1. S2000 VTEC

    For Sale PowerA Twin Charging Station for PS5 £16 delivered

    Brand new sealed. £16 delivered no offers.
  2. zedzed

    Any recommendations for bluetooth headphones with charging stand or docking station

    Hey all, As per title, looking for some recommendations for a headset (or headphones***) that are bluetooth and come with some sort of charging "station". i.e. something that doesn't need plugged into a USB cable after each use. I've seen the Astro A50s on Argos for £200, but I was hoping for...
  3. 5

    Wanted Usb-C Apple Watch Charging Cable & Genuine 44mm Watch Bands

    Looking for an Apple Watch charging cable with the usb-c connector Also interested in genuine Apple 44mm watch bands - not any crazy bright colours ideally lol
  4. Xenomorph

    Looking for a solar panel battery charger

    Posting this in the motoring forum, but I'm looking for a solar powered charging kit for trickle charging a 12V leisure battery in a caravan. I've seen products on Amazon, some of which are suspiciously cheap and I'm not sure how durable they are i.e. will they stop working after a month? These...
  5. A

    What to do with charger end?

    I want to have my charger cable accessible, so don't want to keep retrieving it from the garage. Does anyone have any suggestions for how to store the end of it when not in use? Currently it doesn't look so good.
  6. A

    TP link smartplug with granny charger

    I've just taken delivery of a phev and am charging for 1st time. I'm thinking I can leave the granny charger car plug in end outside as it will fit under my garage door and I can store it near my front to door. I don't want to leave it switched on permanently so can I use a tp link smart plug...
  7. Z

    Help with EV home charger choice (Easee vs Zappi)

    Hi everyone, Just recently bought my first electric car. I’m look at having a home charging port installed. I’m currently looking at the Easee One (Easee One | EV Home Charger Installation | Pro EV) & The Zappi (Myenergi Zappi | EV Home Charger Installation | Pro EV). Is there any advantage...
  8. S

    Review of Pod Point Home Charger

    We had our pod point charger fitted last week and the installer has done a really neat job. The cable goes from our electric cupboard straight out the wall into the back of the pod point charger. Zero visible outdoor cable run. We are very impressed by that. The only problem is the charger...
  9. shodan

    Is it worth getting a EV Charger at the house for a Hybrid?

    My conundrum, is it worth getting a EV charger at the house for a hybrid with a range of about 26 miles? (Golf GTE). I'm thinking yes, because my next car will most likely be full EV.. what do you guys think?
  10. G

    In car Poco f3 charger adaptor

    Hi all, I've recently changed my phone from a Poco F1 to a Poco f3 and was wondering what is the best in car charger (that you use with the cigarette lighter I think) to fast charge my f3 as the F1 doesn't have the fast charging capability. I hope this post makes sense and thank you in advance...
  11. F

    Wireless charger - what do we use, if at all?

    Looking at picking up a wireless charger for my S21 Ultra. More a want than a need purchase. Does anyone have a particular model that they recommend? The Samsung Fast Charge model is £29.99 and supports 15W charging which seems to be the best you can realistically get at this moment in time...
  12. K

    Sync EV Charger

    I had a Sync EV charger fitted about six months ago and have had many problems with the unit and app. I have called the company over numerous problems with the app and charging problems, gradually, over time, the help has got worse, blaming the app, "A new one is coming first week of March"...
  13. G

    Using a 24w charger for a Poco f3

    Hi everyone, I have just bought a Poco f3 that came with a 33w charger but I currently go between 2 properties at the moment and have a 24w Anker charger with IQ functionality. Would i be able to use my Anker charger on my Poco f3 without causing any damage? I understand that if I can use the...
  14. G

    Poco F3 charger

    Hi all, I've just bought a poco f3 and needed a spare charging block and lead. Can I buy a standard 33w charger block and lead from eBay/Amazon or do I have to buy a specialised charging block/lead? Also where is the best place to buy one if it's not a silly and obvious question to ask Hope...
  15. AMc

    Charger questions? smart/fast/slow/dumb?

    Just had my Golf GTE delivered :clap: The car has the "granny" charging cable and the type 2 to type 2 leads - both 6m long. I've just charged it fully from the granny charger but the lead is so short, I had to push the car up to the back door and leave the door open so that's not a long term...
  16. D

    Wireless Charger

    Hello, I'm thinking about buying a wireless charger for my Samsung Galaxy phone. Do they work well? Does it take longer for the wireless charger to charge a phone than with with using a wall outlet? What is the best wireless charger? I'm conducting a survey on the impact of smartphone...
  17. 152bobby

    Portable Charger

    Hi, I'm on the hunt for a portable charger, specs are below. If anyone can recommend one that they are or have actually used. Must have: Type C input (for charging the unit itself) 10,000 mAh minimum Built in cables to charge type C devices and also one for iPhones Bonus options, but...
  18. A

    Which charger?

    We have just ordered a new Nissan Leaf for my wife and I’m now looking at chargers... what would people recommend? Any specific reason to go for one rather than another? We had one of the older Leafs a few years ago and had a Pod Point installed. We’ve moved house since then and left the...
  19. Vita1024

    Tesla 22kW AC charger

    I'm gathering community support for a petition towards Tesla requesting them to introduce again 22kW AC charger (former dual charger option). If there is anybody who would appreciate this feature, please support me with your signature here: To elaborate a bit more on my...
  20. B

    What charger type is this?

    Hi all Looking to sell my camcorder but cannot find the charger so i can test it. Will create a for sale thread in due course. What charger cable is this? if anyone has one going let me know, i might be interested!
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