1. R

    Playback issue on Disney+

    Hi Everyone. Not really sure where to post this as I'm not sure where the problem lies. I have an LG TV (49M8500PLA), a Chromecast with Google Tv, and a Disney+ subscription. The issue I have is there are a few titles (Alita BA, Miss Peregrins Home etc) that I can't play through the...
  2. Rantallion

    Question To DAC or not to DAC?

    Please help me decide! I have a Marantz PM6006 amp and Kef R100 speakers in my kitchen which I currently use a Chromecast Audio connected with optical to stream Spotify to (on premium stream rate). Would I benefit from a Network Streaming Player to make it sound better? I know the system has...
  3. RichardMini

    Chromecast causes flickering.

    I've put a Chromcast dongle into a spare HDMI port of my Yamaha AV amp. It's powered from the supplied wall plug, not from the amp or TV. This works fine, casting from device to TV. Superb! However, when I try and watch another input, Freesat or DVD, the picture will occasionally go black very...
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