1. M

    For Sale Disney 1000pc Jigsaw and Christmas Monopoly both sealed

    Please see attached pictures of the items. Jigsaw is also Xmas themed. Looking for £18 for the Jigsaw and £22 for Monopoly. I have x2 of each for sale. Prices include postage and packaging.
  2. A

    Marantz Network CD Player ND8006 - still happy like a kid on Christmas Morn' - I want to hook up my external hard drive - best options?

    I have a Marantz Network CD Player ND8006 ND8006 CD Player - Digital Source Streaming or CD with HEOS® | Marantz™ and am delighted with it. Mid-fi system with my old Yamaha A 300 amp and some 30 year old but more than adequate Celestion 3 ways and some 100% OK Yamaha outdoor speakers. The...
  3. icemanonline

    On reflection is shiny sparkly Christmas

    Taken tonight with Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro.... Freezing. Ice
  4. Delta38

    What will you watch for Christmas ?

    We all have our Favorite movie that we have seen a Dozen times but still will put it on because it,s Christmas ? Is it the Die Hard Nakatomi Headquarters with Bruce Willis or another Golden Oldie ? I tend to Watch National Lampoons Chevy Chase and the Endless Summer The original Surfing Movie...
  5. Ged

    Christmas Eve and TV dies..

    Oh dear... Our Panasonic 65FF750 of less than 3 years is unwell.. there's a little bit of a picture at the top of the screen, regardless of the input with a temporary bit more on Freeview hidden in the mist of a predetermined hazy black and grey screen.. unplugged it and no better.. Call to John...
  6. Joe Pineapples

    Tesco 'Finest' Christmas pudding - ok after a year?

    I have two single serving Tesco 'Finest' Christmas puddings from last year. Use by dates are March 2021, and it says 'matured for 1 year'. Just wondering if they are still ok to eat?. Seen other brand puds that say matured for 2 years, so that was in the back of my mind. Not being a...
  7. Marika

    December 2021 Winner - Sparkly/Shiny

    This December was not anything I expected it to be. I have just returned from Finland, I went to my mothers funeral. We have had a horrible month and some. There wasn't much sparkle in any of it. I did take a picture of my sisters beautiful tree ornament, though. This is all the sparkle I could...
  8. WarHog

    Last Train to Christmas

    I thought this was very cleverly written. It has a feel of a modern day Christmas Carol, and for me it could also have been an episode of Inside Numbner 9. It centres around Tony Towers and his relationshp with his bother. He's on the St Pancras to Nottingham train going home for Xmas, and...
  9. Helix Hifi

    Merry Christmas 🎁 God jul (my native language).

    Took a chance posting the tread here. If @gibbsy wishes to move it, he can. I wish everyone merry Christmas, listening to wonderful music on their hifi kit.
  10. L

    Peace on Earth, Merry Christmas - American Style 😡😡
  11. Lucy Van Pelt

    What Will Your Christmas Chocolate Indulgence Be This Year?

    Just for fun Please excuse the typo in the last option Under the weather at the mo and this is the first time I have ever done a poll thread (was meant to say 'oh no, not another fudging Christmas thread) Mods anyway I can correct this? , tried but couldn't sniffly, sneezy, snotty idiot that I am
  12. Notorious PIG

    Your Christmas food/Christmas menu 2021

    Just curious to know what you plan to cook/prep/buy/eat for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Mixture of being nosy/looking for inspiration. So tell me all of it - food, drinks, snacks, sweet stuff, everything.
  13. dUnKle

    Christmas Shopping Help - What Tablet ?

    Partner wanting tablet for daughter for Xmas but only ever having had iPads I’m not sure what’s what Budget of around 200 to 250 Tablet for teenage girl Something that can be used for teams and the like and homework on word or similar The kindles appear too “locked” and whilst I believe can...
  14. andybailey1972

    Show us your Christmas tree thread 2021

    Haven’t found a thread for this year (if there is please delete or lock this thread). Here is mine:
  15. Reese Withouterspoon

    Festive avatars

    As a bit of a newcomer to these parts, I don't know if there is any tradition of having festive avatars on here but even if there is not, I thought it might be fun to make a thread in which we can make suggestions for suitable avatars for some forum members. There is no compulsion to choose an...
  16. raigraphixs

    Shaun the Sheep - The Flight Before Christmas (BBC)

  17. 87gpk


    Hi, I see there are lots of different threads regarding individual aspects of Christmas but I was wondering what people are doing at Christmas and what they think of it as a whole? In the current climate obviously things might be up in the air a bit regarding plans so will that affect your...
  18. Plumsandpearls

    The Christmas quiz

    Apologies if I'm stepping on anyone's feet here Would anyone fancy doing a "pub quiz" pre Xmas ? I'm happy to write it - would post a round a day for a week. Relying on folks honesty not to cheat etc. No prize asides from glory and a bit of fun.
  19. DrPhil

    Need a new Christmas tree!

    I'm listing after a new Christmas tree but struggling to find what I want, which is a 7ft tree with natural look branches rather than the standard plastic stuff. Also needs to be wide, around 5ft at the base rather than the standard size. Anyone bought online and can recommend a site or brand...
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