1. marvi0

    Wanted Original samsung galaxy 25w or 45w charger.

    Looking for the above. Please let me know what you got.
  2. Ayub

    Wanted IPhone 11 Pro charger 18w

    Hello guys, wanting the above please.
  3. nheather

    Wall Charger - What is to stop someone else using it?

    Looking at EVs and if we go for one that will mean putting a charging socket on the front of our house. We don't have a front garden as such, I'm at the end of a small private road off the main estate and the 'road' which is brick paved just ends out my drive which is also brick-paved but a...
  4. bigjb

    Question Mavic Mini Car Charger

    Hoping to purchase the mavic mini combo in the next month and will need to buy a suitable car charger. The mini will be used during our travels so we will rarely have 240V. Does anyone have a car charger and if so is it good / bad as reviews seem mixed.
  5. A

    Recommendations for wireless charger

    With the glut of wireless charger's that are on the market, does anyone have any recommendation on which charger to purchase? I recently purchased a Samsung S9+ and wanted wireless charging option.
  6. P

    qc3 charger

    hello. i bought qc3 charger with 2x qc3 usb outputs. I have 3 wireless qc chargers placed on different places around tables. I was wondering if i can somehow split one qc3 usb port from the charger and link it into 2 wireless chargers... but only 1 will be used at the time. Is such a thing...
  7. PFMC84

    Switch Dock Charger Alternatives?

    I want to move my Switch dock to a more convenient location, but the standard power cable that comes with it doesn't have a long enough cable run. Are there any alternative chargers I could use that won't brick the system? The cable length on the standard plug is around 5ft but I would need...
  8. ZE50 John

    Question Smart Home Charger - Wallbox?

    New to the EV world & anticipating a Zoe ZE50 within 6-8 weeks. I'm looking at home chargers and have narrowed down my shortlist to the Ohme, Wallbox Pulsar Plus or Pod Point. I've read a fair bit about Ohme & Pod Point, but not much about the Wallbox. Anyone on here got one installed, or know...
  9. B

    Need a flat wireless charger pad for iphone thats fast charger and with plug that doesn't stick out.

    Need a flat wireless charger pad for iphone thats fast charger and with plug that doesn't stick out. Due to furniture I cant use my belkin which has a power pack on the plug socket so it sticks out too far to fit. Ideally fast charger and one that doesn't have bright lights at night to keep us...
  10. virtual_boy

    Question Does anyone own this iPhone charger and know if it will charge the AirPods Pro?

    As per thread title, just wondering if the position of the lower horizontal charging coil would allow for charging of AirPods Pro. Thanks in advance :smashin:
  11. localboy27

    S20 charger

    My charger broke today so I need a replacement, can I just buy any usb c lead? Or do I need a special one for super fast charging ?. Thanks
  12. snadge

    no sound through headset after charger pack ran out and went onto batteries

    as per title my battery charger ran out and i quickly grabbed some batteries and put them in and NO SOUND..even on i let the pack charge for a while and again it says NO MIC, tried a second MIC and still the same and no sound coming out headset - tried Xbox audio settings never been...
  13. Charmalade

    5 point charger needed (Holyhigh)

    I've bought my son a Holyhead P1C Sports Watch for Christmas. Hes managed to lose the charger and I cannot find a similar one anywhere! It has 5 connection points but I wonder if I can use a contact charger instead? I've attached a pic of the watch. Any help would be appreciated!
  14. virtual_boy

    Question USB-A car charger for 11 Pro

    I have a QC 3.0 USB-A car charger that can output 18W and 3A, will the 11 Pro charge at 18W or does it need to be an 18W USB-C Power Delivery charger? Will I still be able to get the full 7.5W if I opt to use wireless charging? Thanks in advance
  15. stblob

    Phone charger.

    Hey guys. Put my phone charger through the washing machine today. An accident, oops. Thoughts? Nackerd? Plug it in? Boom. What about the cable? Oh yeah, that went in also. Lol. Assume it's best to get a new one!
  16. Mulldog

    Belkin wireless charger

    I bought a few cheap amazon versions as I thought the chargers from the Apple store were very expensive. However the cheap Apple Watch wireless chargers off amazon for £10-£15 kept disconnecting from the watch and not properly charging it. I decided to take the plunge for the belkin and it...
  17. topgazza

    Best Wireless iPhone Charger ?

    There are so many to choose from and I am looking at mat chargers not dock style. I have an iPhone XS Max and any suggestions appreciated
  18. donka

    Inateck 60W Wall Charger Dual USB-C ports review.

    There has been a lot of talk about chargers for the new iPad Pros so I thought I would write up a quick review on this one with dual usb-c ports. This USB Charger from Inateck is a double port, USB-C wall charger which is great for travellers. Measuring in at 77 × 77 × 30mm and weighing 189g...
  19. tjhilder

    camera won’t turn on, not sure if charger or battery is dead

    i have Fujifilm finepix SL1000, I bought it second hand and has been working fine, but haven’t used it in a few months, I went to use it but it wouldn’t power on, I put the battery in the charger thinking it just needed to be recharged and plugged the charger in but doesn’t appear to be charging...
  20. T

    Quadcoper FX-123 charger

    Hi, I have an FX-123 Quadcopter and have lost the charger but can't seem to find one online. I have the docking station but not the bit that plugs into the wall. It connects to the docking station with a USB cable. The battery does not seem to charge using an ordinary USB charger so I think I...
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