chimney breast

A chimney breast is a portion of a chimney which projects forward from a wall to accommodate a fireplace. Typically on the ground floor of a structure, the masonry extends upwards, containing a flue which carries smoke out of the building through a chimney stack. Chimney jambs similarly project from the wall, but they do so on either side of the fireplace and serve to support the chimney breast. The interior of a chimney breast is commonly filled with brickwork or concrete.
The construction and appearance of a chimney breast can vary according to function and style. English and American builders more often treat the chimney breast and fireplace as distinct architectural features, whereas French buildings have gradually trended towards concealed construction.

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  1. RayP

    Question 65” TV on a slightly smaller chimney breast. Visually sensible?

    My chimney breast is 141cm wide. For the last seven years I’ve had a Loewe Bild 7 55” hanging on it. The Bild is 123cm wide so there’s a 9cm space either side. This TV won’t last forever so I’m considering my options when the time comes to replace it. I should add that this was a very expensive...
  2. marksson420

    Expand chimney breast to allow for larger TV

    I'm looking to change the area where my TV is mounted, so to allow for a larger screen. Can anyone recommend anyone as I've called a few AV peeps but they don't deal in this region. I'm based in North Hertfordshire. Idea is to put a built in cainet for the equipment and expand the chimney breast...
  3. B

    False Chimney - another wires question

    Hello all, any advice appreciated I am planning a false chimney for our living room for an electric stove effect fire with 65"tv mounted above. We have seen an example of what we would like.. something similar to this (but with an electric stove rather than pano electric) link to inspiration...
  4. E

    What cables/ connectors should I install when mounting tv on a brick chimney breast?

    Hi everyone, Its been a very long time sinve iv been on here, so apologies if ive not posted this correctly or if this has been asked previously (i did do a search but couldnt find my exact answer). So, my living room is currently being renovated and i now plan to mount my tv on a solid brick...
  5. U

    Horizontally extending chimney breast for media wall

    Hi, I have a slightly unorthodox plan for a media wall and I'm wondering if you I can have some opinions on the effectiveness of this solution please. I've put some questions at the end of this post. I live in an apartment where I have a disused chimney breast which I would to have extended as...
  6. devvy

    Secure Media cables behind real Chimney Breast

    Hi, I'm planning to mount 55inch OLED TV and Sound bar on real chimney breast (which is closed and not used) and XBox/Switch consoles & 4 gang power extension on the bottom shelf of Chimney breast (see image). Thinking to put 2 gang power extension for TV/Sound bar behind TV and hide all other...
  7. daymouse

    Mounting TV on Chimney breast which has a wood burning stove in the room below

    Hey all, Just wanted to get some advice on mounting a TV on a chimney breast. We want to mount the TV on the Chimney Breast in our bedroom however below our bedroom is the living room which has a wood burning stove. Obviously heat isn't an issue but i wanted to check in regards to drilling and...
  8. M

    Living Room Refurb & False Chimney Breast Build

    Hi all, Long time no post. Post lockdown last year I did a living room refurb and think it came out pretty well. I haven't had time to fully document on here like I originally wanted but I took plenty of photos. If anyone has any questions I'll do my best to answer. The lounge went from...
  9. I

    Hiding cables for a tv/sound bar fixed to a chimney breast?

    Hi - longtime lurker, I’m after some advice on how to hide the cabling within the chimney breast especially the power cables as I want the tv to sit flush up against the wall, so a socket plate would not give me the clearance. Has anyone used something similar to this —> PAC526F Please note...
  10. Otis

    What lights for either side of chimney breast?

    After moving to a new house I want to light the two alcoves either side of my chimney breast in the classic blue/pink colours. I was thinking possibly of two light bars or similar. I don't have any Philips Hue kit & I'm not looking to spend several hundred pounds. Any advice would be greatly...
  11. D

    TV on chimney breast

    We are considering in the coming years revamping our lounge. Currently TV is in front of the window directly opposite a central MLP on the opposite wall, sofa against that wall. MLP approx 4.5m away from the screen. In the revamp, we are considering not covering lots of the light entering the...
  12. M

    Chimney Breast DIY

    First time trying this kind of project. I'm pleased with the results (barring one problem I have with Dolbyvision and HDMI cables/My home cinema amp)... how to download instagram photos high resolution
  13. Y

    Core Drilling into chimney breast that used to have a back boiler

    Hi All I am about to core drill into our masonry chimney to enable power leads etc to feed through to hide wires from a tv which will be wall mounted. Our fire place wil not be in use as we do not have one. My question though is previously it had a back boiler which was removed prior to us...
  14. R

    Chimney breast mounting advice

    Hi all, I’m looking at buying a LG 55CX and sound bar at the moment We have a brick chimney breast that‘s unused. The alcoves to either side of the chimney are too small for anything above 43” so we were thinking of mounting the TV on the chimney breast. Aware that the height of this isn’t...
  15. L

    42" or 50" tv to accommodate chimney breast

    Hi, So I want to replace my LG 42PQ6000 plasma. After researching it would appear I need to ho at least 55" to even begin getting some of the new tech etc however the only 55" tv that will just sit flush with the sides of the chimney is the 55Q95T and my partner will not stomach a 55" we...
  16. I

    TV size for my chimney breast?

    I have bought a new house and I am planning to get a Builder to build a false chimney on the existing brick chimney breast. TV will need to be recessed in the wall. I don't want to buy a new TV yet, I like to know what the maximum (or reasonable) TV size would fit for my chimney breast. The...
  17. jimmyca69

    Question Some initial help for fake chimney breast build

    Afternoon all, I am after some initial advice on a fake chimney breast project for my living room that I am about to start on. My first query is can anyone recommend decent free/cheap software to plan the work so i can produce 2d/3d design to scale? I have been doing it in paint up until now...
  18. V

    Recessing centre speaker in to chimney breast

    I'm considering recessing my Monitor Audio Silver C150 into the wall. The speaker is mounted on the chimney breast so it'd be a fairly simple process to make a recess to slide the speaker into. Has anybody got any thoughts on whether this would have a negative impact on the acoustics?
  19. S

    Sound absorption in chimney flue

    Hello! I originally posted this in general chat but someone said I might get a better response here, the original more detailed post can be found here. A shortened version of it is that the neighbours TV is hung on their chimney breast and as of about 6 weeks ago we can hear all the bass being...
  20. S

    Sound absorption in chimney flue.

    So I've lurked here for a while now and used the search function to try and find advice on this but I'm not really getting anywhere. This might be a bit of a long one so strap yourselves in. A bit of background: Missus and I bought our first home together last August which is a post-war...
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