broadband?
  9. H

    Question Humax Aura and Netflix

    I've just acquired a Humax Aura and I'm considering subscribing to Netflix. I do NOT have a smart TV and have previously cast other streaming services to a Chrome Cast dongle on my TV via my smart phone's apps. I realise that the Humax Auro will not make Netflix available so before paying to...
  10. jensenajj

    Question Help with Cambridge Audio CXNv2 and Chromecast

    solved - see edit at bottom for more info. Can't see CXNv2 in Chromecast list of devices. Just purchased as CXNv2 and a CXA81. I've connected to my network and am able to stream internet radio, stream via AirPlay from my iPhone and otherwise it all seems to be working well. Successfully...
  11. A

    Bluetooth/Chromecast to Windows 10/11

    Hi, Is there a program out there that I can Bluetooth and Chromecast to a Windows machine? Ive found something on Windows Store and Im able to Bluetooth but not Chromecast - Im suprised it cant be done natively! Cheers.
  12. G

    Chromecast dongle black screen

    Hi all We have a Chromecast dongle connected to our non- smart tv which I use to stream from my phone. It has been a bit flakey for a while, not reacting when I cast an app to it, just staying on whatever photo it was displaying at the time. Ihad to remove from the HDMI port and reconnect. Now...
  13. J

    Question Dedicated streamer

    Will a dedicated streamer give better sound than using Denon x6700 heos or Chromecast?
  14. H

    CEC Easylink

    Does 43PUS6703/12 support CEC or Easylink for use of chromecast?
  15. G

    Question Pioneer LX-505 Chromecast Built-in set up

    Trying to set up Chromecast Built-in on Pioneer LX-505, Google Home app does not see the Pioneer when I try to add device. I can connect the Pioneer to the network thru Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable & have tried it both ways. I am open to any suggestions.
  16. J

    Do I need a dac

    My system comprises of a Denon AVR 1911 reciever and Monitor Audio Bronze 200 floorstanders. The AVR is connected from arc HDMI to arc HDMI on a Sony KD49X8186. TV.I also have a chromecast connected to another HDMI on the tv.I stream my music from my android phone using Kobuz to the chromecast...
  17. Westindieman

    Chromecast advice

    I am considering Chromecast as I have one of those cheap android boxes from far east I have used for years has started playing up and I was considering getting another one but have read about all the internet security concerns with them. I now wonder if these boxes (I have 2) were responsible...
  18. Kyudos

    LZ980 Casting To Integral Chromecast

    I recently bought an LZ980 and I'm very happy with it so far, but I'm having some niggles with the built-in Chromecast. I've wired the TV to my network to get the best speed for streaming. Netflix, Amazon and YouTube all cast 'properly' and the TV's Chromecast shows up in their "Cast to"...
  19. A

    Question No HDR: Optoma UHD35 + LG SL10 YG + Chromecast Google TV 4k

    I have a Chromecast Google TV 4k plugged into an LG SL10 YG, which is connected to an Optoma UHD35 with a 15 meters long HDMI 2.0 capable cable of good quality. Everything works as expected, except for HDR. All the devices are supposed to support HDR, but I can't get it to work. When I play...
  20. gpl13

    yamaga rx-v4a

    No sound when going thru chromecast w/ google tv. Sound does work when streaming spotify.
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