1. mr starface

    Secondary School Choices - Opinions Needed! Single Sex Schools?

    So its decision time for my sons secondary school, we have a lot of schools around us and are completely lost on best one to choose. Did you ask your child where they wanted to go and did you put this as your choice or have the ultimate say yourself? Our sons main concern it seems is to have...
  2. B

    Good Secondhand AV Amp Choices - UK?

    Looking for suggestions: Good stereo music ability is important Needed for TV (Sky HD), music & films (via Apple TV), not gaming 5.1 is fine (fairly small room), don't need 7.1 etc. Would like multichannel PCM via HDMI + all the usual DD/DTS formats etc. Don't need lots of HDMI inputs (2 or 3...
  3. B

    Oled Choices

    Hi looking to upgrade my 2017 Sony 55inch XE9305. Main reason I’ve got a Sonos Arc and the TV can’t pass Dolby atmos (yes could buy a hd fury converter for £179 but feel I want a change) Can we assume the oled burn in is very very rare also my viewing is usually in the evening. Anyway I’ve...
  4. L

    Was looking for some guidance on av choices. Thanks

    Hello been going over information on here for the last few months and have learned more then I ever cared to about all things audio and video. Still would like to ask for some help on picking a direction to go for a av receiver. Some info on theater items I already have. speakers: projector...
  5. S

    Til tonight to decide on these 3 choices, which would you buy.

    Hey Folks, I am looking to buy a 55 inch lcd/led tv. Dont wish to spen more than £550 or there abouts. I have 3 choices in mind, but only have till the end of the day to claim a deal. The 3 I need to decide on are Samsung UE55TU7020 Samsung UE55AU7100 LG 55NANO866NA All 3 will serve my...
  6. R

    Choices choices 3 TVs to choose from,LG Phillips and Panasonic

    Hi everyone ,I would like your your opinions on which of these 3 TVs I should choose,LG 65 un7006la,Panasonic tx-55hx580bz or Phillips 65pus8545/12, I appreciate some might suggest some other TVs but it’s got to be one of these,it’s going to be used as a family tv in a smallish living room,cheers
  7. D

    Help a newbie with some (AV) life choices!

    Dear forum, I've spent quite a few hours trying to educate myself online with a view to making some decisions on i) which speakers to buy and ii) where to place them in my new pad. Would love some advice if anyone can spare the time - I've attached a floor plan with some edits so you can...
  8. MI55ION

    Tiny Sub - What Choices Are There?

    Looking into small form factor subs for a small room desktop setup. Only need the one. So far have shortlisted a few but open to suggestions if there are any you think should be considered: jl audio d108 Rel T5i Velodyne MicroVee Mk2 Don't need be the loudest or deepest but needs to produce...
  9. capt_janeway

    Question Whittling down the 55" OLED choices...

    Sorry not an original question....I'm searching for a new 55" OLED for the living room, will pull the trigger end of February as I'm moving at the beginning of March... Viewing distance - 3m Use/connected devices - BT box 30%, Nvdia box connected to a NAS 50%, Switch 10%, PS4 10% - so number of...
  10. thedude


    Hey everyone, I'm looking to get a soundbar for my bedroom. I'm currently looking at the Dali Katch One. It has to be kinda attractive in order to fit in etc. So any other thoughts and opinions
  11. G

    Question Knocked down my TV choices, struggling to decide!

    Hey! So im stuck between these two, having trouble telling which will be better 1. PHILIPS 55OLED805 55" Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR OLED TV with Google Assistant 2. SONY BRAVIA KD-49XH9505BU 49" Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR LED TV with Google Assistant (personally not a fan of the stand on this) My...
  12. C

    Struggling with size and or quality, limited choices making it frustrating.

    Hi All, like most, i am overwhelmed at the choices, although i enjoy home theater and have a decent modest set up audio wise (Yamaha 870 with Klipsch reference range 7.1), i am needing to upgrade my TV. I am sure my receiver in the near future too. I have read through all the guides, thank...
  13. RetroGlide08

    Question Monitor choices for a 3080 owner.

    I have the 3080 and my ASUS ROG Swift PG279QE is being returned due to screen issues. I’m now contemplating what route to go regarding a replacement. Do I go the 4K 27” (lg 27gn950) route OR I’ve seen some nice 1440p ultra wide sets too (LG 34GN850) Any ideas?
  14. N

    40/43 inch choices - any advice?

    Hi all, After much research and delving into information on here, I am left with three choices for TV for second room, to be used mainly for gaming PS4/PS5 (when I can get one!) and HD via Sky+ I'll be sitting around 2-3m away straight in front most of the time, is this important considering...
  15. H

    32" tv choices

    I'm looking for a 32" tv which will mainly be used for Netflix and prime but want to be able to view live tv without an aerial so assume I need apps as well. Have read a guide on here which says there's not a lot of differences at this size and the models are not refreshed very often. It...
  16. D

    Never owned a TV - couple of choices (Sam. TU7100/His. A7500F)

    As the title states, I have never owned a TV before so not really sure what to look for but I don't want/need anything fancy and have narrowed it down to two choices: The Samsung TU7100 43"(£329) and the Hisense A7500F 43"(£379). I'll probably be wanting to stream stuff from my desktop so...
  17. RS87

    Question Time to Upgrade Budget Speakers.... Too Many Choices

    Hi all Noob to AVF a few weeks back when I upgraded my Panny ST60 plasma to LG's OLED55CX from Richer Sounds. On the same purchase, I preordered the Denon X2700H, having had my Sony STR-DH820 for 10 years, since this is the first generation of receivers to introduce HDMI 2.1 (I believe). I had...
  18. T

    Amplifier choices!

    choices choices choices my source is a T+A 1240R cd player speakers are Audio Physic Scorpio 25+ (4ohm 91db sensitivity) i would like a T+A amp but these hardly ever come up to match my player (PA1220R, PA1520R, PA1230R, PA1530R). so I have found the following within budget Integrated amps...
  19. C

    Denon HEOS choices

    I am changing my old AV set up and looking at soundbars. Can anyone advise if they would recommend the Denon HEOS DHTS516H with the subwoofer or the DHTS716H without the subwoofer. It will be used mainly with a streaming player and some live TV on a 1080p LG LED, which at some point will be...
  20. RetroGlide08

    Question 1440p monitor choices

    My LG 27” 4K monitor is showing display issues so I’m thinking of replacing with a 1440p 144mhz model. Any good recommendations out there?
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