1. M

    Arctis 7x charging issue

    Hey all, For all the 7x owners out there, if you plug them in to charge whilst they are powered off does the red light come on to show they are charging? I have had two pairs now and neither show a charging light or even charge if plugged in when powered off. I have put a video on youtube to...
  2. S

    Phone charging level increases only when switched off

    Recently my Blackview A10 has been difficult to charge when switched on. Turned off, it charges quickly with a variety of cables. Turned on, it charges not at all (even decreasing) or very slowly. Is there a fix?
  3. J

    Home Charging Installers in Derbyshire?

    Anyone used any good reliable home charging installers in Derbyshire? Expecting a Mach -E in September. :)
  4. O

    20% Tax confirmed for public charging points

    Not much of a surprise as the government tries to claw back lost fuel duty as vehicles switch to EV. After dropping tax incentives for EV over £30k they have confirmed public charging stations will have to pay 20% tax on energy instead of 5% they currently charge (see what I did there, lol)...
  5. O

    Wireless charging

    Just watching a demo, 3kw via wireless charger embedded in the road. Apparently it's safe for pedestrians and other road users.
  6. O

    Virgin Media owner rolling out charging points

    Interesting idea, using VM knowledge of local planning laws and their existing conduit infrastructure to deliver 22kw charging points @ 30p per Kwh
  7. Newboldi

    EV Charging for terraced housing (no off-street parking) petition

    Hi all, I'm a new member here, so first post please be gentle! :) I am lobbying the government to agree a workable domestic street-parking EV charging system matters in terms of meaningful climate action AND hitting the Government's own 2030 EV target. There are many UK households (like ours)...
  8. tomvdm

    Research Into EV Charging

    Hi all! I am studying User Experience Design (Product Design) at Loughborough University and am currently looking into peoples experiences and thoughts on Electric Vehicle (EV) charging solutions/infrastructure for my major project. I was looking to recruit a few people who do not have access to...
  9. Spiderpig

    PHEV : Is an off-peak tariff worthwhile for charging?

    I've been looking around for gas/electric deals so I'm fairly sure I can save by switching from Bulb. However, since I now have a PHEV, I've been thinking about whether it's worth specifically looking for a deal with off-peak usage. I've not been offered any on price comparison sites, so I'm...
  10. C

    Dual Sense Controller Update v0210 - Slow Charging

    Anyone had any issues charging the DS5 in the official dock since the recent controller update (v0210)? It was charging really fast before but now it's taking ages, even when plugged into the wall. I think I could get a full charge from about 3 hours in the dock, but I tried it yesterday...
  11. G

    Question iPad 6th Gen 13.6 charging and battery problems

    Hello all My 6th Gen iPad is having issues charging and also general battery consumption. Firstly, the device only charges when it's powered off. If I plug the charger in when it's powered on nothing happens - it just says "not charging". It does charge to 100% if charged when powered off...
  12. GaryB 1978

    Charging Dock

    Quick one. Do the Series X controllers need their own charging station? My lad has got a venom one for his One but I just wondered if he’ll need a new charging station.
  13. Stuart Wright

    Best compact camera which can photograph while charging?

    Hi folks, I have a Panasonic Lumix TZ100 which I have been using to make time lapse videos, but it keeps running out of juice too soon and won't work with the USB cable plugged in to charge (unlike the Sony RX-3000 which unfortunately doesn't produce anywhere near as good an image). Is there a...
  14. S

    Samsung S9 ethernet adapter with charging?

    I need to use my phone and ipad as webcams to deliver online training - is there a usb c adapter that has ethernet and can also charge the phone and ipad? I can't find one - they all seem to charge laptops but not phones or tablets. Thanks!
  15. sykotik

    New car charging scam ?

    Just received an email saying i owe a Penalty charge from last monday the 5th i am guessing this is bollocks , as i don't think i even left the house on that date i have cover a few details just in case ... but what are you thoughts ? No details of what car was been driven at the time !!!
  16. Desmo

    Gridserve - EV Charging Stations

    I'm surprised this hasn't been mentioned around these parts but I found nothing in a search. Gridserve are building the first of around 100 charging stations/services in Braintree, my home town :) They will have around 30 chargers, shops...
  17. M

    Samsung Galaxy S20 Moisture detected in charging port

    Ok, so I cleaned my phone with an antiseptic cleaning wipe and a little must have got in to the charging port as the phone is now registering moisture in it. That was 4 hours ago and it doesn't seem to have dried yet. Should i just leave it overnight or get the bag of rice out now?
  18. MikeNewby

    BMW 330e charging

    A question for somebody with a better understanding of electrics than me.....I have a BMW 330e and am trying to work out if it would benefit me to get a dedicated charge point installed or just stick with the standard 3 pin plug method. The car has 3 settings on which it can be charged, 6A, 10A...
  19. jao vitu bunitu

    Question usb charging port offset or normal?

    could someone please confirm me if it is normal for these 4 lines to show under the charging port? seems a little deep...
  20. A

    Best onfield charging solution

    Hi guys. Any ideas on the best solution to onfield lipo charging. I'm new to the hobby and only have a few lipos and would like to be able to stay in the air longer than 20 mins at a time with the 5 batteries I have, I know I could buy more but maybe someone has a proven solution to this...
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