1. LeftyXXIII

    For Sale Google Chromecast (v3)

    Bought this a year or two ago and had been used in the bedroom on/off throughout it's time - it's now no longer needed. It's been reset and comes unboxed, but works fine. Couple of marks on the mains plug, as you can see, but certainly nothing that affects performance.
  2. the groundsman

    Question Chromecast Audio no internet

    I had an internet outage last week so my usual spotty/LMS streaming set up was unavailable. I thought I would be OK listening to my local files via the Chromecast Audio as the router was still on. I could see the CCAs listed as players but couldn't get them to play any music until the internet...
  3. hkbs

    Eurosport and Chromecast

    At present, there is an offer for an annual pass on Eurosport Player for £19.99. would I be able to watch Eurosport live via my Chromecast app onto my TV without any other subscription?
  4. London Town

    For Sale Google TV Chromecast

    Selling my unused Google TV Chromecast Complete as new and it's the "summer" colour the salmon like one. Will be sent via recorded delivery. £50 Dave
  5. Jimardee

    Question Disney Plus Dolby Vision not available on new Chromecast... what gives?!

    I have a Philips PUS 65PUS8555 ambilight TV with the new Chromecast (with android TV and remote) plugged into it. The TV is capable of Dolby Vision playback... The Chromecast is capable of Dolby Vision playback... Disney+ offers Dolby Vision on certain titles... Yet when I select 'Avengers...
  6. kal345

    For Sale Chromecast 3rd generation

    £20 delivered, no mains adapter
  7. J

    WiFi Turntable for lossless streaming to Chromecast Audio

    Due to my home’s construction I have an integrated amp connected to indoor and outdoor Monitor Audio speakers that’s fed by a FLAC music collection cast from a NAS Drive through Chromecast Audio connected optically to the DAC in the amp. The sound quality is very good and the speakers very...
  8. E

    new Google Chromecast remote to control the volume on the kef wireless speakers

    Has anyone managed to get the new Google Chromecast remote to control the volume on the kef wireless speakers? There is no option for KEF in the install menu.
  9. A

    Bargain Free Stadia controller and chromecast ultra

    If you're a YouTube Premium member, get a new Stadia Premiere Edition, with a value of £89.99 – it's yours for free. It includes a Google Chromecast Ultra for streaming Stadia games to your TV and a Stadia Controller for controlling the action wirelessly.
  10. RBZ5416

    Question Alexa + Chromecast?

    Obviously Amazon & Google won't support each other's systems but is there a third party box with Alexa & Chromecast?
  11. T

    For Sale Chromecast

    Bought this in august it was used once for my quest back in the box since £20
  12. T

    Streaming music through a new Chromecast quality

    Anybody know the streaming quality coming out of a TV? I'm thinking of hooking a spare 43 inch TV to a new Chromecast with Google TV and out (via RCA) of the TV streaming Tidal or Spotify Premium (and even YouTube videos) directly into my Kenwood Model Eleven III...Right now I'm using a PC to a...
  13. topgazza

    Google Chromecast to stream from iPhone

    If I buy a Chromecast gen 2 or 3 and plug into my Sony Bravia can I stream various things from my iPhone to my TV. Forgive what may seem a dumb question but no matter how much I read about the Chromecast its usually in general terms and not specific. I assumed people do this but thought I would ask
  14. the groundsman

    Spotify Connect on Chromecast Audio

    Is it just me or is anyone else struggling with this over the last day or so. CCA's connect and disconnect again after a few seconds. I managed to get music to play by using the google home app to control playback but it all stops working if you open the spotify app on my android phone or on the PC.
  15. Balloonmoon

    Atmos on Chromecast 2020

    Not sure if it's too early to say but does anyone know if the new chromecast 2020 will be supporting Dolby Atmos on Netflix? I'm currently using a Firestick 4k and I'm pretty much limited to Jack Ryan and Carnival Row in Atmos as the Firestick no longer supports Netflix atmos content. This is a...
  16. JabbaNut

    Google’s New Chromecast Pops Up for Sale Before it’s Officially Announced
  17. HaRd2BeAr

    Rumoured Google Streaming Dongle

    Anyone seen anymore about the rumoured "Sabrina" Google Dongle coming? Google Sabrina Dongle I had issues with the Chromecast where I couldn't get any sound other than Dolby Digital 2.0 so hopefully this would handle audio better. Also comes with a remote.
  18. BMox81

    Google Chromecast with Android TV Been doing the rounds now for a few months but seems like an announcement is any time now. Really glad they’re finally doing one with a remote-well overdue...
  19. N

    Cheap Soundbar with built in Chromecast support?

    Im looking at upgrading the kitchen/Dining room TV to an LG 43 Inch 43UN7390 unit and im also looking at possibly adding a sound bar to the setup. I use Chromecast audios around the house quite a bit and fancy getting a soundbar with cast support built in so I can add it to the audio groups...
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