1. BorisBlade69

    Please help! On a rollercoaster with tv choice and want to get off!

    I purchased a 75 inch LG nano90 from Costco that took 16 days to arrive and then broke after 2 days, I swiftly returned it for a full refund. To be honest I rushed in to that purchase because the tv had all the features I was looking for a lowish price. The tv will be used for watching football...
  2. kingsize

    Dear God, too much choice

    Panasonic plasma 65”, sky q 2tb, PS4, ps5, x box one, switch, Apple TV HD - all run through Sony amp STR DN 1050 Just bought ps5, will buy Xbox x before end of year. Thinking of going 4K and looking for general advice. Was considering oled, but genuinely concerned about screen burn. Having...
  3. S

    55" TV 4K Help Options Choice

    Hi everyone, I was looking the guide of TV recommentions, also read many threads of other users with this choice and with another options i had, i've made a list with some options. I'm going to use the TV mainly watch sports content in 4k as football or f1 and also watching films on Netflix...
  4. fayeanddavid

    TT choice, new or 2nd hand

    Hi all. Long time user on AV Forums but need to dip my toes back in to vinyl...! Long story short, in a previous life I owned an LP12, Ittok arm and OC9 MC cartridge, fabulous Move on 20 years, all sold on for peanuts, however I have the itch once again to play vinyl aided by my 12yr old...
  5. IndieInfinity

    For Sale Humble Choice July Steam Keys

    Elderborn - £1 S.W.I.N.E HD Remaster - 50p Sold Dirt 5 - £3 Yakuza 3 Remastered - £2 The Surge 2 - £3 Paradise Killer - £1.50 Kill it With Fire - £1 Bee Simulator - £1 Payment via PPG
  6. S

    Help with Hard Choice

    Hello, recently my Samsung TV gave up on itself and now I'm stuck deciding as there is so many different options. For context it was a 49 inch curved smart tv ( wanted to try something different ). I have read the big guide by Dodgexander and it helped but now I'm stuck between 3. This TV will...
  7. H

    Choice between 2?

    Hi GUYS, Very quick question, My Sony died on me yesterday so looking at new ones. 7yr old kdl-50w829b. I'm looking between 55 and 65inch and don't really want to tip over £1000 (unless slightly) I have narrowed to: Sony 55xh9505 Philips 55oled 705 Is there an obvious better tv here or...
  8. Johnorama

    For Sale Humble choice games, civ, worms, Stubbs etc

    Steam keys for Sid Meier's Civilization VI : Platinum Edition £5 Secret Neighbor £2 Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse £2 Worms Rumble + legends pack £2 Going Under £2
  9. zaparil

    Yamaha RX-V4A + Acoustic Energy Aegis EVO 1 = good choice?

    My whole life I've been listening to music and watching movies on my PC with a 25 inch monitor and midrange 2.1 speakers plugged into an onboard audio. Now I have a 55' TV and I started thinking about upgrading the sounds. I still want to use my PC as the source (force of habit). My goal is a...
  10. C

    Would this receiver be a good choice with these speakers ? first time buyer.

    I have a smallish living room. Also don't want to spend more then I really have too, but I want a decent/solid/good Receiver though that matches the quality of the speakers. I don't see my self ever going beyond 5.1 heck I might just use 3.1 who knows. Feel free to suggest something else. Just...
  11. Nigio

    Subwoofer suggestion

    Which pair of sealed subwoofers (small size) do you recommend for an apartment? Listening area 15 sqm. Total area ( living room -dinning room -kitchen 31sqm). Budget 1500-1800 euros. My choices until now are : 2 x Arendal 1961 1s. 2 x SVS 3000 micro. Use is 60% movies, 40% music.
  12. C

    Projector choice and soundbar

    Currently building a family room separate from house... want to put a projector in for films and sport ... budget £100/£200 . (Will be spending good bit more on TV for the room.) On a few man cave pages elsewhere and seems plenty of choice on amazon for projector around my price range with...
  13. S

    75 inch choice - Sony XH95 Vs Panasonic HX940

    We're currently deciding which 75 inch to go for and have narrowed it down to either the Sony XH95 or the Panasonic HX940 (we have a HX940 in 43 inches currently which will be moved into a bedroom). The main purposes will be for films, specifically 4K UHDs with some Netflix thrown in (sport...
  14. repoman

    Is the Sony KD65XH9005 a solid choice for me?

    As per the topic. I've got a Panasonic EX750 thing that I bought for 3D use about four years ago. It has served me well but a few things are making me want to switch up. 1) I don't use the 3D anymore. 2) I'd like to up the size from 50 to 65. 3) The backlight zones (if that's even close...
  15. S

    77" OLED TV choice

    Hi, I want to buy a 77" OLED TV. I feel out of touch and, before I duckduckgo "oled tv reviews", I'd like to know what the contenders are that I should consider. My requirements are: Essential: 4K/UHD 77” (or close) OLED V Good picture quality, motion Overscan setting. With my 42” Panasonic...
  16. BlindBloke

    HDMI Extender Choice

    Hi, first post - yay. I'm looking to help a family member with fault finding a problem with an existing system. It's quite a simple system, CCTV NVR displays its HDMI signal to a domestic TV. The current setup, NVR -> passive HDMI / twin ethernet extender kit -> TV. This setup has failed and...
  17. Fuggle

    Which TV and why?

    Hi guys, I am about to purchase a new TV from Very, (I like their payment options!) but I'm not really upon the latest TV technology. I am after a 40" - 43" TV, in the £300-£400 price range and these are my options so far: Luxor 43 inch DLED Full HD FVP T2 Smart TV - (£269) Luxor 43 inch 4K...
  18. J

    Speaker choice and placement advice for new kitchen.

    Speaker choice and placement advice for new kitchen. Hi everyone, this is my first time posting here so please forgive me if this is the wrong place. I'm having a kitchen extension done in my house which is nearly finished, which will leave me with a 6x5m room. I'd really like to get some...
  19. kevt176

    New 85” tv choice advice

    QE85Q80TAT or KD85XH9505BU, I’m stuck between buying one these two, same price same size, looking for advise. Which is better in a large windowed lounge 6m x4m, general usage ie: sky, Netflix,Prime, etc. No gaming use. Any help/suggestions appreciated. TIA
  20. edders5

    Yamaha NPS-303 streamer. A good choice?

    I am looking at various streamer options to use with a yet to be determined integrated amplifier with HT passthrough. My current system is a Yamaha RXA 1080 and I use the receiver for my music from Spotify and a NAS. Front L/R speakers are DALI Opticon 2. (Sub is a BK400xls connected via the...
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