1. C

    For Sale 3M QED Qontour Performance Miniature Subwoofer cable

    Hi all, Selling these as I no longer will likely use them so they might as well go to a new home. 1. The Chord Company Optichord 1m optical cable - £35 - Used a handful of times for SACD playback from my Oppo to a receiver. Comes as new with a dusty box. Sold to shezy 2. QED Qontour...
  2. S

    Chord Cobra RCA cable no longer working ?

    I have 2 RCA Chord Cobra cables, and they no longer work the only thing I can think of is I put electrical insulation tape around them to keep them "together" (see pic) no idea if that is why any ideas? just upgraded , so ive not used it in a few weeks after i taped them
  3. frankieboy21

    Music Steamer recommendations for Chord DAVE DAC

    May I have anyones thoughts and recommendations on a Music Streamer to use with a Chord DAVE DAC please. Currently I have a subscription to Amazon HD but may be looking at going over to Qobuz since the announcement of the Amazon price increase. I will be using Headphones solely in this system...
  4. R

    Why are all the reviewers raving about the Chord Mojo2 ?

    Well, like the title says. has anyone on here got a Mojo 2? I've had the Mojo and the Mojo 2 and to be honest I can't see what all the fuss is about. I’ve been switching between the Dac in my new Bluesound Node, volume matched as best I can and the Mojo. Very, very, little difference. Yet the...
  5. NifkinFZ6

    Chord Qutest amp pairing

    Hi guys, I'm looking at picking up a Chord Qutest at a never-to-be-repeated price to upgrade my streamer and CDP output. My amp is a Creek Evo 100A, which is a neutral, transparent, very low distortion solid state number, so I thought I'd ask, before pulling the trigger on the Qutest, any...
  6. 1

    Connecting DAP to Chord Mojo 2 - Cable?

    I have the Cowon Plenue 2 Mark ll DAP and Beyerdynamic DT1900 Pro headphones. The DAP is pretty good at powering the headphones but I wanted to test if a headphone amplifier could get more out of the headphones. Then I decided to try the Mojo - I would like to see how the Mojo performs against...
  7. T

    Apple Music HD + Chord Mojo + ?

    Hello all, This is my current set up : *MacBook Pro with Apple Music playing Hi Res (or Amazon HD...waiting for Spotify to sort themselves out !). *Chord Mojo *Neumann NDH 20 This set up works a treat when home working...but as soon as i am outside, working in open plan office, i can hear the...
  8. T

    How is Chord Etude- any experience?

    Hi guy, Does anyone have experience with the Chord Etude? I am trying to get one to pair my Chord dave. I heard that Chord has stopped producing Etude, meaning it is doing well? Did anyone listen to it? It seems to be a transparent/neutral one. But seeing from the size, I am a bit worried about...
  9. T

    Looking for a silver & transparent power amplifier for Chord Dave

    Hi all, I just got a Chord Dave a few days ago, and using Yamaha as-1200 (main in) as a power amp. Speakers are B&W 606s2 (will be upgraded to 706s2 in Dec.) The sound is good, particularly even at a low volume. I am wondering if there is any good power amp (silver color) that works well with...
  10. miggyboys

    Better streamer display than Logitech Squeezebox Touch?

    Hi all I've got a Logitech Squeezebox Touch music/network streamer, which has an excellent interface/display. Does anyone know of a streamer that has a larger screen/better display than this? From what I can see, they haven't moved on much in the last ten years, other than the Cambridge Audio...
  11. Secondhand

    Speaker Cable: Chord Company LeylineX or AudioQuest Rocket 11?

    Hello. So I’ve just about finished the stud walls and I will be soundproofing with Genie Clips, Residual Bar, two layers of acoustic plasterboard with some Tecsound. But now I’ve come to the minefield of speaker cable. Ill be creating a 7.2.4 system using Monitor Audio Silver Range and ceiling...
  12. T

    Chord MOJO what ?

    Hello all ! I was about to buy a Chord Mojo to hook up my laptop with Amazon Music HD to my headphones just to realize the product has been discontinued. I have looked around and asked couple of shops the same question : any other suggestions for same quality/pricing (c. £400) ? and nobody can...
  13. Rupert123

    Chord qutest vs Naim uniti atom , a matter of poorer SQ from qutest!

    Hi, I have a dilemma which I am trying to resolve! I have a Naim uniti Atom which is hooked up to a gryphon Diablo 300 which feeds B&W 802 d3. I use hi res steaming via quboz and tidal. I have been wanting to upgrade my SQ and as the atom is a all in one box, I decided to go the separates way...
  14. R

    Chord MoJo Poly

    Me again, anyone using the MoJo Poly? Seems like a good idea, is it? Ron
  15. imightbewrong

    Getting back into HiFi - old vs new DACs

    I am looking to get my system back to being good for high quality music - previously I had a Chord DAC64 and Musical Fidelity Tri-Vista integrated amp, and still have a a pair of B&W 805s stand-mount speakers. I really enjoyed the sound of this system. I swapped the DAC and amp for an Arcam...
  16. A

    Chord Mojo used as an amplifier only

    Hi All New poster here, so I hope my question isn't too daft! I have a Fiio X7ii DAP and B&W PX7 headphones, but wishing to increase the output of the DAP. My question is... I've been looking at buying a second-hand Chord Mojo as the market seems to be flooded with them at £200 or less compared...
  17. R

    Chord Mojo DAC

    Hello again, a friend of mine has a Chord Mojo DAC and he reckons it's brilliant, better than any built in DAC. What do you guys think, will it be much of an improvement over the built in DAC in my Exposure XM5? Ron
  18. deans6571

    Cutting the TV Subscription Chord!!

    ...just wanted a little advice really! I'm currently with Virgin Media for phone, TV and internet but I'm seriously considering cutting my subscription with them! I don't use the phone line at all, even though we are on their lowest tariff + we only watch the terrestrial channels (the same...
  19. A.I.

    Any love for Chord Hugo 2?

    Can't see much if anything here for the Hugo 2 so I would be keen to hear from any other owners of this amazing headphone DAC/ amplifier. This is a recent purchase for me which has reawoken a love for 'private' listening. Maybe not so private considering I'm pairing them with a pair of...
  20. C

    Question Chord M-Scaler with DAVE DAC - anybody tried this combination?

    I have a DAVE DAC and was looking at the option of adding the M-Scaler prior to me setting up a streaming system (which I don't have at present) I have ripped all CD's to FLACV using dB Power Amp and am looking also at streaming options I use a dual mono valve pre-amp into Bryston 28 monoblocks...
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