1. happychappy69

    Chromebook - photo editing spec

    I'm looking to buy a Chromebook, hopefully for under £300, is it possible to get one free this money and what specification am I looking for Many thanks
  2. D

    Help with Linux on chromebook

    Hi all, Firstly just wanted to say I am a complete newbie on a computer, never owned one, and barely know the basics so excuse my probably stupid questions. I recently got a chromebook for my son to do his homework on. I thought this would be a chance for me to download REW room correction...
  3. N

    Video Conversion and YouTube

    A few years ago we had our family videos, taken on Sony handycam etc, moved to DVD. At the time I did not appreciate that the chosen digital file type could affect how we shared and viewed the DVDs. As a result the guy doing the conversion saved the video in what I would describe as DVD...
  4. D


    Hi. New to this. I have a home cctv system which I can view on android via MIPC app. This doesn't work on my chromebook. Any alp with a cctv app that's compatible with chromebook please?
  5. nwgarratt

    A couple of Chromebook questions

    I have zero knowledge with Chromebooks and I am thinking of getting one. My main uses are Email and Internet which is obvious that they can do but what about Music and photo's? I have a big music collection in different formats (mp3, FLAC and Hi Res FLAC). If they are on a USB drive, will the...
  6. B

    Chromebook with world facing camera

    Hi All, I need to buy my daughter a Chromebook 2-1 with a rear facing camera so she can effectively use it to take pictures of things being shown on the screen when in converted mode. I've found the acer chromebook spin 511 but this seems a little dated now. Does anyone know of another...
  7. Scott Wright

    Bargain ASUS 14 inch Chromebook Reduced From £549.99 to £449.99. Expires 13th April

    ASUS 14 inch Chromebook Flip C433TA Full HD Touchscreen Convertable Laptop (Intel Core M3-8100Y, 8GB RAM, 128GB eMMC, Chrome Os, Backlit Keyboard) No code required for deal. Expires 13/04.
  8. S

    Laptop, Ipad, Chromebook ???

    Hi Hoping for some advice. Would like to know opinions on what is best. Its for my parents, they currently have to Zoom call their daughter/my sister on their mobile phone. She lives abroad and havent seen in each other in over a year. Its not great as they are hunched over a small phone...
  9. D

    A Cheap Chromebook For Emulation? Yeah, It’s Pretty Good!

  10. John

    Stylus for chromebook

    Anybody have any experience of what stylus to get for an Asus chromebook ? My daughter has tried a one which didnt really work and is going back tomorrow. But is there one to get that wont break the bank ?
  11. Ste7en

    Question Which Chromebook?

    Hi. I'm considering getting my Son a Chromebook for college. Everything they do is Google-based, mostly Google Docs and Gmail. So a Chromebook seems to make the most sense. I've just got no idea where to start. Can anyone recommend a decent, mid-priced Chromebook? Cheers.
  12. T

    Question Chromebook Steam question

    I know you can download Android apps to Chromebooks now. But a small question, are you able to stream from more powerful laptop a steam game to a Chromebook? Also, a really stupid question would the Chromebook need to meet the minimum spec list or is it the laptop your streaming from?
  13. D

    Chromebook or laptop for remote learning this year (elementary school)

    I am going to need at least one (maybe two) more computers for my kids to do online school this year. One is in 5th grade so I would at least like to get one for her and the other is in first grade so she could use one of my other ones but I may end up getting two. I am trying to decide if I...
  14. G

    Question Chromebook for schoolwork

    Hi My nephews' are in need of a chromebook for their schoolwork, the eldest in particular is heading towards GCSEs. I am the goto person (for some reason😆) for this sort of thing. So am looking for advice/opinions. I think we have discounted a laptop already, largely because the budget would...
  15. icemanonline

    Question How do you make USB bootable Linux mint drive on chromebook but for Windows laptop!!!?

    As title. I have Chromebook but want to download Linux mint for Windows laptop with broken drive. Is it possible to download the Windows iso fur mint and make a bootable USB on the Chromebook but with the Windows version of mint os??? TIA Ice P.S I have the Lenovo C330 Chromebook.
  16. Z

    Getting Screen To Sleep On Chromebook

    Hi all, I have had a Chrome book and use it to listen to radio in bed at night is there a setting that will allow the screen to go to sleep after a few minutes but NOT shut down the radio?
  17. D

    Bargain Cheap laptop or chromebook

    Hi guys. Wonder if anybody can help I've seen this cheap Chromebook LENOVO S340 14" Intel® Celeron™ Chromebook - 64 GB eMMC, Purple I know the price is pretty telling when it comes to these types of machines but I'm only looking to spend up to around £250 at a push £300. I will use it for...
  18. DarenD

    HP Chromebook 11 fault

    My daughters chromebook won't boot into the OS. I've tried power cycling but I'm not having much luck. Anybody ever had any success recovering a Chromebook? Or is the fact they are cheap also mean more likely disposable –– ADVERTISEMENT –– –– ADVERTISEMENT ––
  19. P

    Question Getting music off my old 3gs using a Chromebook?

    Hi all. I have an old iphone 3gs which has a load of my music on which I no longer have anywhere else. Is it possible to export it to a USB drive, hopefully using a Chromebook although I could get a windows laptop if necessary? Thanks in advance.
  20. TylerDurden

    Question Chromebook - Enterprise Enrolment ??

    I've recently purchased a second hand Chromebook, when I got it the seller showed it booting up but I wasn't able to logon to it at the time. When I got it home I connected it to my wifi and tried to logon, I was presented with an Enterprise Enrolment logon screen and my usual google account...
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