1. N

    Which Chromecast built in speaker

    Not sure if this is the correct area for this question, but is seemed the most likely candidate! I am after a new wireless speaker setup for the 13 year old daughter for Christmas. Ideally I am after it to have Chromecast built in, in so it can sync with my other Chromecast audios in the...
  2. mxer

    For Sale Chromecast audio

    Chromecast audio, good used condition, moved over to Sonos so not needed. Boxed, ready to ship
  3. V

    For Sale Chromecast 3rd Gen

    Selling mint condition chromecast 3rd Gen. Comes boxed with all accessories.
  4. robloxian

    For Sale Google Chromecast

    Original V1 model. Dongle style. Comes with USB power cable and HDMI angler. No box.
  5. tented

    Casting HD audio from iMac to Chromecast Ultra

    Hi, I'm looking for a way to cast HD audio flac files (24/96, 24/192) from my desktop iMac to Chromecast Ultra. It must include gapless playback -- there's no point in casting HD Dark Side of the Moon if it isn't gapless. I've tried AirFoil, but the results are spotty, without smooth playback...
  6. N

    Stereo PCM audio when casting using Chromecast Ultra

    Hi Good Morning I am using a six year old Sony TV, a Sonos Bean gen 1 connected to the TV via HDMI Arc. I also have a sky Q box and a Chromecast Ultra connected to two other HDMI's these are not ARC enabled. When I watch sky TV the sound output displayed on the Sonos App is usually Dolby...
  7. V

    Streaming Setup Advice - Replacing a Chromecast Audio and Rotels Amp internal DAC with a Bluesound Node ?

    Hey all, I am slowly moving into a more smart home setup and the next thing on my list due for an upgrade is the streamer. I am currently using a Chromecast Audio (nice little cheap device that does the job for the last 4 years or so) which is connected via optical cable to a Rotel RA-12...
  8. S

    Yamana TSR700 + Chromecast with Google TV - Atmos issue

    Hello, I have a Chromecast with Google TV with Yamaha TSR700 receiver, 5.1.2 speaker set up and a 1080p projector for my home theater. I read that CCwGTV should be capable of delivering Atmos for at least Netflix , Prime Video and Disney+. So far I only have success of getting Atmos on...
  9. T

    Free Stadia Pro controller and Chromecast Ultra.

    Just received and an email a couple of days back offering me a Pro controller and Chromecast Ultra for resubscribing to Stadia Pro for one month. I don't know if anyone else received this or not. I'd love to try to get into Stadia, and this might help me a bit more.
  10. P

    Google Chromecast Audio or Airport Express as a transport?

    Hi, I am looking at a digital streaming transport for my secondary system - essentially something that I can stream Tidal and Spotify through where I already have an external DAC in-place. Do you recommend Google Chromecast Audio or Airport Express with optical out as a streamer? Thank you
  11. P

    Cambridge CXN V2 problem streaming Amazon Music to Builtin Chromecast

    I thought that I should be able to stream Amazon Music HD to the builtin Chromecast on my CXN V2. Is this correct? I can’t get it to work. Chromecast is setup on my CXN, but when I click on the Cast button when playing a song in Amazon Music, it can’t find my CXN. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. G

    Google Chromecast with Toshiba Regza 2008

    Hi I have a 32 inch Toshiba Regza 2008 model which has a HDMI port . Simple question . If I buy either a Google Chromecast with Google TV or an Amazon Firestick, will they actually work with the TV , being such an old model now. The TV is working absolutely fine . Thanks
  13. wishmeister

    Chromecast issue with Panasonic TH-55CS610A

    Hi there - I have a strange issue with my Panasonic TH-55CS610A that I just cannot resolve. I have used a chromecast in this TV for a couple of years without issue. The chromecast was removed for a few days and put back in but has not worked seems to connect and any device shows it...
  14. A

    Tidal App on Chromecast with Google TV not showing enough audio suggestions and content.

    Tidal App on Chromecast with Google TV not showing enough audio suggestions and content. Hi Av Forum team, I recently purchased a Chromecast with Google TV device and downloaded the Tidal app from Google Play store. My problem is that the app focuses heavily on video content with very little...
  15. windhoek

    Heads up: Chromecast Audio supports Gapless Playback!

    One of the key missing jigsaw pieces in my streaming setup is finally missing no more: Chromecast Audio supports gapless playback, and apparently, it has done for time! The solution is simple: initiate casting via the Google Home app first then open your media player and play music - it's that...
  16. F

    Chromecast on 65PUS7354

    Hi, I have an issue with the chromecast built-in, I cannot send video to TV from Chrome browser and from IOS device. When I try to send the video, there are no device found. Until a few months ago, it worked fine. The firmware is the latest.
  17. S

    Chromecast audio broken what next

    I have been using a chromecast audio for the last couple of years to stream amazon music or Spotify to my amplifier. The chromecast is no longer working so need to replace it with something. Is there anything that is reasonably priced, I don't want to spend £4-500 on the likes of the bluesound...
  18. Torres 76

    For Sale Chromecast Audio (New)

    Hi All I have a brand new sealed Chromecast audio for sale. Boxed as per picture. Item will be sent via 1st class signed for delivery Thanks for reading Torres
  19. N

    Chromecast, Hi-Res and an iPhone....

    After getting used to my system ( Arcam A18, CCA and Tannoy DC6) I have decided to try some Hi-Res streaming. I have always used Spotify, and I am happy with it, but I recognise the quality of sound isn’t great. I noticed Amazon were offering HD for free, so I started a free trial. However, it...
  20. gingerninja72

    Chromecast Audio still a good choice?

    As per title really. Plenty still about - does it still work as I remember & is still supported? Thinking of getting one as a cheap option for a mini amp I've just got, as a better quality Bluetooth alternative for Spotify, and to be able to stream BBC Sounds
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