1. M

    Bewildered by choice

    I have a Panasonic Viera 42" Plasma TV from 2009 (model tx-p42s10) which still works fine, but it's time to upgrade to a 65" modern TV. My current TV has a rear-mounted sound bar and I use the Nvidia Shield to watch TV. I'm looking for a 65" modern TV with decent sound, and I'm guessing I would...
  2. RedDevil85

    Westworld: Season 4 - The Choice (2022) 4K UHD

    Links: - HMV - WB Shop UK - Zavvi Release date: 05/12/2022 Artwork TBA
  3. C

    Force a language choice in TV channels

    Hi, With my LG 55UP8000 and the house antenna I get several TV channels and in many of them I can choose to watch them in different languages. Is there a way to force the TV set to always use the same language instead of having to manually switch in every case?
  4. H

    Samsung phones choice

    I am considering purchasing new Unsure between S10 , A71 and A53 All similar specs. 128gb I am really inteersted in good camera and good battery life Thank you
  5. gk141054

    Projector Choice of 2

    Hi folks, I've been tasked with procuring a projector for work to show movies / tv in marquees (at night) and indoors and our suppliers have suggested: - E-Vision Laser 10K - E-Vision Laser 10K - Digital Projection EMEA or - E-Vision Laser 11000 4K-UHD - E-Vision Laser 11000 4K-UHD - Digital...
  6. russraff

    Why I chose my headphones: Elegia, Clear MG, LCD-X and Aeon Noire.

    I've broken down my journey into bite sized bits. If anyone wants more clarity, I'll be more than happy to expand: Decision made: I've had so many speakers that haven't done the trick - KEF Wireless 2's Monitor Audio Platinum and loads more. I guess over COVID I thought: maybe this is all...
  7. S

    L shaped open plan: advice on wiring, speaker location, amp choice

    Hi - hoping I can get some support on this. About to build an extension that will leave me with an L-shaped open plan living space including Kitchen, Dining and Family Room spaces. Additionally I have Living room and Snug as separate spaces/rooms. The extension is the dining/kitchen in the...
  8. L

    Speaker cable choice

    Apologies in advance if this question has been asked many times already! I'm moving my hifi set up upstairs into a much smaller room, however the placement of my speakers is along a different wall to the amp / turntable so I actually need much longer cable. Also replacing the speakers for some...

    Help with reciever choice

    Hi everyone. I'm looking to buy a reciever in the next few weeks. Want a 5.1.2 set up. I have a ziddo player, lg oled with earc, series x & ps5 and sky going into the reciever ATM. I understand there is only a few with full 2.1 support so would it be worth buying one without and just putting...
  10. spinaltap

    What Choice of Rackmount Cabinet?

    I’ve not bought a rackmount AV cabinet before. I am looking at buying a <15u Cabinet. What brand is recommended? So far, i have looked at Sanus, StarTech, and Middle Atlantic.
  11. Discombobulate

    Humble Choice

    Anyone use this service? I was thinking of joining but thought I'd ask how it is from any existing subscribers? Any feedback appreciated.
  12. leeince

    Which Gamjng Laptop, FHD 1080 or 1440p 3070. Choice of 2?

    Hi All, Im looking to add a laptop to my set up. I will use it for work and Poker and my son will use it for gaming and connecting his quest 2. Im looking at these 2 units...
  13. J

    Don’t need UHD so is the 43A7GQTUK still a good choice?

    I need a 43” TV for my bedroom but i dont need 4k and never will. Infact i only need 1 HDMI and do t need any “smart” features as i am just feeding it with SkyQ. The 43” A7GT is under £300 on Amazon so a good price but if i just want HD (1080p) are there any other models i should consider?
  14. Y

    Choice between Sony WF 1000 XM3 or Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 plus?

    These two earbud sets are selling at exactly the same price now so I'm a bit undecided. I know the C A don't have ANC but is it a deal breaker? If they sound better than the Sonys I would still go for them. Has anybody had the chance of trying them both and what were your impressions? I've read...
  15. Viking65

    Speaker Choice

    Hi, I have at the moment Cambridge Audio SX50 speakers attached to my Denon RCD M41 but have been offered Denon by Mission SC-M50 speakers, which is the best to have.
  16. D

    TV Choice

    Hi, Now that my 40”, 7-year-old Samsung HD TV has developed some issues I’m in need of a new one. I found that most TV's these days are 4k and was looking forward to choosing something like a new 43”, however, after doing some reading I find it’s not quite that simple. To begin with, the viewing...
  17. A

    Newbie needs help with VR headset choice and VR experience game.

    I know there have been a number of threads on which headset to buy, but unfortunately none seem to match my requirements. Let me explain what I want. I travel to East Africa to volunteer in an orphanage and now in schools. I want a VR solution that I can take with me. It needs to be cordless...
  18. vectra1

    Question on Phonostage choice.

    Looking at adding a phono stage to my system. Planar 1 with VM95E > A11 tribute > Oberon 5. I plan on eventually replacing the cartridge with a VM95ML So with regards to the Phonostage. I am looking at one of these two. Musical Fidelity LX2-lps or Edward Audio apprentice MM. I have an option...
  19. calvind123

    Advice on building stud wall & speaker choice

    I currently have a 5.1.2 system with wall mounted KEF LS50s and a r200c centre speaker on a unit in from, as you can see from the picture below. I'm really happy with the sound but I'm not keen on how things look, I am aware that wall mounting the KEFs is far from ideal as well but trying to...
  20. nekromantik

    Atmos Speaker Choice

    Hello Is the Elac Debut A4.2 at £199 fine for Atmos up firing and future wall mounting vs Monitor Audio Bronze AMS/Dali C1s? Both the more expensive ones have 2 drivers instead of 1. However as up firing is hit or miss is it better to save the money and get cheaper pair or will the MA/Dali be...
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